Index of music titles

Generic dance names such as pavan, galliard, fantasia, branle etc.. are not listed unless they include a dedication or other qualification.

All sources for any piece are listed, including sources where the music is untitled but has been identified from concordances, regardless of whether they are the same piece or version of a piece. Thisdifferentiation is made in the source inventories, Appendices 1 and 2.

The composer is listed where known: more than one name indicates settings by more than one composer, where the names are separated by an oblique stroke, the ascription is contested.

Title Source(s)

5940 (Spelling standardized)


Adieu [John Maynard and other settings/unascribed]Dallis 251/2

Le Roy 1574 80v [68v]

Maynard 1611 J2v

Ah alas you salt sea gods [Farrant/Parsons] Brogyntyn 126/2-127/1 (consort song arr.)

Alas alack, my heart is woe Brogyntyn 128/2 (consort song arr.)

Alfonso's Pavan [Augustine Bassano] Dd.3.18 36v (consort part)

All Flowers of the Broom 408/2 103/4

All in a Garden Green Vallet 1616 7

All Night in Venus' Court Dd.3.18 53/3 (consort part)

All of a Green Willow Galliard [Thomas Dallis] Dallis 26/2

Lodge 19/2

All You That Love Good Fellows/Nancy Vilnius 14v/2

Alleuia [Taverner arr.?] 4900 59/2 (lutesong)


Allison's Knell [Richard Reade/Richard Allison] Dd.3.18 31v-32/1 (consort part)

Allison's Pavan [Richard Allison] Dd.3.18 19v-20/1 (consort part)

Aloe [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 38v-39/1

Euing 21v-22/1

Trumbull 25/2

Alpha Pavan Brogyntyn 13/2 (duet part)

Altezze/Prince of Parma's Almain Adriansen 1592 81

Richard 21

Thysius 475

An Answer to Cuckoo [C.K.] Cosens 12v-14

And Have I Hope 4900 58/3 (lute song)

And Shall My Faith 4900 60/2 (lute song)

And Thou Ever My Own Thing Straloch 18-19/1

Angelica Volt Herbert 43/2

Schele 94/2

Antick, The Lodge 7/2-7v/1

Arthur's Dump [Philip van Wilder] Marsh 175/2-176 and 426/2-428

Osborn 9v-10/1

As it Fall on a Holiday [Anthony Holborne] Dd.5.78.3 5v/1


Attend the ... Andrea 2/6

Au Jolie Bois Dd.2.11 61v/1

Autant Qu'on void Le Roy 1574 81v [69v]

Avec vous [Lassus arr.?] Dd.2.11 20/2

Away, I have Forsworn her Company Welde 6v/2

Bacheler's Delight [Richard Allison] Dd.3.18 44v/2-45 (consort part)

Bagpipes, The Lodge 9/2

Ballard's Courant [Robert Ballard] Dowland 1610B 31v/1

Ballet des Folles Besard 1603 151/2 (duet part)

Board 43/2

Dd.9.33 57v/3-58/1

Dolmetsch 137v

ML 20/2

Ballet des Jardiniers Krakow 13v

Baloo 408/2 111/4

Bara Faustus's Dream Ballet 29/1 (l.v.)

Dlugoraj 453

Nn.6.36 20/2

Pickeringe 24/4

Stobaeus 76

Valerius 1626 111

Vallet 1615 93

Vilnius 42/1, 59/3 and 66v/1

Battle Galliard Dallis 152

Thysius 34-34v, 36v-37 and 37v-38 (duet part)

Battle Galliard/King of Denmark's Galliard/Mr Mildmay's Galliard [John Dowland] Board 17v-18

Brahe 33

Dd.9.33 23 and 94v

Dowland 1610B 22v-23

Folger 10v-11

Fuhrmann 1615 112-113/1

ML 12v-13/1

Pickeringe 17v-18/1

Sampson 7v

Vilnius 22v/2

Welde 5v

Battle of Harlaw Rowallan 30

Battle Pavan Dallis 60-67, 68-69/1, 97/2-98/1, 128-129, 240/2-242 and 238-240/1 (duet part)

Dd.2.11 29v-31/1

Dd.3.18 31/1 (consort part)

Folger 19v-21v/1

ML 23v-25/1

Phalèse 1563 60v-61 (duet part)

Pickeringe 52v-54 (duet part)

Thysius 144-144v/1

Bear's Dance Board 39v/1


Before the Greeks Durst Enterprise Rowallan 12

Bell Almain Board 31

Bells of Paris, The [Gaultier] Besard 1617 47/2

Herbert 42/2 (incomplete)

Bells, The [Thomas Robinson] Board32v/1

Robinson 1603 14/1 and 14/2 (duet parts)

Belvedere [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 42-43

Benedicam [John? Johnson] 4900 61 (lute song)

Benedicta es Coelorum Regina [Josquin arr.?] Thistlethwaite 47v-50 and 81v-84


Besse Bell Pickeringe 51v/2 <88v>[inv.]


Bien Qu'un Cruel Martire Courant [Belleville] Herbert 69v/1

St Petersburg 36

Bitter sweet, The Brogyntyn 133/3(consort song arr.)

Blacksmith, The 408/2 84/2

Blame Not My Lute Lodge 4v/2

Bo Peep/Toy [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 13 [inv] Sampson 12v/1 (duet part)

Boar's Dance Dd.5.78.3 44v/2

Nn.6.36 3/3 and 3/4

Richard 59v/1

Bodkin, The Dd.3.18 44/2-44v/1 (duet part)


Bonny Sweet Boy [Thomas Robinson] Dd.2.11 66/2

Dd.9.33 82/2

Robinson 1603 47/2

Bontade Courant, La [Robert Ballard] Ballard 1614 47/2-49/1

Dolmetsch 60v-61, 189v-190

Fuhrmann 1615 163/1

ML 25v/1

Moy 1631 16

Werl 74, 150

Bourrée Ostend/d'Avignon Fuhrmann 1615 115/2

Straloch 12/2-14/1

Vallet 1615 55

Vallet 1616 5/2

Bourrée, La/Voici, La/Parson's Farewell [?Robert Parsons] Rowallan 13

Stobaeus 81/2

Vilnius 16/4

Bow Bells [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 20

Branle de la Torche Board 23/3

Branle de Metz Pickeringe 47/1 <84> [inv.]

Branle de Poictou Adriansen 1584 91v-92/1

Besard 1603 141/2 and 141v/1

Denss 1594 94v/2

Le Roy 1568 39v

Straloch 8/2-10

Thysius 446v/1

Bray Pavan [William Byrd arr. Francis Cutting] Barley 1596 (Orpharion) 76-78 (D3v-D4v)

Dd.9.33 12v-13

Brett's Courant Beckmann 3v-4

Besard 1603 153v/2 [first strain]

Dd.5.78.3 74v/1

Dd.9.33 42v/1 and 58/3

de Bellis 39

Dolmetsch 22v-23

Dusiacki 4v

Fuhrmann 1615 174/1

ML 3v/1

Montbuysson 25v/1

Rowallan 3

Trinity 126-125/1

Valerius 1626 52-53

Wemyss 19v/2

Werl 91v

Buckingham's Ghost Wemyss 20/1

Buckingham's Saraband Board 34/2

Sibley 68/2-69/1

Trinity 113/2

Buffoons, Bergamasca Setting [Giovanni Battista Domenico and other settings/unascribed] 408/2104/4

Brahe 10/1, 18/2

Dallis 3/2

Dolmetsch 228-231

Fuhrmann 1615 182/2-184/1

Herhold 28/2-31v/1

Hove 1612 54v-55

Schele 10/2-11

Stobaeus 68-69/1

Straloch 1/1

Thysius 373/2

Vallet 1615 41-42

Vilnius 4/3 (deleted) and 68v

Buggle Borne Dd.2.11 82/1

Building, The Trinity 136/1

Butts Dd.9.33 52/2

C'est a Grand Tort [Sermisy arr.?] Osborn 18/2

Cadence [Gabriel Battaille] Herbert 39v/1

Calleno Casturame Galliard [Busnois arr.?] 408/2 85/1

Dallis 79/2

Callinoe Dd.3.18 3 (duet part)


Canaries Bern 3v-4/1

Besard 1603 168v/1

Besard 1617 27/2 and 49/2

Board 38/2

Dolmetsch 193v-194

Fuhrmann 1615 146/2

Hove 1612 66/3

ML 26/3

Nn.6.36 3/5

St Petersburg 39

Straloch 2/1 and 11-12/1

Thysius 392

Trinity 5/2

Captain Candish's Galliard [John Dowland] 2764(2) 6v/1

Dd.2.11 56/1

Hirsch 11v/2

Mynshall 1/3

Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard [John Dowland] 31392 28v-29/1

Besard 1603 107v/2

Board 21v/1

Cosens 3v-4

Dd.2.11 53/1

Dd.5.78.3 9av [21v]-10/1

Dd.9.33 73v

Dolmetsch 92v-93

Euing 28v

Hirsch 11/3

Montbuysson 70v-71/1

Captain Digorie Piper's Pavan [John Dowland] 31392 27v-28

Barley 1596 (Lute) 37-41 (E3-F1)

Cosens 2v-3

Dd.2.11 46v/2-47/1, 82/2

Euing 29v/1

Hove 1612 37v

Montbuysson 70v-71/1

Pickeringe 19v-20

Caracosa Dallis 175

Care Who So Will Osborn 32/1

Carman's Whistle [John Johnson] Dd.5.78.348v-49/1

Pickeringe 32v/2-33/1

Catin [Lassus arr.?] Dd.2.11 50v/1

Ce Faux Amour [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 55-55v/1 [first setting]

Le Roy 1574 55v/2-56v [second setting]

Ce n'est Bien Le Roy 1568 12v-13

Ce n'est Point Le Roy 1574 84v [72v]

Change Thy Mind [Richard Martin] Marsh 380/3

Chi Mi Donna [Gorzanis arr.?] Dallis 176

Chi Passa [Clement Cotton, John Johnson and other settings/ unascribed] 408/2 86/3-87

2764(2) 12v/1

Adriansen 1584 82v/2-83

Dallis 1, 3/1, 227/2

Dd.3.18 7v-8/1 (duet part)

Marsh 30/1, 30/2, 73, 151/3-153, 251/2, 360-361, 380/1, 380/2 and 419/3

Phalèse 1563 62v/2, 63/2 [inv] and 82v-83/1

Thysius 7v, 8v and 12/1

Vilnius 57/2 [deleted] and 65/2

Willoughby 84v-85/1 (duet part), 83v-84, 85/2, 87v-88/1, 89/2 and 90/2

Chow Bente Dd.2.11 79/1

Pickeringe 32v/1

Chromatic Galliard [Peter Philips] Dd.9.33 15/2

Chromatic Pavan [Peter Philips] Dd.5.78.365v-66/1

Dd.9.33 14v-15/1

Fuhrmann 1615 181-182/1

Schele 97-98/1


Ciel qui Fuit, Le Le Roy 1574 76 [64]

Clark's Galliard/Quadran Galliard/Jest [Anthony Holborne] 408/2 89

Ballet 10-11/1

Dd.2.11 60v/2

and 72v/1

Hirsch 7v/1

Nn.6.36 14v/1

Trumbull 4/2

Wickhambrook 11/2

Clement's Squirrel Dd.2.11 42v/2

Clerk, The Dd.9.33 37/3

Cobbler, The Folger 9/2

ML 7v/1

Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite [John Dowland] Montbuysson 1v/1 and 64v/1

Nn.6.36 21v/2

Valerius 1626 167

Come Sheep Herders, Deck Your Heads Valerius 1626 229

Come to the Court Trinity 135/2

Come tread the paths Brogyntyn 131/2-132/1 (consort song arr.)

