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2/ Second edition
accompt accompanimenti
Add. Additional
arr. arrangement(s), arranged by/for
ascr. ascription, ascribed to
a.u. ascription unknown
band. bandora
bapt. baptized
cf confer, also used to indicate cognates in inventories
citt. cittern
CNRS Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France)
cnst consort
cog. cognate, cognate with/to
coll. collection, collected by
con. concordance, concordant with/to
del. deleted
diss. dissertation
dt duet
dvns divisions
ed(s). editor(s), edited by
edn(s) edition(s)
exc. except
facs. facsimile
Fr. French
frgmt fragment
Ger. German
gr. ground
inc. incomplete
incl. includes, including
It. Italian
inv inverted (i.e. written upside-down on the page in relation toother music)
JD John Dowland
kbd keyboard
LB Lute Book
LH left hand
l.v. lyra viol
n.t. no title
orig. original
orph. orpharion
P.A. Passamezzo antico
P.M. Passamezzo moderno
pr. printed
PRO Public Record Office, London
pt(s) part(s)
pubd published
/R (editorial) revision [in signature]
R photographic reprint
repr. reprinted
rev. revision, revised (by/for)
RH right hand
RISM Répertoire International des Sources Musicales
RMA Royal Musical Association
Sig. Signature (printed books)
s.n. staff notation
tabl. tablature
tr. treble
trans. translation, translated by
transcr. transcription, transcribed by
U. University
unattrib. unattributed
unpubd unpublished
USA United States of America
v.t. vieil ton (tuning)
w.s.m. without shelf mark


A-KR Austria, Kremsmünster, Benediktinerstift
A-Wn Austria, Vienna, Österreich-ische Nationalbibliothek
CH-Bu Switzerland, Basle, Öffentliche Bibliothek der Universität
CH-BEes Switzerland, Berne, Eidgenössisches Staatsarchiv
CH-Gbusch Switzerland, Geneva, Hans vonBusch, private collection
CS-Pnm Czechoslovakia, Prague, NárodniMuzeum, Hudebni Oddeleni
CS-Pu Czechoslovakia, Prague, University Library
D-BAUk Germany, Bautzen, Stadt- und Kreisbibliothek
D-B Germany, Berlin, Staatsbiblio-thek Preussischer Kulturbesitz
D-Dlb Germany, Dresden, Sächsische Landesbibliothek
D-Hs Germany, Hamburg, Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek
D-Kdma Germany, Kässel, Deutsches Musikgeschichtliches Archiv
D-Kl Germany, Kässel, MurhardscheBibliothek der Stadt und Landesbibliothek
D-Ko Germany, Cologne, Hochschule für Music
D-LEm Germany, Leipzig, Musikbibliothek derStadt
D-Ngm Germany, Nuremburg, Ger-manischesNational-Museum
D-ROu Germany, Rostock, Universitätsbibliothek
D-Us Germany, Ulm, Stadtbiblio-thek,Depositum Schermar,
D-W Germany, Wolfenbüttel, Herzog August Bibliothek
DK-Kk Denmark, Copenhagen, Det Kongelige Bibliotek
EIRE-Dm Ireland, Dublin, St Patrick'sCathedral, Marsh's Library
EIRE-Dtc Ireland, Dublin, Trinity College Library
F-AIXm France, Aix-en-provence,Bibliothèque Municipale, Bibliothèque Méjanes
F-CNRS France, CNRS Library
GB-AB Great Britain, Aberystwyth, NationalLibraryof Wales
GB-BEV Great Britain, Beverley (Yorkshire),East Yorkshire County Record Office.
GB-Bcro Great Britain, Reading, Berk-shireCounty Record Office
GB-Ckc Great Britain, Cambridge, Rowe Music Library, King's College
GB-Ctc Great Britain, Cambridge, TrinityCollege Library
GB-Cu Great Britain, Cambridge, University Library
GB-En Great Britain, Edinburgh, NationalLibrary of Scotland
GB-Eu Great Britain, Edinburgh, University Library
GB-Ge Great Britain, Glasgow, Euing Music Library
GB-HAd Great Britain, Haslemere, Carl Dolmetsch, private collection
GB-Lbl Great Britain, London, British Library
GB-NO Great Britain, Nottingham, University Library
GB-Npro Great Britain, Northampton-shire,Public Record Office
GB-Ob Great Britain, Oxford, BodleianLibrary
GB-Och Great Britain, Oxford, Christ Church Library
GB-Occ Great Britain, Oxford, Corpus Christi Library
GB-Oeh Great Britain, Oxford, St Edmund Hall Fellow's Library
GB-Omc Great Britain, Oxford, MagdalenCollege Library
GB-Sfo Great Britain, Shrewsbury, privatelibrary of Lord Forester
GB-Wa Great Britain, Warminster, LongleatHouse, old library
GB-Wsp Great Britain, Woodford Green, Essex, Robert Spencer, private collection
I-Gu Italy,Genoa, Biblioteca Universitaria
I-Nc Italy, Naples, Biblioteca delConservatorio di Musica S Pietro a Majella
I-Tn Italy, Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria
L-Vs Lithuania, Vilnius, Central Library ofthe Lithuanian Academy of Science
NL-Lt Netherlands, Leiden, Biblio-theca Thysiana, in Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit
PL-Kj Poland, Krakow, BibliotekaJagiellonska
RU-StPan Russia, St Petersburg, Biblio-teka Akademii Nauk SSSR [Academy of Science Library]
RU-StPit Russia, St Petersburg, Leningradsky Gosudarstvennïy Institut Teatra, Muziki i Kinematografii
RU-LV Russia, L'vov, BibliotekaGosudarstvennoy Konservatoriu imeni N. V. Lysenko [University Library]
S-SC Sweden, Skoklosters Castle Library
S-Sk Sweden, Stockholm, KungligaBiblioteket
S-Uu Sweden, Uppsala,Unversitetsbiblioteket
US-CAward USA, Cambridge, Harvard, JohnWard, private collection
US-Cn USA, Chicago, Newberry Library
US-LAuc USA, Los Angeles, University of California, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
US-LAum USA, Los Angeles, University ofCaliforniaMusic Library
US-NHb USA, New Haven, Yale, Beinecke Rare Book andManuscript Library
US-NHm USA, New Haven, Yale Music Library
US-NJandrea USA, New Jersey, Michaeld'Andrea, private collection
US-NYp USA, New York, Public Library atLoncoln Center, Library and Museum of the Performing Arts
US-OAm USA, California, Oakland, Mills College, Margaret Prall Music Library
US-R USA, Rochester, University, Eastman School of Music, Sibley Music Library
US-SFsc USA, San Francisco State CollegeLibrary, Frank V. de Bellis Collection
US-Ws USA, Washington, Folger Shakespeare Libraries


