US-Washington Folger-Shakespeare Library, Ms.V.b.280 (olim 1610.1)

DATE: c1590

Page measurements: 291 x 196 mm[1]

Pedagogical book in upright folio format. The manuscript is not in the best condition, some leaves at the beginning and end are torn out, and others are slightly tattered. Enough remains of the first stub to suggest that there was at least one missing sheet before it. Its connection with John Dowland was mainly due to the appearance of his signature appended to several of his compositions, and the fact that a later owner seems to have been a descendant of John Dowland. Ward 1976 dismissed the possibility that the book had any connection with the 16th and 17th-century Dowlands. John Johnson also signed two pieces, and his autograph indicates that the book must have been copied before his death in 1594. It also suggests that the owner of the book may have had some connection with the lute circles in which Dowland and Johnson moved; both may have given lessons to the owner(s) of the book, though the 'autographs' suggest that some of the music was signed after rather than during its copying period.

The original calf binding has gold trade-tooling and catch-plates for two clasps (rather than ties) but did not have the initials of the owner stamped on. At first glance, it seems that the original owner did not make any notation within the book that would identify him, but the back flyleaf has the name Thomas Bothby written in a pure secretary hand at the top of the sheet that appears to match that in the titles written after the music copied by Scribe D. Several scribes of very varying skills use the book, but since Dowland corrects some of the work, adding hold signs, and copies some music himself, just as he does in Board, it is likely that the purpose of this book matches that ofBoard. The number of scribes active together and their varying standards of handwriting from the childish fragments in two hands that may belong to the same scribe and lacking rhythmic indication, to the mature and elegant formation of Scribe D suggests the possibility of a family of children of varying ages, all beingtaught together, and using the same lute book. This would certainly not have been unusual, as the presence of a lute master would have been exploited to the full, and the youngest children, though perhaps not literate enough to contribute seriously to the contents of the book, would nevertheless have been encouraged to learn with their older siblings. None of the scribes use hold signs, but Dowland has added them to music by both Scribes A and D, the more mature of the original group.

As with many pedagogical books, later scribes have made additions and there are large numbers of ruled but otherwiseunused folios towards the end of the book. Many of the later additions are in the form of tablature jottings, and though the hands are different from the original scribes, all but one make no further significant musical contribution.

Bibliography: Newton 1939
Lumsden 1957A
Poulton 1975A
Ward 1976B
Kevin O'Malley: 'Solo lute passamezzi of England ca.1550-ca.1640.' MA diss. Oakland U., Michigan (1988)

original ascription
cons. & cogs.


queene Maries dumpe
Queen Mary's Dump [P.A., fragment]

Ballet 4-5/1
2764(2) 1-2
cf: RA58 54v/1
Dallis 192-193


Spanesh pauine
Spanish Pavan [frgmt]
?Francis Pilkington
31392 25v
Sampson 3v/2
Welde 1
Dallis 162
Dd.4.22 3
Dd.9.33 82v-83
Dd.2.11 66v/2
Nn.6.36 23v
Dallis 162
Robinson 1603 22v-23
408/2 112/1
Mynshall 5/2-5v/1
Wemyss 23/3-24/1
Wickhambrook 14v-15/1
Cosens 20v-21
Pickeringe 11/2 & 11v-12 (dt pts)
Dd.3.18 14v-15/1 (dt)
cf: Thysius 142/2
Stobaeus 22v/2
Dolmetsch 23v-25 and 25v-26
Valerius1626 258-260
Vallet1615 57
Vallet1616 6/2
Vilnius 27
passinmesers pauin
Passamezzo Pavan

passinmesers galiard
Passamezzo Galliard

Dallis 19 and 136/2-137/1
Mynshall 8v/1
Trumbull 4/1
Dolmetsch 168v-169
Vallet 1616 24

Almain, first part of duet

Sampson 3/1
Dd.4.22 2/1
tw lesons to be plaid with tw lowtes
Almain, second part of duet

Sampson 3/2
willsons wilde
Wilson's Wild

Dd.2.11 68v/2
Sampson 4/2
408/2 112/2


Folger 6/2
the honsok The treble
TheNew Hunt's Up, duet treble
John Johnson
Dd.3.18 4v
Board 2v/2-3/1
Trumbull 1v-2/1
the honsok ground
The Hunt's Up, duet ground


The Earl of Oxford's Galliard [frgmt]

