This is an Austrian field jacket. It was advertised as 100 % cotton, but it is really a 35/65 cotton/poly blend. It was advertised as large, but fits me (42 in) like a suit coat, with not much room underneath for warmer layers. The fit is actually very good, just not a layering fit. It was advertised as being like an m65, but it had bottons instead of snaps and velcro. The zipper is plastic, and works very well. The weave of the fabric is very tight, which makes it very wind-resistant, but it not very warm. The heavy double layers of cloth look like they would provice good protection against bumps. It is somewhat water resisitant. The label instructs one to treat the jacket after washing, so I should probably get some waterproofing spray to improve it. THe stitches are small and tight, and there are no loose threads. I had to wash it about 6 times to get the smell on liniment out of it, along with the general surplus goods smell.

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