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Author: Sean W. Smith

Note that only technical reports are listed here. If you are interested in other papers by this author, check their home page to see if they have other papers listed.

TR2001-410: Securing Web Servers against Insider Attack
TR2001-401: Outbound Authentication for Programmable Secure Coprocessors
TR2001-409: Web Spoofing 2001
TR2002-417: Web Spoofing Revisited: SSL and Beyond
TR2002-418: Trusted Paths for Browsers: An Open-Source Solution to Web Spoofing
TR2002-416: Virtual Hierarchies - An Architecture for Building and Maintaining Efficient and Resilient Trust Chains.
TR2003-442: Privacy-enhanced credential services
TR2003-440: Efficient Security for BGP Route Announcements
TR2003-443: Keyjacking: Risks of the Current Client-side Infrastructure
TR2003-470: Using caching for browsing anonymity
TR2003-471: Bear: An Open-Source Virtual Secure Coprocessor based on TCPA
TR2003-476: Experimenting with TCPA/TCG Hardware, Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Bear
TR2004-484: Greenpass: Flexible and Scalable Authorization for Wireless Networks
TR2004-485: Using SPKI/SDSI for Distributed Maintenance of Attribute Release Policies in Shibboleth
TR2004-489: Keyjacking: The Surprising Insecurity of Client-side SSL
TR2004-524: A Survey of WPA and 802.11i RSN Authentication Protocols
TR2004-525: Secure Hardware Enhanced MyProxy
TR2005-532: SHEMP: Secure Hardware Enhanced MyProxy
TR2005-547: Towards Tiny Trusted Third Parties
TR2005-551: More Efficient Secure Function Evaluation Using Tiny Trusted Third Parties
TR2005-539: Preventing Theft of Quality of Service on Open Platforms
TR2005-541: Aggregated Path Authentication for Efficient BGP Security
TR2007-590: Secure Cryptographic Precomputation with Insecure Memory
TR2007-591: Dumbots: Unexpected Botnets through Networked Embedded Devices
TR2007-601: Blacklistable Anonymous Credentials: Blocking Misbehaving Users without TTPs (Extended Version)
TR2007-603: YASIR: A Low-Latency, High-Integrity Security Retrofit for Legacy SCADA Systems
TR2007-606: The Quality of Open Source Production: Zealots and Good Samaritans in the Case of Wikipedia
TR2008-615: PPAA: Peer-to-Peer Anonymous Authentication (Extended Version)
TR2008-617: YASIR: A Low-Latency, High-Integrity Security Retrofit for Legacy SCADA Systems (Extended Version)
TR2008-632: TwoKind Authentication: Protecting Private Information in Untrustworthy Environments (Extended Version)
TR2008-635: BLAC: Revoking Repeatedly Misbehaving Anonymous Users Without Relying on TTPs
TR2008-637: Nymble: Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks
TR2009-640: Authenticated Streamwise On-line Encryption
TR2009-650: A Computational Framework for Certificate Policy Operations
TR2009-657: Katana: A Hot Patching Framework for ELF Executables
TR2011-701: Beyond SELinux: the Case for Behavior-Based Policy and Trust Languages
TR2011-705: BGrep and BDiff: UNIX Tools for High-Level Languages
TR2012-725: Privacy-Preserving Screen Capture: Closing the Loop for Medical Informatics Usability
TR2012-713: Access Control Hygiene and the Empathy Gap in Medical IT
TR2012-714: Access Control Realities As Observed in a Clinical Medical Setting
TR2013-727: ELFbac: Using the Loader Format for Intent-Level Semantics and Fine-Grained Protection
TR2015-768: Mismorphism: a Semiotic Model of Computer Security Circumvention (Extended Version)

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