Smith, Douglas Alton, 1944-
The Late Sonatas of Silvius Leopold Weiss.
Stanford University, Ph.D., 1977

Douglas Alton Smith, “Baron and Weiss Contra Mattheson: In Defense of the Lute”
Journal or the Lute Society of America
Volume VI (1973)

The following paragraph is excerpted from a letter of Weiss to Johann Mattheson written in 1723:

...I am of the opinion that after the keyboard there is no more perfect instrument than this one [the lute], especially for Galanterie. The theorbo and the Arciliuto, which are quite different even from each other, cannot be used at all in Galanterie pieces... I have adapted one of my instruments for accompaniment in the orchestra and church. It has the size, lenght, power and resonance of the veritable theorbo and has the same effect, only that the tuning is different. This instrument I use on these occasions. But in chamber music, I assure you that a cantata a voce sola, next to the harpsichord, accompanied by the lute has a much better effect than with the Arciliuto or even the theorbo, since these two later instruments are ordinarily played with the nails and produce in close proximity a coarse, harsh sound.

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