Comfort [Francis Cutting] Barley 1596 (Orpharion) 72 (D1v)

Comment peut avoir Roye [Josquin arr. Spinacino] Dallis 168-169

Complaint Pavan Vallet 1615 20

Con Io Credo Fantasia Herbert 80v

Conde Claro/Hornpipe/Philida Galliard/Queen of Scots Galliard [Guillaume Morlaye] 408/2 108/2-109

Dd.5.78.3 73v-74

Marsh 61/2, 232-233

Willoughby 38-39v

Content est Riche, Le [Sermisy arr.?] Dallis 106-107/1

Dd.2.11 25/2

Lvov 21/2-22 (?)

Cor Mundus Dallis 210

Corbe and the Pyget Wemyss 27/2


Countess of Bedford's Galliard [H. Porter] Dd.5.78.3 70v/1

Countess of Pembroke's Funerals, Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Dd.5.78.3 11v-12/1

Euing 18/2

Herbert 6v

Pickeringe 34/1

Countess of Pembroke's Paradise Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Dd.9.33 70

Welde 9v/1

Countess of Sussex's Galliard (1) [Philip Rosseter] Barley 1596 (Orph.) 55-56 (B1-B1v)

Countess of Sussex's Galliard (2) [Philip Rosseter] Barley 1596 (Orph.) 57-58 (B2-B2v)

Countess of Sussex's Galliard (3) [Philip Rosseter] Barley 1596 (Orph.) 59 (B3)

Herbert 21v/1

Countess of Sussex's Pavan [Philip Rosseter] Herbert 21

Courant on the Courant of Julien Perrichon [Jacob Reys] Herbert 36v/2

Courant Sarabande, La [?Robert Ballard] Aegidius 33

Ballard 1611 57/2-58/1

Ballard 1614 37/2-39/1

Dolmetsch 20v-21 and 21v

ML 29v/1

Moy 1631 24v

Pickeringe 42

Schele 63/1

St Petersburg 37/2

Stobaeus 53v/1 and 54/2-54v/1

Valerius 1626 239

Vallet 1615 83

Coy Toy, A/Mrs Vaux's Jig [John Dowland] Dd.9.33 20v

Mynshall 7/1

Cradle of Conceits Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 45v, 51v/1 and 61/1

Cosens 1v-2

Herbert 53v

Cuckoo Volt Fuhrmann 1615 190/2

Cummer Tried Rowallan 33

Custard, The Board 39v/3

Cutting Comfort [Francis Cutting] Barley 1596 (Orpharion) 72 (D1v)


D'un Grosier Le Roy 1574 85 [73]

Daphne and Corridon [John Whitfield] Board 40/2

Pickeringe 35v-36/1

Dargesson Dd.2.11 8/1

Dauphine Courant, La Krakow 12v/2-13/1

Day Dawns in the Morning, The Straloch 2/2-3

Wemyss 17-18

De Guerre, A Mort Dd.9.33 38/2

De La Court Dd.3.18 47v-48/1 (consort part) and 72v

De La Tromba Galliard Brogyntyn 27/1-28/1 (duet part)

De La Tromba Pavan [?Thomas Morley arr.?] Brogyntyn 26-27/1 (duet part)

Dd.2.11 82v/2

Dd.3.18 40 and 45v-46 (consort parts)

Pickeringe 6v/2-7 and 7v-8/1 (duet parts)

Sampson 10v-11/1 (duet part)

Decrevi Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 49v/1

Euing 38v

Herbert 7v

Delacourt Pavan Board 1v/1

Dd.2.11 2v/1

Delight Galliard [John Johnson] Board 7v/1

Marsh 166

Naples 365

Pickeringe 32/2

Vilnius 61

Welde 4/2

Wickhambrook 10/2

Willoughby 28-29/1

Delight Pavan [John Johnson] 408/292-94/1

Board 6v-7/1 and 14v-15 (duet part)

Brogyntyn 13/1 (duet part)

Dallis 84-85/1 (ground)

Dd.3.18 20v-21 and 59v-60 (consort parts)

Folger 14v-15 (duet part)

Marsh 164-165/1

Mynshall 7v/1

Thysius 147v

Trumbull 4v-5 (consort part)

Vilnius 62v-63v/1 (consort part)

Waissel 1591 L4/1

Welde 3v-4/1

Wickhambrook [9v]-10/1 (fragment)

Willoughby 25v-27v

Demande, First Almain Dallis 218/1

Demandes-Tu [Philippe da Monte arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 82v [70v]

Devil's Dance ML 30v/1

Doctor Case's Pavan [John Dowland] Dd.2.11 14v/3

Dolce Nenne Galliard, La Dd.3.18 53/1 (consort part)

Doleful Deadly Pang, A [Nicholas Strogers] Brogyntyn 131/1 (accompt only)

Dolor es maesto Brogyntyn 127/2

Dolorosa Pavan [Richard Allison] Dd.2.114v-5/1

Dd.3.18 46v-47 and 53v (consort parts)

Dd.5.78.3 32v/1

Dont Vient Cela Marsh 107

Thysius 163-163v

Dormendo un Giorno [Philippe Verdelot arr.?] Marsh 400-401

Douce Maitresse Touche Le Roy 1574 83 [71]

Douce Memoire Dallis 110-111

Thysius 173-174

Doux Henay, Un [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 34-35 [first setting]

Le Roy 1574 35v-37 [second setting]

Thysius 201v-202


Dowland's Adieu for Master Oliver Cromwell/Resolution [John Dowland] Dowland 1600 Sig.N1v

Nn.6.36 17v-18/1 and 18/2-18v/1

Dowland's First Galliard [John Dowland] Board 22v/1

Dd.2.11 56/5, 60/3 and 95/1

Dd.4.23 28 (cittern)

Euing 23/2

Dowland's Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.2.11 7v/3 and 67v/2

Osborn 10v (bandora)

Sampson 6v/2

Thysius 22

Downright Squire Dd.2.11 70/2

Marsh 40-41

Dr James's Galliard [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 34/3 (consort part)

Dr James, Dean of Christ Church's Pavan/Reade's Seventh Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 12/2 and 28v-29/1 (consort parts)

Draw near to me and love me Pickeringe 28/3

Dream Board 20v/2-21/1

Drewry's Accords Ballet 48 and 49/1 [inv] (duet parts)

Brogyntyn 30 (duet parts)

Pickeringe 6/2 and 6v/1 (duet part)

Du Corps Absent [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 41-41v/1 [first setting]

Le Roy 1574 41v/2-42v [second setting]

Duchesse Courant, La Krakow 12v/1


Duke of Millom's dump Dd.2.11 3v/1

Duke of Parma's Almain Marsh 383/2

Duke of Somerset's Dump RA58 51v-52/1

Dulciana Board 83v/2

Duncome's Galliard Dd.3.18 17/2 (consortpart)

Sampson 12/1 (duet part)

Durette, Courant de la [Robert Ballard] Ballard 1611 49/2-50/1

ML 18v/2-19/1

Montbuysson 65v/1

Moy 1631 22v-23

Valerius 1626 20 and 119

Vallet 1615 82

Earl of Derby's Courant/French King's Maske 408/2 111/5

Bautzen 69/2

Board 8/2

Dd.2.11 61v/2

Montbuysson 3v/1

Vilnius 57v/3

Earl of Derby's Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 38/2

Dowland 1610B 24v

Euing 21/3

Herhold 39v/2-40v

Nn.6.36 1 and 2

Sampson 13v

Schele 142

Welde 7/3

Earl of Essex's Dump/Heavenly God [William Hewes] Dallis 202-203/1 and 212

Lodge 13v

Mynshall 6v/2

Earl of Essex's Galliard/Can She Excuse [John Dowland, Thomas Robinson] Barley 1596 (Orpharion) 62 (B4v)

Ballet 36/2-37/1 (l.v.)

Bautzen 31/1

Cosens 48

Dd.2.11 40v/1 and 62v/1

Dowland 1610B 24

Euing 24/1

Folger 16

Fuhrmann 1615 121/2-122

Herbert 55/2

Hirsch 11v/1

Montbuysson 2/1 and 56v/2-57/1

Nn.6.36 37

Thysius 22v/1

Vallet 1615 36-40

Vilnius 58v/2

Earl of Essex's Measure Trumbull 13/2

Earl of Oxford's Galliard 2764(2) 5/2

Dallis 89

Folger 4v/1 [fragment] and 5v/1

Earl of Oxford's March 408/2 95/3

2764(2) 7v/2-8/1

Dd.3.18 20/2 (consort part)

Mynshall 7/3

Thysius 373v

Echo Almain [Marchant/Francis Pilkington] Brogyntyn 31 (duet part)

Sampson 11v/1 (duet part)

Edward Porter's Pavan [Francis Cutting] Dd.2.11 73/2

Eglantine Branch Board 25/3

Eglantine Jig [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 34/2 (consort part)

Elizabeth Jones's Galliard [Richard Shellower] Vilnius 60v/1

Emerald Galliard Dd.3.18 52v/1 (consort part)

Emperor's Almain/Alliance Almain Besard 1603 155v/2 (?)