2764(2) 5/2
Folger 5v/1
Dallis 89

Paul's Wharf

the coranto

the parlement
Kemp's Jig/Parliament

Dd.2.11 99v/2
Thysius 486v
Richard 63v/1
the the terble to grien sliuis
Greensleeves, duet treble
Henry VIII
Mynshall 3/2-3v/1
the ground to grien sluis
Greensleeves, duet ground
Henry VIII

my lord of oxfardes galiard
The Earl of Oxford's Galliard

2764(2) 5/2
Folger 5v/1
Dallis 89
winter gomps
Mrs Winter's Jump
John Dowland [55]
Euing 24v/2
31392 23/2
Barley 1596 71 (orph.)
Doulands rounde battell galyarde
Round Battle Galliard
John Dowland [39]



Folger 3/2




The Queenes Treble
The Queen's Dump, duet treble [Bergamasca gr.]
John Johnson
Schele 138-139
Dd.3.18 4-3v/2
Pickeringe 8v/2-9/1
Vilnius 61v-62/1
The Grownd
The Queen's Ground, duet ground
?John Johnson

the voice
The Voice of the Earth/The Ghost

Montbuysson 24/2 (frgmt)
Bautzen 85/2
408/2 113/1
Zouch his march
Lord Zouche's Maske

Montbuysson 24/1
ML 7v/2-8/1
Dd.4.22 3v
Dd.9.33 88/1
Mynshall 7v/2
Vilnius 56v/2
Vallet 1615 91
Hove 1601 106v/2
Nürnberg 38
Dolmetsch 148v-149
cf: Vallet 1616 n.86
Schermar [82]
Dlugoraj 295 and 395
Newmans pauan

the Cobler
The Cobbler

ML 7v/1
Jo dow=lande
Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home/ Roland, first part of duet
John Dowland [66a]
solo: Dd.5.78.3 28v
Euing 38/2
Mynshall 1/2
Pickeringe 25/3 and 33v/1
Vilnius 57/3
Wickhambrook 12/2
cf: Hove1601 107v/3
Robinson1603 40-41
Thysius 389/1
Valerius1626 83
Vallet1615 47-48
Vilnius 14v/1
Dlugoraj 372
Cologne 24
Fabritius no.9
Hainhofer IV 36
Besard1603 134v/2
Richard 24
Dd.2.11 58v/2
Sampson 11v/2 (dt/cnst)
Dd.2.11 14v/1 (band.)


the Flatt pavin for Consorte
Flat Pavan, consort part
John Johnson
Ballet 18
Board 2v/1
Dallis 92/1, 264 (s.n.)
Dd.2.11 87/1
Dd.3.18 21v (dt) and 60v-61 (cnst)
Dd.9.33 90v-91
Euing 8v
Lodge 6v/2-7/1
Mynshall 4v
Pickeringe 4v/2-5/1 and 5/2 (dt pts)
Trumbull 10 (cnst), 15/1 and 17v-19/1 (dt pts)
Vilnius 55/3
the Battell gallyard mr Dowland
BattleGalliard/ King of Denmark's Galliard/Mr Mildmay's Galliard
John Dowland [40]
Dowland 1610B 22v-23
Dd.9.33 23 &94v
ML 12v-13/1
Pickeringe 17v-18/1
Welde 5v
Board 17v-18
Sampson 7v
Vilnius 22v/2 and 22v/3-23/1
Fuhrmann 1615 112-113/1
Brahe 33
the Lady Laitons Almane Jo doulande
Lady Laiton'sAlmain
John Dowland [48a]
Schele 145/2-146/1
2764(2) 10v
Dd.2.11 48/3
Welde 5/3
Mynshall 10/1
Besard 1603 139v
Thysius 492/1
Wickhambrook 17/3
Fuhrmann 1615 80/2
Hove 1612 59/2
Richard 59v/2-60
cf: Vilnius 66v/2
Dlugoraj 367
Eijsertt 27
Cologne 59v-60
Leuecha pavin mr Johnson
Lavecchia Pavan, first part of duet
John Johnson
Ballet 45 [inv] (dt)
Brogyntyn 28/2-29/1 (dt)
Pickeringe 4/1 (dt)
Wickhambrook 15v/2 [inv] (dt)
Wickhambrook 15v/1 (dt)
cf: Dd.3.18 61v (cnst)
Dd.2.11 36v-37/1 (band.)
ML 7 (solo)
Mynshall 12 (solo)
Sampson 9v (solo)
Weld 2v/1 (solo)
Dallis 85/2 (solo)
Wickhambrook 14/2
Vilnius 7 and 40/1 (solo)
Schele 143-144/1
frog Galliard Jo: dowlande
Frog Galliard/Now O Now
John Dowland [23]
Schele 144/2-145/1
Dd.2.11 40v/2 and 93/2
Euing 26v-27/1
Cosens 42v-43/1
Thysius 28v
Vilnius 21/1 and 22v/1 (dts)
mouns[iers] Alma[ine]
Mounsieur's Almain
John Dowland
Wickhambrook 17/2
Dd.4.22 12
Dd.9.33 38v-40, 47 & 53v
Genoa 139v-140
Dowland 1610B 27-28v
Marsh 18
Thysius 484
Valerius 1626 286-287
Dd.3.18 35v (dt)
Euing 19v (dt)
Mynshall 10/2 (dt)
Welde 14v/2-15 (dt)
2764(2) 12v/2 (dt/cnst)
Schele 147/2-148/1 (cnst)
Vilnius 1/3 (cnst band.)
GB-Lbl Add.Ms.30342 31v
cf: Dd.2.11 33v-34/1
Cosens 15v-17 and 44v-46
Hove 1601 99v and 108v
Dd.5.78.3 70v/2-71/1
mr Smythes Allman Jo: dowlande
Sir John Smith's Almain
John Dowland [47]
Dowland 1610B 30v/2-31
Marsh 384
ML 8v/1
2764(2) 10
Ballet 7/1 (?dt)
Schele 148/2 (cnst)
Brahe 16v-17/1
Thysius 503
A french Coranto
French Courant

