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Date: August 24-25, 1996.
Course: From Leadville, Colorado (elevation: 10,000), across the Arkansas River valley, around Turquoise Lake, over Sugarloaf Pass, through the foothills of Mount Ebert (highest in Colorado), through Twin Lakes, over Hope Pass (elevation 12,600), to the ghost town of Winfield. Then back.
Composition: Trail, dirt road, some pavement.
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Some quick notes


A lot of fun. Many thanks are due to Dana, for his excellent course description


The first fourteen hours were a blast. The second fourteen were hell. (But Colorado is known for its fourteeners, isn't it?)


I had an excellent sixty miles. With both crossings of Hope Pass out of the way, I was well on schedule to a large belt buckle when my stomach gave out. Quesy after Twin Lakes. Puking after Halfmoon. Not really eating much after that, which led to a long, cold walk home.


A mile out of May Queen, my stomach got really shaky again. On rocky lakeshore, I didn't want to stop to...uh... take care of things. Then, looming in the sunrise, was the outhouse! And not just an ordinary outhose---it had lights (so I didn't have to try to hang my lamp up somewhere), running water, and (best of all) heat!!!

I nearly fell asleep. And thought: that would have made me the perfect candidate for next year's "Horse's Ass Award": did 95 miles of Leadville well within the cut-off; DNF'd because he fell asleep in an outhouse.

But it was not to be. With no energy to run, I walked on in at 28:24, 83rd place. No pacers, as usual.


Monday after the race we drove back to Los Alamos, New Mexico. Primary mission: get the race gear clean and dry before the movers show up on Wednesday to take our stuff to New York. (Perhaps my timing for Leadville and moving across the country was not optimal.)

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