Denss 1594 87/1 and 91/1

Marsh 382/2-383/1


En Espoir Vis [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 38v-39/1 [first setting]

39/2-40 [second setting]

En Un Lieu [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 49-49v[first setting]

50-51 [second setting]

English Fool, The Thysius 396

English Hunt's Up Pickeringe 32/3

Entrelu, L' [Thomas Robinson] Basle 63v-64/1

Robinson 1603 48/2

Eradi Maggio Dallis 83/2, 88/2, 174 and 85/3


Estois, L' Le Roy 1574 83v [71v]

Expectare Pavan Marsh 398/2 and 399

Fa Mi Fa Mi Re Dallis 259/1 [fragments]

Fair Ministers Disdain Me Not Board 23v/2

Fairy Round Galliard [Anthony Holborne] Dd.5.78.3 47/2 and 68v/3

Dd.9.33 62/2

Fairy's Dance ML 10/2

Nn.6.36 24v/1

Farewell [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.1163v/3

Dd.3.18 18 (consort part)

Farewell Dear Love [Robert Jones] Dolmetsch 129v

Thysius 402v

Valerius 1626 68-69

Vallet 1616 9/2

Farewell Fancy [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 43v-44

Euing 41v-42/1

Fuhrmann 1615 18-19

Lvov 41v-43

Mylius 1622 1-2

Farle Become 408/2 83/4

Fileu [Despond] Herbert 41v-42/1

First Branle of Malta Le Roy 1568 24v-25

First Dump [John Johnson] 31392 22v/2 (duet part)

Dd.3.18 3v/1 and 3v/2 (duet parts)

Marsh 144/2 and 144/3-145 (duet parts)

First Galliard [Francesco da Milano] Le Roy 1568 34v-35

First Tune of the Lord's Maske [Robert Taylor] ML 30v/2

Board 27v/3

Flames of fire, The Brogyntyn 134/2 (consort song arr.)

Flat Courant Wemyss 31/2-31v/1

Flat Galliard [John Johnson] Ballet 19

Dd.2.11 1v/2

Dd.9.33 92v/2

Mynshall 5/1

Dd.3.18 22 (duet part)

Pickeringe 5v/1 and 5v/2-6/1 (duet parts)

Flat Pavan [John Johnson] Ballet 18

Board 2v/1

Dallis 92/1, 264 (vocal arr.)

Dd.2.11 87/1

Dd.3.18 21v (duet part) and 60v-61 (consort part)

Dd.9.33 90v-91 (consort part)

Euing 8v

Folger 10 (consort part)

Lodge 6v/2-7/1

Mynshall 4v

Pickeringe 4v/2-5/1 and 5/2 (duet parts)

Trumbull 10 (consort part), 15/1 and 17v-19/1 (duet parts)

Vilnius 55/3

Flow Forth Abundant Tears Board 14/2

Flower Almain Denss 1594 88/1

Flying Horse, The ML 16v/2-17/1

Folia ground Variations Marsh 162-163 and 165/2 (duet parts)

Folia, La Trinity 104

For a Loving Constant Heart Ballet 51

For He That is Mighty 4900 64 (lute song)

For Kissing, for Clapping, for Loving, for Proving [William Mure] Rowallan 25 and 38

Forlorn Hope Fancy [John Dowland] Dd.9.3316v-17/1

Lvov 54v-56

Mertel 1615 210/2-211/1

Mylius 1622 37-38/1

Fortune Alas Almain [?John Dowland] Adriansen 158487

Richard 22, 62

Thysius 477/1 and 477v-478/1

Vallet 1615 49-50

Fortune Farewell Fantasia [John Dowland] Dd.9.33 41v-42 and 50v-51

Fortune is Fickle Dallis 209

Fortune My Foe [John Dowland] 408/2 111/1

Ballet 14 (consort part)

Barley 1596 (Lute) 45-46 (F3-F3v)

Beckmann 13v/2

Brahe 14/2

Dallis 49/2-50/1, 71/2 (divisions)

Dd.2.11 56/2 (duet part)

Dd.4.22 11v

Dd.9.33 89 (duet part)

Euing 27/2

Folger 57v [inv]

Herhold 18v/2-21/1

Hove 1601 106v/1 (Divisions)

Mynshall 9v/1

Nn.6.36 15/3

Thysius 185v/2, 387/1 and 387v

Valerius 1626 132-133

Vallet 1616 8/1

Vilnius 7v/1, 20v/2, 27v and 60/1

Welde 2/2

Fourth Branle of Malta Le Roy 1568 27v-28

Fourth Galliard Le Roy 1568 37v-38

Fourth Pavan Dd.3.18 39v (consort part)

Fredon on the Romanesca Le Roy 1568 32v-33



French Courant Board 43/3

Folger 14/2

Occ254 144v/2

Trinity 118/1

Valerius 1626 271

French Dance Trinity 117/2

French Galliard [John Johnson/(Francesco da Milano)] Cosens 33v/3

Dallis 40-41/1 (divisions)

Dd.2.11 41/2

Dd.5.78.3 41/2

Lodge 16v/2-17v

Marsh 46-48 and 148/3-149 (duet part)

Och1280 3-4

Thysius 16v, 20/2, 19v and 20v (consort parts), 24-24v/1

Valerius 1626 189

French Passamezzo Pavan Dallis 7 and 39/2

French Toy/Ballet Besard 1617 43/2

Besard 1603 43

Fuhrmann 1615 148/2

Mylius 1622 89/1

Nn.6.36 9/2

Sibley 36/1

Thysius 381v

Vallet 1616 1/3


French Volt Adriansen 1584 91/2

Dd.3.18 8/2 (consort part)

Euing 23v/2

Thysius 370/1


Frog Galliard/Now O Now [John Dowland] Brahe 15v-16

Cosens 42v-43/1

Dd.2.11 40v/2 and 93/2

Euing 26v-27/1

Folger 12v

Schele 144/2-145/1

Thysius 28v

Vilnius 21/1 and 22v/1 (duet parts)

Galantyne, La 60577 190

Galliard on a Galliard of Daniel Bacheler [John Dowland]Board 16v-17/1

Dd.5.78.3 35v-36/1

Euing 20v-21/1

Fuhrmann1615 108/2-110/1

Herbert 54v-55/1

ML 15v

Montbuysson 94v-95

Galliard on Gregory Huwet's Galliard [John Dowland] Vilnius 66/1

Gallua Tom Straloch 26/2

Gathering Peascods [John Johnson] Board 26/2

Dd.2.11 20v/2 and 56/4

Dd.9.33 28/2 and 82/1

Gautier's Adieu Courant [Gaultier] Herbert 49v/2

Schele 89/3

St Petersburg 74v-75 and 75v

Gautier's Saraband [Gaultier] Wemyss 26/2

Gay Berger, Un [Crequillon arr.?] Dallis248-249

Thysius 174v-175

George Pilkington's Funeral [Francis Pilkington] Dd.2.11 6/1

Gerrard's Mistress [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 15


Giles Hoby's Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 16v-17/1

Herbert 10/1 (consort part)

Hove 1612 52v/2 (?consort part)

Gillyflower, The Board 25v/2

Gipsy's Lilt Rowallan 46-48

Gipsy's Maske/Duke of Buckingham's Maske Board 38v/3

Give Thanks Le Roy 1574 87v [75v]


Go From My Window [Richard Allison/Edward Collard/John Dowland/Francis Pilkington/Thomas Robinson] 2764(2) 9v (duet/consort part)

31392 26v-27

Barley 1596 (Orpharion) 66-69 (C2v-C4)

Board 10/3

Dd.2.11 3

Dd.3.18 34v-35 (consort part)

Dd.5.78.3 39v-40 and 40v

Dd.9.33 31v-32

Euing 17v-18/1 and 48v-49/1

Folger 17

Montbuysson 1/1

Pickeringe 29v

Robinson 1603 29

Thysius 395/2

God Be With Thee Geordie Straloch 14/2-15/1

God be with my Bonny Love Wemyss 27/1

God be with the Franks Pickeringe 25/2

God is My Light Thysius 155v


Goodnight [John Johnson/Clement Cotton] 408/2 85/3-86/1 (duet part)

Brogyntyn 7/5 (duet part)

Dallis 16/1 (duet part)

Dd.2.11 8v-9/1 and 86/2 (duet parts)

Dd.3.18 15v-16 (duet part)

Marsh 26-27, 158-160, 362-363 (duet parts) and 397/2

Willoughby 3v-5 and 5v (duet parts)

Gordian Knot, The [Anthony Holborne] Board 21v/2-22

Dd.2.11 59v

Dd.9.33 52v-53/3

Gray's Inn Maske/Mad Tom of Bedlam/Poor Tom of Bedlam Board 23/2, 31v/1, 38v/2, 44/2 and 44/4-44v/1

ML 14/2, 29/2, 30/2 and 32/2

Trinity 137

Wemyss 18v-19/1

Green Garters Dd.3.18 23v-24/1 (duet part)

Green Grow the Rushes/I Kissed Her While She Blushed Straloch 16/1 and 27/1

Greensleeves [Francis Cutting, Henry VIII and other settings/un-ascribed]408/2 104/1

31392 29/2

Dd.3.18 8v-9 (duet part)

Folger 5/1 and 5/2 (duet parts)

Hove 1601 107v/2

Mynshall 3/2-3v/1 (duet part)

Thysius 390/1 and 390v/1

Grey Steel Straloch 7/2

Griffe's Delight [Thomas Robinson] Bautzen 86/1

Dd.5.78.3 75v/1

Dd.9.33 81v/2

Robinson 1603 20

Griping Grief, The Brogyntyn 126/1

GRIT Stowe389 120v/2

Groninge's Pavan [Francis Cutting] Dd.9.33 34v-35

Hirsch 12

Half Hannikin Board 38/1

Hall's Galliard [Richard Greene] Willoughby 32v/2-33v

Halloo My Fancy [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 2

Hamburg March Dd.2.11 95v/1

Hanc Tua Penelope Lodge 12v/2

Has-Tu Le Roy 1574 79v [67v]

Hasselwood's Galliard [Anthony Holborne] Dd.9.33 17/2

Hirsch 5/2

Have at Thy Coat Old Woman Board 38/5

Have Over the Water [R. G.] Straloch 24/2-25

Hay, The Dallis 77/2

Health to Betty, A (Toy) Trinity 118/2 and 136/2

Heart Opressed, The Le Roy 1574 89 [77]

Mynshall 2/2 (duet part)

Heart's Ease [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 44/2

Heaven and Earth/King's Pavan Osborn 1v-2v/1

RA58 52/4 and 55v

Sampson 4/1

Thistlethwaite 87v-89


Heigh Ho Holiday Galliard [Anthony Holborne] Board 20v/1

Dd.5.78.3 34v/1

Welde 6v/3

Helena Lo Pavan Dd.2.11 7v/1

Hemp-Dresser, The Board 38/3

Hence to me Molly Gray Straloch 28/2

Hight Mistress Whiller Lodge 6/2

Highway, The Ballet 33/1 (l.v.)