Delight pavin Jo: Johnsonn
Delight Pavan, first part of duet
John Johnson
408/2 92-94/1
Marsh 164-165/1
Dallis 84-85/1
Mynshall 7v/1
Wickhambrook [9v]- 10/1
Welde 3v-4/1
Waissel 1591 L4/1
Thysius 147v
Willoughby 25v-27v
Board 6v-7/1 & 14v-15 (dt)
Brogyntyn 13/1 (dt)
Dallis 84-85/1 (gr)
Dd.3.18 20v-21 and 59v-60 (cnst)
Trumbull 4v-5 (cnst)
Vilnius 62v-63/1 (cnst)
Mall: Symes
Mall Sims
Johan Leo Hassler
Mynshall 11v
cf: 6402 2/1
Cosens 43/2
Dd.9.33 62v/2-63
Hove1612 59/1
ML 9v/2-10/1
Pickeringe 26v-27
Vallet1615 92
Vilnius 35 and 41v
Vilnius 6/1 and 54v/1
Montbuysson 4/2
Valerius1626 207-208
Dlugoraj 97 and 483
Stobaeus 76v and 77v
Can she excuse Jo: doulande
Earl of Essex's Galliard/Can She Excuse
John Dowland [42]
Barley 1596 62 (orph.)
Montbuysson 2/1 and 56v/2-57/1
Dowland 1610B 24
Dd.2.11 40v/1 and 62v/1
Euing 24/1
Hirsch 11v/1
Herbert 55/2
Nn.6.36 37
Cosens 48
Fuhrmann 1615 121/2-122
Bautzen 31/1
Thysius 22v/1
Vallet 1615 36-40
Vilnius 58v/2
Robin is to the Greene wood Gone
Robin isto the Greenwood Gone/ Bonny Sweet Robin/Robin Hood
?John Dowland
Mynshall 8/4
Dd.2.11 53/2 and 66/3
Dd.3.18 11 and 18
31392 25
Montbuysson 3v
cf: 408/2 104/2
Dd.2.11 80/2
Ballet 27
408/2 113/2
Euing 46v-47
Robinson 160318v/1
2764(2) 12/3
Nn.6.36 19v-20/1 (l.v.)
Lodge 5
JD: Board 12v/2
Cosens 32v
Euing 31/2
Pickeringe 22v and 35/2
Vilnius 6v/1
Dd.9.33 29v-30 and 81v/4 (band.)
Fuhrmann 1615 114-115/1
Go from my windo
Go From My Window
Thomas Robinson
Dd.2.11 3
Dd.5.78.3 40v
Robinson 1603 29
cf Collard: Dd.9.33 31v-32
Pilkington: 31392 26v-27
JD: Euing 17v-18/1
Barley1596 66-69 (orph.)
Dd.5.78.3 39v-40
Pickeringe 29v
Thysius 395/2
Allison: Board 10/3
Euing 48v-49/1
Montbuysson 1/1
2764(2) 9v (dt/cnst)
Dd.3.18 34v-35 (cnst)
the Sharp pavin mr Allisonn
Sharp Pavan, duet treble
Richard Allison
ML 5v-6/1
Pickeringe 11v-12/1
Lachrame mr Dowland
Lachrimae Pavan
John Dowland [15]
see separate list
the Battle
Battle Pavan

