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[The following installation method has been tested on a Linux system running teTeX 3.0. It should be applicable to any teTeX 3.0 and to systems using TeX Live 2004/2005.]

Where to install

Additions like the MTPro II fonts should go into the local TEXMF-tree. You can find its location with the command
$ kpsexpand \$TEXMFLOCAL
[Note that the commandline prompt '$' is used for ordinary users. '#' is used for root. On some sytems you will have to use 'sudo' to obtain root privileges.]

In the following, TEXMFLOCAL will be used for this location. Installation of the files

Unpack the ZIP file into a temporary directory. Among other things, you will get a directory called 'texmf' with subdirectories 'doc', 'dvips', 'fonts', 'source', 'tex', and 'tpm'. Copy these subdirectories excluding 'dvips' to TEXMFLOCAL. Afterwards, refresh the file-name database with the command

# mktexlsr

Registering the map file

The map file '' is registered for use with dvips, pdftex, xdvi, ... using the command
# updmap-sys --enable Map
[Note that on TeX Live on Windows you might have to use
# updmap-sys --enable
instead.] If you had copied the 'dvips' subdirectory, too, calling updmap-sys would have produced a warning
!!! WARNING: Identical copy of used file for `'
exists in obsolete location
Please, consider removing this file.
This warning is harmless, but it is still better to remove the map file from this obsolete location. Now, the MTPro II fonts should be ready to use. If there are errors, please check with kpsewhich that files like 'mtpro2.sty', 'mtp2.tex', 'mt2mit.tfm', and 'mt2bmit.pfb' are found by TeX, dvips, .... Also make sure that the mapfile used ('kpsewhich', 'kpsewhich', ...) contain the relevant entries. For example:
$ grep mt2bmit $(kpsewhich
mt2bmit MT2BMIT 

[Thanks to Ralf Stubner]

Keywords: fonts, install, mtpro2