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Author: David Kotz

Note that only technical reports are listed here. If you are interested in other papers by this author, check their home page to see if they have other papers listed.

PCS-TR92-176: Parallel Computer Needs at Dartmouth College
PCS-TR92-179: Multiprocessor File System Interfaces
PCS-TR93-188: Integrating Theory and Practice in Parallel File Systems
PCS-TR93-190: Throughput of Existing Multiprocessor File Systems (An Informal Study)
PCS-TR93-198: The Expected Lifetime of "Single-Address-Space" Operating Systems
PCS-TR94-211: Dynamic File-Access Characteristics of a Production Parallel Scientific Workload
PCS-TR94-220: A Detailed Simulation Model of the HP 97560 Disk Drive
PCS-TR94-226: Disk-directed I/O for MIMD Multiprocessors
PCS-TR94-230: A Multiprocessor Extension to the Conventional File System Interface
PCS-TR94-232: Exploring the Use of I/O Nodes for Computation in a MIMD Multiprocessor
PCS-TR94-235: A DAta-Parallel Programming Library for Education (DAPPLE)
PCS-TR95-251: Disk-directed I/O for an Out-of-Core Computation
PCS-TR95-253: Low-level Interfaces for High-level Parallel I/O
PCS-TR95-254: Expanding the Potential for Disk-Directed I/O
PCS-TR95-263: File-Access Characteristics of Parallel Scientific Workloads
PCS-TR95-270: Interfaces for Disk-Directed I/O
PCS-TR95-273: A Performance Comparison of TCP/IP and MPI on FDDI, Fast Ethernet, and Ethernet
PCS-TR96-278: Transportable Information Agents
PCS-TR96-280: An RPC Mechanism for Transportable Agents
PCS-TR96-285: Mobile agents for mobile computing
PCS-TR96-286: The Galley Parallel File System
PCS-TR96-296: Tuning STARFISH
PCS-TR96-297: Applications of Parallel I/O
PCS-TR97-306: AGDB: A Debugger for Agent Tcl
PCS-TR97-312: A Split-Phase Interface for Parallel File Systems
PCS-TR97-326: Market-based Resource Control for Mobile Agents
PCS-TR98-311: Utility Driven Mobile-Agent Scheduling
PCS-TR98-329: An Implementation of the Vesta Parallel File System API on the Galley Parallel File System
PCS-TR98-331: Utility Driven Mobile-Agent Scheduling
PCS-TR98-337: Applications of Parallel I/O
PCS-TR98-343: Snowflake: Spanning administrative domains
PCS-TR99-345: Mobile-Agent Planning in a Market-Oriented Environment
PCS-TR99-360: A Game-Theoretic Formulation of Multi-Agent Resource Allocation
PCS-TR99-361: An Access-Control Calculus for Spanning Administrative Domains
TR2000-363: A Formal Semantics for SPKI
TR2000-365: Mobile Agents: Motivations and State-of-the-Art Systems
TR2000-366: Performance Analysis of Mobile Agents for Filtering Data Streams on Wireless Networks
TR2000-377: Performance Analysis of Mobile Agents for Filtering Data Streams on Wireless Networks
TR2000-381: A Survey of Context-Aware Mobile Computing Research
TR2001-386: Mobile-Agent versus Client/Server Performance: Scalability in an Information-Retrieval Task
TR2001-397: Supporting Adaptive Ubiquitous Applications with the SOLAR System
TR2001-411: Write Once, Move Anywhere: Toward Dynamic Interoperability of Mobile Agent Systems
TR2002-415: Future Directions for Mobile-Agent Research
TR2002-420: Context Aggregation and Dissemination in Ubiquitous Computing Systems
TR2002-421: Solar: A pervasive-computing infrastructure for context-aware mobile applications
TR2002-422: Controlling access to pervasive information in the ``Solar'' system
TR2002-423: Characterizing Usage of a Campus-wide Wireless Network
TR2002-432: Analysis of a Campus-wide Wireless Network
TR2002-433: Using the Emulab network testbed to evaluate the Armada I/O framework for computational grids
TR2003-467: The mistaken axioms of wireless-network research
TR2003-472: Evaluating Location Predictors with Extensive Wi-Fi Mobility Data
TR2003-480: Problems with the Dartmouth wireless SNMP data collection
TR2004-486: A meeting detector and its applications
TR2004-488: Application-controlled loss-tolerant data dissemination
TR2004-490: A Case Study of Four Location Traces
TR2004-491: Evaluating next-cell predictors with extensive Wi-Fi mobility data
TR2004-493: The Kerf toolkit for intrusion analysis
TR2004-495: Dependency management in distributed settings
TR2004-496: The Changing Usage of a Mature Campus-wide Wireless Network
TR2004-497: A Holesome File System
TR2004-505: Technological Implications for Privacy
TR2004-507: Experimental evaluation of wireless simulation assumptions
TR2004-511: Outdoor Experimental Comparison of Four Ad Hoc Routing Algorithms
TR2004-524: A Survey of WPA and 802.11i RSN Authentication Protocols
TR2004-529: Secure Context-sensitive Authorization
TR2005-534: Department of Computer Science Activity 1998-2004
TR2005-540: Classifying the Mobility of Users and the Popularity of Access Points
TR2005-549: Structural Analysis of Social Networks with Wireless Users
TR2007-586: People-Centric Urban Sensing: Security Challenges for the New Paradigm
TR2007-588: A Combined Routing Method for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
TR2008-610: Active Behavioral Fingerprinting of Wireless Devices
TR2008-612: Localized Bridging Centrality for Distributed Network Analysis
TR2009-641: A Combined Routing Method for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
TR2009-658: User survey regarding the needs of network researchers in trace-anonymization tools
TR2010-660: AnonyTL Specification
TR2010-661: On the Reliability of Wireless Fingerprinting using Clock Skews
TR2011-679: Privacy Analysis of User Association Logs in a Large-scale Wireless LAN
TR2011-702: Hide-n-Sense: Privacy-aware secure mHealth sensing
TR2014-747: Vocal resonance as a passive biometric
TR2014-748: ZEBRA: Zero-Effort Bilateral Recurring Authentication (Companion report)
TR2016-789: Wanda: securely introducing mobile devices --- Extended version
TR2018-839: STEM Outreach Activity with Fitbit Wearable Devices
TR2018-842: Investigating Contextual Cues as Indicators for EMA Delivery

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