ML 23v-25/1
Dd.2.11 29v-31/1
Dallis 60-67
cf: Pickeringe 52v-54 (dt)

Johnson gallyard
Galliard, My Lady Mildmay's Delight
Robert Johnson
Nn.6.36 11
Mynshall 12v
ML 16v/1
Welde 15v/2-16
Vilnius 20v/1
cf: Nürnberg 11
My Lady Hunsdons Allmande Jo: dowlande Bacheler of musick
Lady Hunsdon's Puff
John Dowland [54]
Dd.5.78.3 7
Dd.9.33 38/1
6402 2/2

What if a Day or a Month or a Year
?John Dowland [79]
Basle 19/2
Dd.9.33 62v/1
Folger 87/1
Pickeringe 19/5
Trumbull 2/3
Valerius 1626 248

Mrs Clifton's Almain
John Dowland [53]

Lord Hay's Courant

Herhold 7v/2-8/1
cf: Sampson 6/1
Board 8/1
ML 2v/2-3/1


Folger 25/1


TheMay Pole/The King's Morris [frgmt]

Board 27/2
Folger 57 [inv]
57 [inv]

The May Pole/The King's Morris [frgmt]

Folger 35v
Board 27/2
57v [inv]

Fortune My Foe

Stobaeus 79v
Vilnius 20v/2 and 27v
Beckmann 13v/2
Brahe 14/2
Vallet 1616 8/1
Valerius 1626 132-133
408/2 111/1
cf: Thysius 387v
Barley 1596 45-46
Dd.4.22 11v
Euing 27/2
Mynshall 9v/1
Vilnius 7v/1
Weld 2/2
Ballet 14 (cnst)
Dd.9.33 89 (dt tre.)
Dd.2.11 56/2 (dt pt)
Nn.6.36 15/3 (l.v.)
Thysius 185v/2
Vilnius 60/1
Herhold 18v/2-21/1
Dallis 71/2 (dvns)
Schele 20-24/1 (dvns)
Hove 1601 106v/1 (dvns)
Dallis 49/2-50/1
Eijsertt 33 and 37
Richard 22
FWVB no.65 (Byrd)
83v [inv]












what If day or a mjinte or a yere
What if a Day or a Month or a Year
?John Dowland [79]
Basle 19/2
Dd.9.33 62v/1
Folger 23
Pickeringe 19/5
Trumbull 2/3
Valerius 1626 248







[fragment ?of Dowland's Bells]



Jam[ie] is [lost] his dige[r]
Jamie has lost his Digger


Sellenger's Round/ Est-ce Mars/The French Tune

Schele 59/2
Montbuysson 30/2 & 94/2
ML 16/3
Trinity 128/2
Dd.3.18 5 (dt)
Board 25/1 and 12/2
Andrea 2/4
Vilnius 58/3 and 68/3
Folger 87v/5
Brahe 10v/1
Vallet 1615 70
Marsh 42-43 and 182
408/2 103/1
Thysius 442 (dt)
Valerius 1626 164-5
Vallet 1616 34/1-35/2 (cnst pts)
Hove 1612 61v/1
cf: FWVB no.148
Vallet 1615 63-64/1 & 70/2

Sellenger's Round/ Est-ce Mars/The French Tune

Schele 59/2
Montbuysson 30/2 & 94/2
ML 16/3
Trinity 128/2
Dd.3.18 5 (dt)
Board 25/1 and 12/2
Andrea 2/4
Vilnius 58/3 and 68/3
Folger 87v/4
Brahe 10v/1
Vallet 1615 70
Marsh 42-43 and 182
408/2 103/1
Thysius 442 (dt)
Valerius 1626 164-5
Vallet 1616 34/1-35/2 (cnst pts)
Hove 1612 61v/1
cf: FWVB no.148
Vallet 1615 63-64/1 & 70/2

[1] I am indebted to Laetitia Yeandle of the Folger ShakespeareLibrary for supplying me with these measurements and a description of the binding of the book and its collation.
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