Some information about the Panmure MSS., especially lute related

The Panmure collection at the National Library of Scotland is comprised of 30 books, 12 from before 1675, 11 volumes of French music brought to Scotland by James and Marie Maule between 1678 and 1683, and 6 volumes of opera from Italy acquired after the 1715 uprising.

This list is the first twelve. This collection used to be called the "Lord Dalhousie collection". The numbers in the first column are the old numbers. The collection includes numbers MSS.9447-9476 in the NLS Manuscript Collection.

numbernamenls number
prepended by MSS
1 for viol
4Bouvier, Gaultier, Pinel, for 12 c lute in d minor tuning
only 11 c used
5Mesangeau for 10c lute in flat and sharp tuning94521632
6 for viol
777 Dances and Songs for Violin94541680
8Lady Jean Campbell's book for 12 c lute and keyboard
Lady Jean Campbell was the wife of George Maule, 2nd Earl of Panmure. She was born 1620
Rave dates lute music 1640-50
9Clement Machett's virginal book9448
10Duncan Burnett94471610
11Robert Edwards (commonplace book)
Keyboard, cittern
12french music - part book for viols9455
french music - another part book9456
french music - another part book9457
19 for viol
Mr Simpsone's treble part book9453
This information is gathered from various places, some of which I don't remember. Some is from the liner notes to Robin Williams' harp records, some from the catalogs below, some from the mss themselves.

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