Hillary March Dd.2.11 61/2

Hit 408/2 84/1

Hit it and Take it Almain [Robert Johnson] Board 41/4-41v/1

Krakow 9v/2-10/1

ML 20v/1

Mathew 1652 34-35

Holborne's Farewell Dd.2.11 63v/3

Dd.3.18 18 (consort part)

Home Again, Market is Done Board 11/2

Hone [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 18

Hornpipe Ballet 12-13/1

Dd.2.11 81/1

Lodge 9/3

Pickeringe 51 <88> [inv.]

Hunt's Up/Go Merrily While/Sweet Oliver [John Johnson and other settings/unascribed]408/2 84/6 and 104/3

Board 3/2 (duet part)

Dd.2.11 13/2 and 64/3

Dd.3.18 40v-41/1 (duet/consort part)

Folger 4/2 (duet part)

Hove 1601 107v/1

Lodge 12/2

Marsh 397/4

Stobaeus 79v/2

Thysius 472/1

Trumbull 2/2 (duet part)

Vilnius 15/4

Hunter's Carrier Board 27v/1

Straloch 16/2-17/1

Hunting of the Mouse Dd.2.11 41/4

I Am My Lord Gray's Man Lodge 4/2-4v/1

I Cannot Keep My Wife at Home Board 11/3

I Give O Jesu 4900 60/1 (lute song)


I Left my True Love Wemyss 24/2

I Loathe that I did Love 4900 63/3 (lutesong)

I Long for the Wedding Straloch 6/3-7/1

I Long for thy Virginity Straloch 26/1

I Never Knew I Loved Thee Wemyss 25/2

I sigh to see Brogyntyn 130/3

I Trust In God Le Roy 1574 85v [73v]

If all the Gods Brogyntyn 125/4 (consort song arr.)

If Care Do Cause Men Cry Osborn 32v/1

RA58 52/3

Stowe389 120/2

If friendless faith Brogyntyn 130/1 (consort song arr.)

Image of Melancholy Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Dd.9.33 71v/2-72

Euing 40v/1

In An Inch I Warrant You Rowallan 42-43

In Crete When Daedalus First Began 408/290/2

Lodge 19v-20/1

Mynshall 8/1

In Nomine [Taverner arr. Nicholas Strogers] Dallis 130-131

Dd.2.11 19/2 and 73v/1

Dd.9.33 61

Marsh 136-137, 274 and 426/1

Mynshall 10v/1

In Nomine Galliard [Nicholas Strogers] Dallis 94/1 and 93 (duet parts)

Dd.2.11 95v/2

Dd.9.33 60v

Hirsch 3/1 (duet part)

Pickeringe 17/2

Thysius 31v/2

Trumbull 6/2

In Nomine Pavan [Nicholas Strogers] Bautzen 72/2-73/1

Dallis 81 (duet part)

Hirsch 2v (duet part)

Trumbull 16v-17/1

In terror's trapped Brogyntyn 129/1 (consort song arr.)

In Winter's just return/Fifth Galliard [?Francesco da Milano] Le Roy 1568 38v-39

Lodge 13

RA58 52/2

In Youthful Years [Parsons] Dallis204-207/1

Infernum [Anthony Holborne] Dd.5.78.3 12v-13

Euing 22v-23/1

Initium et Finis Lodge 11/2-11v/1

It's a Wonder to See How the World Does Go Straloch 17/2

J'Ai Bien Mal Choisi Le Roy 1574 84 [72]

J'ai Me Roi Mieux D'Or Le Roy 1568 33v-34

J'astois brise mes fers Courant [Gaultier] Herbert 50/2

J'attend secours [Dirick Gerard] Dd.2.1129/1

James's Galliard [James Harding] Dd.3.1858v (consort part)

Dd.5.78.3 25/2 and 45/2

Jamie has lost his Digger Folger 87v/3

Je File [Philip van Wilder arr.?] 4900 62 (lute song)

Brogyntyn 14

Osborn 17v-18/1

Je L'Aime Bien [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 26v-27v [first setting]

28-29 [second setting]

Je Ne Veux Plus [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1568 7v-8/1

Je Ne Veux Rien [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 52-52v [first setting]

53-54v [second setting]

Je Suis Desheritée [Cadéac/Lupus arr. Alberto de Rippe] Dallis 112-113/1

Marsh 74/1

Jean Linsey's Port Straloch 19/2


Jeune Fillette, Une/Nonette [John Dowland, DanielBacheler] Adriansen 1584 88/2

Bautzen 18/2

Besard 1603 131v-132

Besard 1617 4/1-6/3

Herbert 23v-25

Hove 1612 55v-56v/1-57

Montbuysson 11v-12

Phalèse 1563 88/1

Pickeringe 30v-31/1

Richard 25, 35v-37v/1

Schele 25-28/1

Thysius 380 and 509

Valerius 1626 180-181

Vallet 1615 43-44

Vilnius 2v/1

Jeune Fillette, Une/Nonette, Courant on Richard 35

Jew's Dance [Richard Nicholson] Dd.3.18 48/2 (consort part)

Jewel [?John Johnson] Dd.5.78.3 49/2 SEE ALSO LORD BURGH'S GALLIARD

Jiggy Joggy Dd.9.33 77/2

Jocundarie Andrea 2/3

cf. Herdringen9825 6

John Bluncuilles Last Farewell Pavan Cosens 6v-7

John Come Kiss Me Now Cosens 69v-70v

ML 11v-12

Welde 10v-11 (duet part)

John Petit John Dd.2.11 74/1



Jour desire Dd.2.11 27/2

Jour Passe, Un [Lassus arr.?] Dd.2.11 20v/1


Katherine Bairdie Rowallan 49-50

Kemp's Jig/Parliament Dd.2.11 99v/2

Folger 4v/4

Richard 63v/1

Thysius 486v

Killken Ballet 33/2-31/3 (l.v.)


King of Africa, The Dallis 213/1



King's March, The Pickeringe 47/2-46v/1 <84> [inv.]

King's Pavan, The Stowe389 121v/3-122

Knole's Galliard [Knowles] Marsh 319

Trumbull 8/2

Wickhambrook 17/5

La Sol La Dd.2.11 13v/1

Labandalashot Galliard Dallis 14

Marsh 103 and 368

Mynshall 6v/3

Willoughby 22v/2-23

Lachrimae Fantasia Hove 1601 4-4v

Herhold 14v-16v/1

Schele 38-39/1

Lachrimae Galliard [John Dowland] Dowland 1612 Sig.N2v

Stobaeus 44v/2-45/1

Lachrimae Pavan [John Dowland] 2764(2) 5v-6/1

6402 1/1

31392 35v-36

Ballet 42-3 (l.v.)

Barley 1596 (Lute) 33-36 (E1-E2v)

Besard 1603 16v-17/1

Besard 1617 7-8 (duet/trio parts)

Board 11v-12/1; Cosens 4v-5 and 36v-37

Dd.2.11 75v-77/1, 81v and 84v/2

Dd.3.18 16v-17/1 (consort part)

Dd.5.78.3 9v-9a [21]

Dolmetsch 225v-227v

Euing 25v-26/1

Folger 18v-19

Fuhrmann 1615 60-61/1

Herbert 8v-9

Herhold 24/2-27/1

Hirsch 11v/3

Hove 1601 94/2-95/1 and 95/2 (reprise)

ML 22v/2-23

Montbuysson 5/1-5v and 55v-56/1

Mynshall 11/2 (fragment)

Pickeringe 16v-17/1

Schele 17-19/1

Stobaeus 21v-22v/1

Thysius 388v and 389v

Valerius 1626 217-218

Vilnius 24v/1

Welde 4v

Lachrimae Prelude Hove 1612 2v



Lady Banning's Almain [John Sturt] Board 10/2

Krakow 2v

Lady Clifton's Spirit/Katherine D'Arcy's Spirit [John Dowland] Dd.2.11 58/2

Dowland 1610B 25v-26/1

Lady Harcourt's Galliard Dd.3.18 52v/2 (consort part)

Lady Hunsdon's Puff [John Dowland] 6402 2/2

Dd.5.78.3 7

Dd.9.33 38/1

Folger 22v

Lady Laiton's Almain [John Dowland] 2764(2) 10v

Besard 1603 139v

Dd.2.11 48/3

Folger 11v

Fuhrmann 1615 80/2

Hove 1612 59/2

Mynshall 10/1

Richard 59v/2-60

Schele 145/2-146/1

Thysius 492/1

Vilnius 66v/2

Welde 5/3

Wickhambrook 17/3

Lady Laiton's Pavan/Dream [?John Dowland] Dd.2.11 48/2

Hirsch 3/2

Lady Lothian's Lilt Straloch 21/2-22/1

Lady Mary's Galliard Dallis 211

Mynshall 9v/2

Lady North's Galliard Cosens 46v

Dd.5.78.3 36/2 and 62v-63/1

Lady Phyllis's Maske, The Board 17/3

Lady Rich's Galliard/Dowland's Bells [John Dowland] Ballet 37/2 (l.v.)

