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more information and working links at https://wiki.cs.dartmouth/faq

Welcome to the Computer Science Department Systems at Dartmouth

How do I contact my SysAdmins?
  • Email: sysadmin@cs.dartmouth.edu
  • Wayne Cripps (wbc), linux
  • William Ang (ang), cluster
We communicate via slack

Where/How do I log in?
the main SSH login machines are:
  • flume.cs.dartmouth.edu
  • moose.cs.dartmouth.edu
  • wildcat.cs.dartmouth.edu
  • bear.cs.dartmouth.edu
Windows users can connect with putty
What do I get with a CS dept linux account?
  • You get web space: http://home.cs.dartmouth.edu/~username
    (~/public_html is your web page in your home directory)
  • You get a linux account login to many of the machines in Sudikoff, including the cluster.
  • If you are a PhD student you will get a desktop computer.
  • You get filespace on a department fileserver.
  • You can use the general department computing cluster anthill.
  • You get to email your friendly sysadmins with questions!
A random list of sometimes useful information:
  • incoming/outgoing mailserver is: mail.cs.dartmouth.edu
  • webmail is: http://webmail.cs.dartmouth.edu
  • for imap, please use an imap path prefix of: mail
  • am I out of quota? There are 5 Gig quotas on home directories.

This is http://www.cs.dartmouth.edu/~wbc/dept_welcome.html for 2017