Brahe 25v-26/1

Dd.5.78.3 9/1

Dd.9.33 91v

Dowland 1610B 25

Marsh 190 (first six bars) and 381

Mynshall 8/3

Pickeringe 18/2

Schele 146/2-147/1

Thysius 21v/1 and 392v

Vilnius 21/2, 21/3 (duet parts), 21v/2 (fragment) and 56v/4

Welde 5/1

Lady Russell's Pavan [John Dowland] Cosens 5v-6

Dd.5.78.3 64v-65

Dd.9.33 5v-6

Euing 37v-38/1

Larmes, Les [Gaultier] Herbert 87/2

Larousse 408/2 103/3

Las Je Ne Veux Le Roy 1574 81 [69]

Thysius 198v-199

Las que Nous Le Roy 1574 77 [65]

Las Voulez Vous [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 58-58v [first setting]

59-60 [second setting]

Last Will and Testament Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 32/2 and 57v-58/1

Euing 32/2

Hirsch 7v/2-8

ML 13v-14/1

Lavecchia Galliard [John Johnson] Ballet 46 & 47 [inv] (duet parts)

Brogyntyn 29/2 (duet part)

Lodge 12v/1

Marsh 264

Pickeringe 4/2 and 4v/1 (duet parts)

Wickhambrook 16/1 and 16/2 [inv] (duet parts)

Lavecchia Pavan/Mrs Lee [John Johnson] Ballet 45 [inv] (duet part)

Brogyntyn 28/2-29/1 (duet part)

Dallis 85/2

Dd.2.11 36v-37/1 (bandora)

Dd.3.18 61v (consort part)

Folger 12 (duet part)

ML 7

Mynshall 12

Pickeringe 4/1 (duet part)

Sampson 9v

Schele 143-144/1 (duet part)

Vilnius 7

Welde 2v/1

Wickhambrook 14/2, 15v/1 and 15v/2 [inv] (all duet parts)

Leaves be Green the Nuts be Brown, The [John Johnson] Dd.3.18 17v (duet part)

Dd.9.33 63v-64 (duet part)

Pickeringe 14v-15/1 and 15/2 (duet parts)

Lesson Marsh 60

Leve le Coeur Dallis 35/2, 36/2, 37/1, 69/2, 119/2, 120/1, 195, 217/3, 222/2

Light of Love/The Countess of Ormond's Galliard 408/2 103/2

Adriansen 1584 92v/3

Andrea 2/2

Board 5/3

Dallis 171

Dd.2.11 74v/2


Long Galliard [John Johnson] Dd.2.11 46v/1

Wickhambrook 17v/2

Long Pavan [John Johnson] 408/2 99/2

Dd.2.11 47v-48/1 and 64v (bandora)

Wickhambrook 17v/1

Lord Burgh's Galliard/Johnson's Jewel Galliard [John Johnson] Board 21/2

Dd.2.11 99/2

Dolmetsch 91v-92

Thysius 32v

Welde 14/2

Lord Hastings' Good Morrow [Francis Pilkington] Dd.2.11 5v/2

Lord Hay's Courant Board 8/1

Folger 24v/1

Herhold 7v/2-8/1

ML 2v/2-3/1

Sampson 6/1

Lord Hereford's Galliard Marsh 25/2

Lord Strang's March [John Dowland] Dd.2.11 58/4

Lord Strang's Galliard Marsh 357/1

Wickhambrook 10/3

Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home/Roland [John Dowland, Thomas Robinson] Besard 1603 134v/2

Dd.2.11 14v/1 and 58v/2

Dd.5.78.3 28v

Euing 38/2

Folger 9v/1 (duet part)

Hove 1601 107v/3

Mynshall 1/2

Pickeringe 25/3 and 33v/1

Richard 24

Robinson 1603 40-41

Sampson 11v/2 (duet part)

Thysius 389/1

Valerius 1626 83

Vallet 1615 47-48

Vilnius 14v/1 and 57/3

Wickhambrook 12/2

Lord Zouch's March Vilnius 56v/2

Lord Zouch's Maske [John Johnson] Dd.4.223v

Dd.9.33 88/1

Dlugoraj 295, 395

Dolmetsch 148v-149

Folger 8/2

Hove 1601 106v/2

ML 7v/2-8/1

Montbuysson 24/1

Mynshall 7v/2

Nürnberg 38

Vallet 1615 91

Vilnius 56v/2

Lord's Maske Dance Board 39v/5-40/1

Lord's Maske Second Tune ML 30v/3

Loth To Depart Galliard [John Dowland] Board 7v/2

Dd.2.11 9/2

Dd.9.33 68v-69v

Euing 28/2 and 31/3

Pickeringe 33/2

Love Will Find the Way/Over the Mountains Board 38v/1

Trinity 135/1

Lullaby [Byrd arr. Francis Cutting/Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 65/2

Dd.9.33 4v-5/1

Thysius 400v/1

Lume Alta Galliard, E 408/2 97

Marsh 79

Willoughby 20v-21/1

Lusher's Almain [Lusher] Dd.2.11 60v/1

Dd.5.78.3 75

Euing 20

Vilnius 59v/2

Lusty Gallant 408/2 83/3

Adriansen 1584 92v (duet parts)

Dallis 170/1 & 170/2

Marsh 61/1

Thysius 393v

Ma Pauvre Bourse [Philip van Wilder] Dallis 50/2-51

Dd.2.11 17/2

Wickhambrook 12v


Madonna [William Jenning/Mr Edward] 4900 66 (lute song)

Thistlethwaite 36v-37

Maggie Ramsay Rowallan 31-32

Magnificat: Belle que tient ma vie Dallis5/1

Maids in Constrite, The (?Constraint) Pickeringe 30/2

Mais Voyez Le Roy 1574 78 [66]

Mall Peatly Board 30v/3 and 41v/3

Mall Sims [Hassler and other settings/unascribed] 6402 2/1

Cosens 43/2

Dd.9.33 62v/2-63

Folger 15v

Hove 1612 59/1

ML 9v/2-10/1

Montbuysson 4/2 (?) and 59v-60/1

Mynshall 11v

Pickeringe 26v-27

Valerius 1626 207-208

Vallet 1615 92

Vallet 1616 8/2-9/1

Vilnius 6/1, 35, 41v, 54v/1 and 58/2

Malt's Come Down Dd.9.33 89v (duetpart)

Marigold Galliard [?Anthony Holborne] Board 26v/1

Hove 1601 82/2

Marigold Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Vilnius 63v/2-64v/1

Marigold, The Dd.3.18 23/2 and 23/1 (duet parts)

Mary Beaton's Row Rowallan 28-29/1

Mary Thorny's Galliard 408/2 101/2

Maske of Augurs Dance Board 40v/2

Master Mathias's Galliard [Anthony Holborne] Ballet 6

Dd.2.11 89/2

Dd.5.78.3 19v/1

Dd.9.33 66v-67/1

Mathew's Delight [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 3-5

Mathew's Dream [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 7-8

Mathew's Melancholy Good Night [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 36-38

May Galliard [Edward Collard] Dd.5.78.3 33v/1

Welde 9/2

May Night at Venus's Court Montbuysson 25v/2 and 27v/1

May Pole, The/The King's Morris Board 27/2

Folger 35v (fragment) and 57 [inv] (fragment)

Measure Lodge 20/2

Melancholy Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.2.11 12/2

Euing 24v/1

Mercure Courant, La Wemyss 29/2

Merry Melancholy [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 25

Merry Merchan, Thet Board 33v/2

Merry Mood, A Sampson 12/2 (duet part)

Mi Sfidate Dallis 116-117/1

Midnight [John Dowland] Board 26v/2

Mignarda [?John Dowland] Dd.2.11 77/2

Dd.5.78.3 31v/1

Dd.9.33 29

Trinity 123

Milk Maid, The Trinity 4-5/1

Militis Dump 31392 16v/2-17

Lodge 14-15v/1

Marsh 359

Mingo Brogyntyn 134/1

Miserere Dd.2.11 22v-23/1

Mistress Chidley's Farewell Dd.2.11 44/4

Mynshall 7v/3

Mistress Norrish's Delight [John Dowland] Marsh 382/1

Mistrust misdeems amiss Brogyntyn 130/2(consort song arr.)


Mon Coeur Le Roy 1574 88v [76v]

More Palatino/En Me Revenant [Daniel Bacheler] Besard 1617 9 (duet/trio parts)

Board 25v/3

Brahe 35v/2-36

Brahe 37

Cosens 43v-44

Fuhrmann 1615 158-159

Herbert 31/2 and 44/2

Herdringen 9829 9v-10

ML 8v/2-9

Phalèse 1547 6-6v/1 (first 33 bars missing)

Pickeringe 28v/1

Stobaeus 65-65v/1, 65v/2, 65v/3, 66/1 and 66/2

Trinity 138 (first 33 bars missing)

Morris, The Mynshall 8/2

Motley, The Lodge 6v/1

Mounsieur's Almain [Daniel Bacheler] 2764(2) 12v/2 (duet/consort part)

Dd.3.18 35v (duet part)

Dd.4.22 12

Dd.5.78.3 70v/2-71/1

Dd.9.33 38v-40, 47 and 53v

Dowland 1610B 27-28v

Euing 19v (duet part)

Folger 13

Genoa 139v-140

Hove 1601 99v and 108v

Marsh 18

Mynshall 10/2 (duet part)

Schele 147/2-148/1 (consort part)

Thysius 484

Valerius 1626 286-287

Vilnius 1/3 (consort bandora part)

Welde 14v/2-15 (duet part)

Wickhambrook 17/2

[John Danyel] Cosens 15v-17, 44v-46

Dd.2.11 33v-34/1

Mounsieur's Galliard 408/2 100/2


Mr Anthony Mildmay's Galliard [Edward Collard] Dd.5.78.3 54v/2-55/1

Mr Anthony Mildmay's Pavan [Edward Collard] Dd.5.78.3 53v-54v/1

Mr D. Bond's Galliard [Anthony Holborne] Dd.5.78.3 5v/2

Euing 30/2

Mr John Langton's Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.9.33 17v-18/1

Euing 18v

Mr Knight's Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 56/2

Dd.9.33 19v/1

Mr Southcote's Galliard [Anthony Holborne] Ballet 16/1

Dd.5.78.3 22/2

Dd.9.33 84/3

Mr Strang's Gregory Hitts [S. Whitfield] Dd.2.11 10/3

Mr Tallis's Offertory [Thomas Tallis] Dd.9.33 77v-81

Mr Timothy Wagstaff's Content of Desire [Francis Pilkington] Dd.2.11 5v/1



Mrs Ann Roger's choice Nn.6.36 24/1

Mrs Anne Green Her Leaves Be Green [John Danyel] Cosens 60-61v

Danyel 1606 Sig L1v-L2v

Mrs Anne Harcourte's Galliarde [Francis Pilkington] Dd.2.11 85/2

Mrs Anne Markham's Pavan [Francis Cutting] 31392 36v-37

Cosens 48v-49

Dd.9.33 32v-33

Euing 33/2

ML 28v-29/1

Pickeringe 21v-22/1


Mrs Anne Markham's Galliard 31392 37v-38

Mrs Brigid Fleetwood's Pavan/Solus Sine Sola [John Dowland] Dd.9.33 33v-34

Mrs Clifton's Almain [John Dowland] Dd.9.33 28v

Euing 44/2

Folger 23v

Mrs Eleanor Stafford's Galliard [Robert Kennerley]Dd.5.78.3 7v, 8v/1 and 72/2

Mrs Elizabeth Murcott [Francis Pilkington] Dd.2.11 5/2

Mrs Elizabeth Murcott's Courant [Francis Pilkington] Dd.2.11 3v/3

Mrs Elizabeth Murcott's Delight [Francis Pilkington] Dd.2.11 4/2

Mrs Francis Taylor's Galliard [Robert Kennerley] Dd.5.78.3 8

Mrs Jane Laiton's Choice [John Dowland] Mynshall 6v/1

Mrs Lettice Rich's Courant [Julien Perrichon] Board 18v/2

Dowland 1610B 31v/2

Mrs Lettice Rich's Lavolta [?Julien Perrichon] Board 18v/3

Mrs Mary Hoffman's Almain [John Sturt] Dd.4.22 10v/1

Krakow 1v/1

ML 2v/1

Valerius 1626 267-268

Mrs Mary Oldfield's Galliard [Francis Pilkington] 31392 22v/3-23/1

Mrs Millicent's Pavan [Richard Allison] Dd.3.18 57v-58 (consort part)

Mrs Nichols' Almain [John Dowland] Dd.2.11 100v/2

Euing 24/2

Richard 60v/1

Mrs Vaux's Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 18v/2-19/1

Dd.9.33 20

Fuhrmann 1615 108/1

Mrs White's Choice/Thing [John Dowland] 2764(2) 6/2

Dd.2.11 63v/2

ML 2/1

Pickeringe 19/4

Sampson 7/1 and 7/2

Wickhambrook 15/2

Mrs White's Nothing [John Dowland] Dd.2.11 22/2

Mrs Winter's Jump [John Dowland] 31392 23/2

Barley 1596 (Orph) 71 (D1)

Euing 24v/2

Folger 5v/2

My Heart is laid on the land Stowe389 120/1

My Heart is surely set Dd.2.11 2v/2

My Lady Binny's Lilt Wemyss 26v/2

My Lady P. Pavan Dd.2.11 55

Trumbull 13v-14

My Lady Strang's Almain [Robert Johnson] Dd.9.33 42v/2

My Lady Mildmay's Delight [Robert Johnson] Folger 22

ML 16v/1

Mynshall 12v

Nn.6.36 11

Vilnius 20v/1

Welde 15v/2-16

My Little Pretty One 4900 63/1 (lute song)

My Lord Chamberlain's Galliard, for two to play on one lute [John Dowland] Dd.9.33 90/2

Dowland 1597 Sig.L2v/1 and L2v/2

My Lord of Dehims Lamentation Dd.2.11 41/1

My Mistress Farewell Board 17/2


New Almain Willoughby 15/2-17

New Hunt's Up [John Johnson] Board 2v/2-3/1 (duet part)

Dd.3.18 4v and 13v-14 (duet parts)

Folger 3v-4/1 (duet part)

Marsh 183-186/1 and 186/2 (duet parts)

Trumbull 1v-2/1 and 15v-16 (duet parts)

Welde 13/2-14/1 (duet part)

New Medley/The Friar and the Nun [John Johnson] Pickeringe 34/3 and 34v-35/1

Trumbull 6v-7

New Rant [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 11

New Saraband [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 12

New Year's Gift Galliard [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 54v/3

Marsh 118/1

Night Watch Almain [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 36/3 (bandora)

Welde 6v/1

Nightingale, The [Gaultier and others] Dd.3.18 22v/2 (duet part)

Pickeringe 48-47v/2 <85-85v> [inv.]

Richard 54/2, 63

Trinity 130

Noble Men's Maske, The Dd.4.22 8v-9/1

ML 19/2


North [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 19

Not she Brogyntyn 132/2-133/1 (consort song arr.)


Now is the Month of Maying [Philip Rosseter] Vilnius 8/2

Now to Bed Trumbull 3v

Nusquam Galliard 408/2 106-107/1

Marsh 35

Willoughby 80/2

Nutmegs and Ginger Dd.3.18 33/2 (consort part)

O Dear Life when shall it be Marsh 383/3

O Lord Give Ear Le Roy 1574 86 [74]

O Lord of Whom I Do Depend [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 56/1

O Lord That Art My Righteousness [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 56/2

O Passi sparsi o pensier Vaghi [Costanzo Festa arr.?] Dallis 32-34/1

O S'io Posessa Dallis 188/1

O Ta Che Mi Dai by Luca Marenzio Thistlethwaite 34v

O What it is to Love 2764(2) 12/2

Dallis 17/1

Oeil Gracieux, L' [arr. Alberto de Rippe] Marsh 366-367

Of Love to Learn The Skill Lodge 11v/2

Offertory [Thomas Tallis arr.] Dd.9.33 77v-81

Old Ground [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 48/3

Old Man, The Straloch 6/2

Old Medley [John Johnson] 31392 18v-19v/1

2764(2) 3v-5/1

Adriansen 1584 92/2

Brogyntyn 16-17/1

Dallis 53

Dd.2.11 88v-89/1

Marsh 270-271 and 272

Thysius 192-193

Valerius 1626 99-100

Waissel 1591 L2v

Welde 8v-9/1

Old Spagnoletta Vilnius 71v

Old Spanish Pavan Trumbull 23v-24v/1


Omnino Galliard [John Johnson] 408/2 90/1

Brogyntyn 21/3

Dallis 31/1 and 95/1

Lodge 12/3

Marsh 287

On Me Peut [Lassus arr.?] Dallis 78-79/1

Only Joy Dd.9.33 5/2

Or Voy-Je Bien Le Roy 1574 79 [67]

Orlando Sleepeth/Orlando Furioso [John Dowland] 408/2 111/2

Bautzen 50/1 and 50/2

Board 1/3

Dd.2.11 55v/3

Fuhrmann 1615 47/2

Hove 1601 106/2

Montbuysson 23v/2 and 38

Mynshall 5v/3

Schmall 22v

Thysius 399/1

Vilnius 1/1 (duet part), 1/2 (consort bandora part)

Ough Warder Mout RA58 54v/2


Over the Broom Bessy Dd.2.11 80v/2

Welde 6

Over the Deck Davy Rowallan 34-35

Packington's Galliard 2764(2) 2v-3 (duetpart)

Brogyntyn 19/2 (duet part) and 19/3

Marsh 268 (duet part)

Mynshall 9 (duet part)

Sampson 9/1 (duet part)

Packington's Pound [Francis Cutting] Barley 1596 (Orpharion) 69 (C4v)

Mynshall 8v/2

Nn.6.36 21/3

Thysius 401v/2

Paduan Galliard Le Roy 1568 19v-20



Passe Velours Le Roy 1568 20v

Passion Galliard [Anthony Holborne/Francis Cutting] Dd.2.11 83/2-82v/3

Trumbull 19/2

Patience Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 83/1

Euing 39v

Patientia Courant [?Anthony Holborne] Board 34/4

Panmure5 6v

Pickeringe 51v/1 <88v> [inv.]

Sibley 65/1

Thynne 3v, 69v

Trinity 110

Werl 2/2, 13v/1, 87v/1, 87v/2 (divisions)

Paul's Wharf Folger 4v/2

Peg a Ramsey Ballet 7/2 (fragment) and 26/2

Pepper is Black Marsh 44-45

Petit Cheval Lodge 4/1

Petit Gentilhomme, Le Le Roy 1568 23


Piccarde, La Trinity 124/2

Valerius 1626 243

Vallet 1616 18

Playfellow Jig [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 32v/2-33/2 and 66/4

Dd.5.78.3 51/2

Welde 6v/4

Ploravit [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.1110/1

Poor Man's Dump RA58 55/2

Port Priest Straloch 5-6/1

Port Robart Wemyss 24v/1

Porter's Galliard [Walter Porter] Dd.3.1849/2 (consort part)

Porter's Pavan [Walter Porter] Dd.3.18 48v-49/1 (consort part)

Posthuma Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Euing 41/2

Pour Vos Amis [Philip van Wilder arr.?] Willoughby 9/2-10v/1

Praise Ye the Lord Le Roy 1574 89v [77v]

Prannel's Galliard 408/2 111/3

Primero [Richard Allison] Board 13v-14/1

Dd.2.11 87v

Dd.3.18 32v-33/1 (consort part)


Prince of Portugal's Galliard/La Bergera Galliard [Philip Rosseter] Board 23/1

Dd.3.18 41/2 (duet/consort part)

Prince's Almain/Wilhelmuslied [Robert Johnson] Adriansen 1584 84v

Board 16/2

Dallis 35/1, 217/1 and 220/1

Dd.4.22 10/2

Herbert 70v/2

Krakow 3/1

ML 17/2

Nn.6.36 15v/3

Trinity 115/2

Valerius 1626 213

Vallet 1616 26-29

Prince's Courant [Robert Johnson] Board 27/1

Prince's Maske, second dance [Robert Johnson] Krakow 1v/2-2/1

Prince's Maske/Lady Elizabeth's Maske Board 28/1 and 30v/2

Krakow 1/2

Prince's Masque, third dance [?Robert Johnson] Krakow 2/2

Montbuysson 78/1

Nn.6.36 18v/2

Prince's Pavan Stowe389 122/2-122v

Princesse de Condé Courant, La Ballard 1611 19/2-21/1

Fuhrmann 1615 163/2-164/1

Krakow 13/2

Montbuysson 58/1

Vallet 1615 81

Principlum Richard 20

Progress Dd.2.11 49/2

Proveribus Trumbull 24v/2-25/1

Put on thy Sark on Monday Straloch 8/1

Quand ce Beau Le Roy 1574 76v [64v]

Quand J'esto Le Roy 1574 77v [65v]

Quand Le Le Roy 1574 78v [66v]

Quand Mon Mari [Lassus arr.?] Le Roy 1574 10v-12 [first setting]

12v-13v [second setting]

Thysius 204v/2-205

Quando io pens'al Martire [Arcadelt arr.?] Dallis 114-115

Lvov 16v/2-18v/1

Queen Elizabeth's Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.2.11 59/1

Dowland 1610B 23v

Queen Mary's Dump 2764(2) 1-2

Ballet 4-5/1

Dallis 192-193

Folger 1/2 (fragment)

RA58 54v/1

Queen of England's Courant Sibley 54/1

Queen of Scots Galliard Marsh 61/2


Queen's Almain Dallis 47/3, 223/3

Trumbull 15/2

Queen's Dump/Johnson's Second Dump [John Johnson] Brogyntyn 7/1 and 7/2 (duet parts)

Dd.3.18 4-3v/3 (duet part)

Folger 6v-7/1 (duet part)

ML 4v-5/1 (duet part)

Pickeringe 8v/2-9/1 and 9/2 (duet parts)

Schele 138-139 (duet part)

Vilnius 61v-62/1 and 62/2 (duet parts)

Queen's Galliard [John Dowland, Edward Pearce] 408/2 94/2-95/1

Board 24/2

Dd.2.11 62/1

Queen's Goodnight [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 13/2 and 13/1 (duet parts)

Queen's Ground [?John Johnson] Folger 7/2 (duet part)

Queen's Jig [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 37

Queen's Maske First Almain Dowland 1610B 29v/1

Queen's Maske last Almain Dowland 1610B 30/2

Board 41/3 (?)

Queen's Maske Wemyss 25v/1

Queen's Maske, second almain Dowland 1610B 29v/2-30/1

Quel Bien Parler [Sandrin arr. Alberto de Rippe] Marsh 64


Rant [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 9


Reade's Almain [Anthony Holborne/Richard Reade] Dd.2.11 70/3

Dd.3.18 19/2 (duet and consort part)

Reade's Eighth Galliard [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 30 (consort part)

Reade's Eighth Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 29v (consort part)

Reade's Eleventh Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 56v-57/1 (consort part)

Reade's Fifth Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 27v (consort part)

Reade's First Jig [Richard Reade] Dd.3.1824/2 (consort part)

Reade's First Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 37-36v (consort part)

Reade's Galliard [Richard Reade] Dd.3.1822v/1 and 38v/1 (duet/consort parts)

Reade's Ninth Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 30v (consort part)

Reade's Tenth Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 55v-56/1 (consort part)

Reade's Third, or Flat Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 39-38v/2 (consort part)

Recordare Dallis 102-103/1

Redouble, La Herbert 49v/3

Reine, Courant de la [Robert Ballard] Ballard 1611 40-62/1 (solo, duet and consort parts)

Bautzen 2/2-3/1

Dd.9.33 43 and 87/2 [fragment]

Dolmetsch 213v-214 and 273

Fuhrmann 1615 164/2

Herbert 64/1

ML 26/2

Schele 56/1 and 57/1

Replete for three lutes Brogyntyn 18-19/1



Robin Hood/Toy 408/2 104/2

Dd.2.11 80/2

Dd.9.33 81v/4

Lodge 5

Vilnius 56v/3

Robin is to the Greenwood Gone/Bonny Sweet Robin/RobinHood [John Dowland] 408/2 113/2

2764(2) 12/3

31392 25

Ballet 27

Board 12v/2

Cosens 32v

Dd.2.11 53/2 and 66/3

Dd.3.18 11 (duet part)

Dd.9.33 29v-30

Euing 31/2 and 46v-47

Folger 16v

Fuhrmann 1615 114-115/1

Montbuysson 3v/2

Mynshall 8/4

Nn.6.36 19v-20/1

Pickeringe 22v and 35/2

Robinson 1603 36/1

Thysius 391v

Vallet 1616 40-41/1 (consort parts)

Vilnius 6v/1

Robin Redbreast Ballet 26/3

Pickeringe 33v/3

Robinson's May Almain [Thomas Robinson] Dd.9.33 87v/1 and 92/2

Robinson's Riddle [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 160328

Rocha el Fuso, La Dallis 250-251/1

Lodge 7v/2

Lvov 10/2-11/1 (?)

Phalèse 1563 87/2


Room for Cuckoos Trinity 132/1

Rory Dall's Port Straloch 20-21/1

Rosa Solis Jig [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 31

Rosamund [John Danyel] Cosens 18v-19

Dd.9.33 48v-49

Rosignoll Courant, La Aegidius 132v/1

Krakow 5v

Moy 1631 23v

St Petersburg 32v-33/1

Rossignol Almain, La Board 6/2 (duet part)

Pickeringe 8/2 and 8v/1 (duet parts)

Round Battle Galliard [John Dowland] Folger 6/1

Row Well You Mariners [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 15

Ruggiero [John Johnson and other settings/unascribed] 408/2 91/1

Board 2/1

Dallis 20/1-21, 92/2 (duet part) and 223/2

Dd.3.18 1 (duet part)

Marsh 38, 39 (duet parts) and 305

Mynshall 3v/2 (duet part)

Sampson 3v/1

Thysius 383/1

Trumbull 25v/1 and 25v/2 (duet parts)

Ruthven's Lilt Wemyss 32/2

S'io Fostri Certo Thistlethwaite 32

Sacred End Pavan [Morley arr.?] Dd.9.33 25v-26

Herdringen 9829 17v-18

Thysius 148

Trumbull 2v-3

Saint I serve, The Brogyntyn 125/2 (consort song arr.)

Sans Esperance Dallis 31/2

Sans Per Pavan [Francis Cutting] Dd.2.1184v/1

Dd.5.78.3 13v-14/1

Euing 32v-33/1

Pickeringe 18v-19/1

Saturday Night and Sunday Morn Board 38/6

Scolding Woman, The Board 5/4

Scotch [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 17

Scottish Dance Rowallan 18-19

Thysius 419

Scottish Galliard Dallis 41/2 and 44-45

Dd.2.11 86/1

Marsh 99 and 117/1

Scottish Hunt's Up [John Johnson] Mynshall 5v/2

Pickeringe 15v-16

Scottish Jig 408/2 83/1

Dd.9.33 18/2

Rowallan 29/2 & 39 (incomplete)

Second Almain Dallis 218/2

Second Branle Dallis 219/2

Second Branle of Malta Le Roy 1568 25v-26

Second Galliard [Francesco da Milano] Le Roy 1568 35v-36

Second Jig [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 15/2 (consort part)

Second Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 37v-38/1 (consort part)

Sedit Sola Pavan [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 43v

Sellenger's Round/Est-ce Mars/The French Tune [Pierre Guédron and other settings/unascribed] 408/2 103/1

Andrea 2/4

Board 12/2 and 25/1

Brahe 10v/1

Dd.3.18 5 (duet part)

Folger 87v/4 and 87v/5

Hove 1612 61v/1

ML 16/3

Marsh 42-43 and 182 (duet part)

Montbuysson 30/2 and 94/2

Schele 59/2

Thysius 442/3 (?duet part)

Trinity 128/2

Valerius 1626 164

Vallet 1615 70

Vallet 1616 34/1-35/2 [inv] (consort parts)

Vilnius 58/3 and 68/3

Semper Dowland Semper Dolens [John Dowland] Euing 25

Hove 1612 38v-39/1

Pickeringe 31v/1

Welde 14v/1

Shaking of the Sheets, The 408/2 84/5

Sharp Galliard [?Richard Allison] Thysius30v

Sharp Pavan [Richard Allison] 31392 32v-33

Folger 17v-18 (duet part)

Fuhrmann 1615 59

Herhold 35v-37/1

Hirsch 4v-5/1 and 63v

ML 5v-6/1 (duet part)

Pickeringe 11v-12 and 12/2 (duet parts)

Trumbull 17/2 (duet part)

Sheffield [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 22

Shepherd Saw Thou Not Straloch 1/2

Wemyss 21/2-21v/1

Shepherd, The Dd.9.33 81v/3

Shoemaker's Wife, The/Toy [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 6v/1

Dd.9.33 21v/1

Shoes Rare and Good/Lady Ann Gordon's Lilt [RobertGordon] Straloch 15/2

Short Almain 1 [John Johnson] Dd.3.18 9v-10/1 (duet part)

Short Almain 2 [John Johnson] Dd.3.18 10v (duet part)

Pickeringe 13v-14/1 (duet part)

Short Almain 3 [John Johnson] Dd.3.18 59 (duet part)

Short Almain, ground for 1 & 2 [John Johnson] Pickeringe 14/2 (duet part)

Si Comme Espoir [Maillard arr. Albert de Rippe] Marsh 74/2-75

Si Je M'Envoie Pavan Le Roy 1568 28v-30

Si Le Bien Lui [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy 1574 19-20 [first setting]

20v-22 [second setting]

Si Pochi Guardo [Thomas Dallis] Dallis 76-77/1 and 105

Si Pur ti Guardo Dallis 30/1

Si Vous Voulez [Philip van Wilder] Dd.2.11 24v-25/1

Trumbull 21v-23

Wickhambrook 13

Si Vous Voulez Pavan Dallis 133/1

Sick Tune, The Dd.5.78.3 39/2

Dd.9.33 73-72v/2

Welde 5/2

Sims Galliard Nn.6.36 32

Sims Pavan Nn.6.36 22v-23

Since Thou Art False 4900 58/1 (lute song)

Singer's Jig [Jo Singer] Board 9/2

Dd.9.33 81v/1

Nn.6.36 3/2

Sinkapace Galliard/Church's Galliard 408/2 95/2

Dlugoraj 189

Marsh 126

Stobaeus 44/2

Vilnius 25/3 and 58/1

Wemyss 22v/2-23/1

Willoughby 90v

Sir Edward Noel's Delight Welde 7/2

Sir Fulke Greville's Pavan [Francis Cutting] Dd.9.33 18v-19

Sir Henry Guildford's Almain [John/Robert Dowland] Dowland 1610B 29

Sir John Langton's Pavan [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 2v-3

Dowland 1610B 19v-20v/1

Fuhrmann 1615 53-55/1

Hove 1612 36v

Mylius 1622 48-49

Sir John Smith's Almain [John Dowland] 2764(2) 10

Ballet 7/1 (?duet part)

Brahe 16v-17/1

Dowland 1610B 30v/2-31

Folger 13v-14/1

ML 8v/1

Marsh 384

Schele 148/2 (consort part)

Thysius 503

Sir John Zouch's Galliard [John Dowland] Dd.5.78.3 26/2

Sir Philip Sidney's Lamentation Dd.2.11 85v/2

Sir Robert Sidney's Galliard Dd.2.11 72v/2

Sir Thomas Monson's Galliard [Robert Dowland] Dowland 1610B 26/2-26v

Sir Thomas Monson's Pavan [?Robert Dowland] Dowland 1610B 21v-22

Sir Walter Raleigh's Galliard [Francis Cutting/Richard Allison/William Bradbury] Aegidius 150v-151

Besard 1603 111/2

Board 23v/1

Dd.2.11 79v/1

Dd.5.78.3 46 and 45v

Dolmetsch 99v-100

Euing 40

Nürnberg 3v-4, 16v

Sithen I Have You Seen Osborn 6/2

Sivit Saint Nicholas Rowallan 8-9/1

Six Visages, The 60577 190v

Sixth Pavan [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 28 (consort part)

Slaepen gaen almain Dallis 220/2-221/1

Slight conceit Dd.2.11 34/2

Soldier's Life, The Board 38/4


Solus cum Sola [John Dowland] 31392 14v/2-15

Barley 1596 (Orpharion) 60-61 (B3v-B4)

Board 10v-11/1

Dd.2.11 58v/1

Euing 27v-28/1

Souris, La Le Roy 1568 21v-22

Spanish Measure [Richard Allison] Board 5/2 and 4v-5/1 (duet parts)

Spanish Pavan [Francis Pilkington/Alfonso Ferrabosco/Thomas Robinson and other settings] 408/2 112/1

31392 25v

Basle 64/2 [inv] (fragment)

Bautzen 48/2

Beckmann 8v and 14v

Besard 1603 105-106

Brahe 20

Cosens 20v-21

Dallis 162

Dd.2.11 66v/2

Dd.3.18 14v-15/1 (duet part)

Dd.4.22 3

Dd.9.33 82v-83

Dolmetsch 23v-25-26v (consort parts)

Folger 1v/2 (fragment)

Fuhrmann 1615 55/2

Mynshall 5/2-5v/1

Nn.6.36 23v

Pickeringe 10v-11/1 and 11/2 (duet parts)

Robinson 1603 44-45

Sampson 3v/2

St Petersburg 53v-54/1

Stobaeus 22v/2 and 23/1

Thysius 140/1 and 142/2

Valerius 1626 258-260

Vallet 1615 57, 86/2

Vallet 1616 6/2

Vilnius 27

Welde 1

Wemyss 23/3-24/1

Wickhambrook 14v-15/1

Spynelet Reformed Rowallan 14

Spynelet Rowallan 2

Squire's Galliard Ballet 15

Dd.2.11 49v/2-50/1 and 71v/1

Eijsertt 93-94v/2

Sampson 12v/2-13 (duet part)

Thysius 27v

Vilnius 23v

Squirrel's Toy, The [Francis Cutting] Dd.2.11 77/4

Stabat Mater Thistlethwaite 44v-47

Stanes Morris 408/2 91/3

Trumbull 9v/2


Susanna Jig Dd.9.33 37/1

Suzanne Un Jour [Lassus arr.?] Dallis 100-101 and 138-139/1

Dd.2.11 23v-24/1

Herbert 67v

Thistlethwaite 37v-39

Thysius 169v/2-181 (consort parts)

Wickhambrook 13v-14/1


Sweet Briar: A Northern Jig [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 32/2 (consort part)

Sweet Jesu Who Shall Lend Me Wings [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 55/1


Tant Que J'Estois Le Roy 1574 82 [70]

Tantara [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 23-24

Tarleton's Jig [?John Dowland] Dd.2.11 56/3

Dd.3.18 53/2 (consort part)

Tarleton's Resurrection [John Dowland] Wickhambrook 11/3

Tears of the Muses Galliard [Anthony Holborne] Dd.5.78.3 17/2

Euing 40v/2-41/1

Herbert 21v/2

Ten Commandments, The Barley 1596 (Lute) 17 (C1)

Le Roy 1568 7

Terre, La Le Roy 1574 80 [68]

Testament Courant, Le [Julien Perrichon] Aegidius 106

Ballard 1614 33/2-35

Besard 1603 156/2

Besard 1617 26/2

Dd.9.33 56v/1

Dolmetsch 18v-19 and 178v-179

Herbert 30/2, 33/1

ML 26v/2-27/1

Moy 1631 10

Nürnberg 20, 27

Vilnius 4v/1 and 4v/2

Thestis a Seely Man 4900 58/2 (lute song)

Third Branle of Malta Le Roy 1568 26v-27

Thou Sentst to me a Hart was Crowned Ballet 44

Though strange I seem Brogyntyn 135/2

Though your Strangeness [Robert Jones] Wemyss 20/2-20v/1

Tintalore Le Roy 1568 21

Tinternel Dallis 223/1

Tirantine, La Le Roy 1568 22v

To Plead My Faith Galliard Ballet 17

Besard 1603 120v/1

Board 16/1

Dd.2.11 99v/1

Dd.4.22 6v-7/1

Dd.9.33 4

Dolmetsch 95v-96

Euing 21/2

ML 15v/1

Nürnberg 16

Welde 7v/1

To win renown Brogyntyn 128/1


Traditore Galliard Osborn 19/2-19v/1

Tregians Ground Dd.2.11 101-101v/1 (?)

Trenchmore [John Johnson] Dd.3.18 12v-13(duet part)

Lodge 10/2-10v/1 (duet part) and 12/1

Marsh 139/1 (duet part),139/2-141 (duet part)

Nn.6.36 33v-34 (duet part)

Pickeringe 51v/3 <88v> [inv.]

Welde 11v/1 and 11v/2-12 (duet parts)

Tres choses [Anthony Holborne] Dd.2.11 35v-36/1

Tresyll Dd.2.11 68/2

Trop Endurer [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Le Roy1574 43v-44/1 [first setting]

44/2-45 [second setting]

Turkeylony/The Gods of Love 408/2 91/2

Willoughby 88v-89/1

Turtle Dove, The/Maske [John Coprario] Board 45v

Trinity 132/2

Ultimi Miei Sospiri [Verdelot arr. Alfonso Ferrabosco I]Hirsch 18v-19

Schele 52-55/1

Unwinding of a Pin, The (Prelude) [Richard Mathew]Mathew 1652 40-41

Up Tails All Dd.9.33 95v/2

Nn.6.36 10v

Pickeringe 34/2

Upright Squire Lodge 18v/2-19/1

Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La Dallis 231 (fragments)

Schele 39/2

Ut Re Mi Fa Sol La Fantasia [Thomas Robinson, Diomedes Cato, Alfonso Ferrabosco] Dd.2.11 54v/1

Herbert 2v-3

Hirsch 64v/1

Robinson 1603 38-39

Swarland 8v-9

Vain is Worldly Pleasure Lodge 18v/1

Vater Unser in Himmelreich Dallis 5/2

Thysius 315/1

Vallet 1616 48-50

Vilnius 73/4

Veni Creator, Canticle 2764(2) 8/2

Viscount Lisle's Galliard/Susanna Galliard Dd.2.11 52/1

Dowland 1610A 2

Voice of the Earth, The/The Ghost 408/2 113/1

Bautzen 85/2

Folger 7v-8/1

Montbuysson 24/2


Volt of Provence Le Roy 1568 23v-24

Volta Courant, La [Byrd arr.?] Aegidius 25v/1

Board 13/2

Dd.2.11 73/1 and 75/3

Dd.3.18 38/2 (consort part)

Fuhrmann 1615 140/1

Richard 44

Rowallan 1/1 and 6-7

Schele 91

Thysius 372/1 and 196v-197

Vrai Dieu Disoit [Lassus arr. Le Roy] Denss 1594 93v-94/1

Le Roy 1574 46-46v/1 and 46v/2-47v

Richard 65v

Thysius 197v-198

Wakefield on a Green [John Johnson] Dd.3.18 11v-12/1 (duet part)

Marsh 146-148/1 and 148/2 (duet parts)

Walking in a Country Town [Thomas Robinson] Robinson 1603 47/1

Walsingham [Edward Collard, Francis Cutting, John Johnson, Anthony Holborne, John Dowland, Marchant, Gergory Huwet] Barley 1596 (Orph) 73-75 (D2-D3)

Cosens 9v

Dd.2.11 29/2, 96, 96v-97/1 and 98/1

Dd.5.78.3 12/2 and 50v-51/1

Dd.9.33 21, 26v-28/1 and 67v-68

Euing 43v-44/1

Nn.6.36 19 and 20v-21/1

Welde 9v/3-10

Walsingham Courant Vilnius 25/2

Walsingham Galliard [John Dowland] Bautzen 35/1

Beckmann 5v-6

Dd.2.11 82v/1 (bandora)

Dd.5.78.3 37/2

Vilnius 24

Wickhambrook 17/4

Wanton Playfellow [Anthony Holborne] Dd.5.78.3 49v/2

Dd.9..33 67/2

Watkin's Ale 41498 38

Welde 8/2

Welladay 408/2 104/6 (duet part)

Welsh Almain Dd.2.11 60/4

West [Richard Mathew] Mathew 1652 6

Westminster Branle Hove 1612 61/2

Thysius 444

Weston's Pavan [Weston] Dallis 22-23, 96-97/1

Lodge 20v-21

ML 10v-11/1

Marsh 50-54/1 and 188

Och1280 1-2

What Cause Have I to Rejoice 4900 63/2 (lute song)

What Heart can Think 4900 59/1 (lute song)

What if a Day or a Month or a Year [John Dowland] Basle 19/2

Dd.9.33 62v/1

Folger 23 and 87/1

Pickeringe 19/5

Trumbull 2/3

Valerius 1626 248

What time Ulysses Brogyntyn 129/2

What You Will [Richard Mathew] Board 44v/4-45/1

Mathew 1652 14

When Daphne did from Phoebus Fly [Giles Earle] Montbuysson 26v/2-27/1

When Phoebus First Dame Nature Sought [Richard Reade] Dd.3.18 29/2 (consort part)

When Women first dame nature wrought [Richard Edwards] Brogyntyn 129/3 (consort song arr.)

Where griping grief the heart would [Richard Edwards] Brogyntyn 125/3 (consort song arr.)

While Long While, A Brogyntyn 135/1

Whip My Toudie Straloch 27/2-28/1

Whip of Dunbain Dd.9.33 37/2, 37/4 and 72v/1

Wicked with His, The Le Roy 1574 87 [75]

Wighorn's Galliard Dallis 20/2

Wigmores Galliard 408/2 112/3


Will Ye Walk the Woods So Wild [Charles Jackson] 408/2 84/3

Euing 33v-34v

Lodge 3

Wilson/Wilson's Son 408/2 112/4

Wilson's Wild 408/2 112/2

Dd.2.11 68v/2

Folger 3/1

Sampson 4/2

Winged with desire Brogyntyn 133/2

Witches Dance from the Queen's Maske Board 26/1

Dowland 1610B 30v/1

ML 4/2

Woe Betide Thy Weary Body Straloch22/2-23/1

Woodbine, The Board 25v/1

Woodcock Nn.6.36 3/1

You Minor Beauties of the Night Wemyss 25/1