All shelf marks havebeen confirmed by the libraries concerned and are correct as of September1993

408/2 EIRE-Dtc Ms.408/2 c1605 (bound with Ballet)
2764(2) GB-Cu Add.2764(2) (reconstructedfrom binding fragments)c1585-90
4900 GB-Lbl Add.4900 (15 lute songs) c1605
6402GB-Lbl Add.6402 (loose sheets, 4pieces) c1605
31392GB-Lbl Add.31392 c1605
41498GB-Lbl Add.41498 (fragment, onepiece) c1590
60577GB-Lbl Add.60577 f.190-190v (twopieces) Winchester MSc1540
AegidiusCS-Pnm Ms.IV.G.18 Aegidius of Retenwert 1623
AndreaUS-NJandrea w.s.m. (loose sheets) c1575
BalcarresGB-En MS Acc.976984/1/6 Owned by Lord Crawford, Balcarres, c1700
BalletEIRE-Dtc Ms.408/1 William Ballet c1590 andc1610 (bound with 408/2)
BasleCH-Bu Musiksammlung Ms.F.IX.53 c1630-45
BautzenD-Bauk Druck 13.4deg..85 MSadditions toBesard 1603 1608
BeckmannS-SC Ms.B Lucas Beckmann 1622
BernCH-BEes Ms.Spiezer Archiv nr.123 c1624
BoardGB-Wsp w.s.m. Board LB Margaret Board c1620 and 1635
BraheS-SC PB.fil.172 Per Brahe c1610-20
Brayesee Osborn
BrogyntynGB-AB Brogyntyn Ms.27c1600
BurwellGB-Wsp w.s.m. Burwell L Tutor Elizabeth Burwell 1668-71.
CologneD-Ko Ms.R.242,c1615-20
ComoUS-LAum Ms.757,c1620-30[1]
CosensGB-Cu Add.3056 (erroneously: Cozens) C.K.c1610
DallisEIRE-Dtc Ms.410/1 Dallis's pupil's lute book 1583-5
DanzigPL-Gdansk Ms.4022:destroyed during war, microfilm in possession of Wolfgang Boetticher
Dd.2.11GB-Cu Ms.Dd.2.11 Matthew Holmes c1585-95
Dd.3.18GB-Cu Ms.Dd.3.18 Matthew Holmes c1585-1600
Dd.4.22GB-Cu Ms.Dd.4.22 c1615
Dd.4.23GB-Cu Ms.Dd.4.23 Matthew Holmes (cittern book) c1600
Dd.5.78.3GB-Cu Ms.Dd.5.78.3 Matthew Holmes c1595-1600
Dd.9.33GB-Cu Ms.Dd.9.33 Matthew Holmes c1600-1605
de BellisUS-SFsc Frank de BellisLB, 1615-25[2]
DlugorajD-LEm Ms.II.6.15 Albertus Dlugoraj, 1619[3]
DolmetschGB-HAd Ms II.B.1 c1630
DresdenD-Dlb Handschriftenabteilung, Ms.M.297, 1603
DrexelUS-NYp Ms.Drexel 5612 (keyboard), c1635-45
EdmundGB-Oeh EE.12 (fragmentsin situ lifted from paste-down) c1635
EuingGB-Ge Euing 25 (olim Ms.R.d.43) c1610 and a laterlayer c1650
FabritiusDK-Kk MS Thott841.4deg., Petrus Fabritius LB, c1604-8
FolgerUS-Ws Ms.V.b.280 (olim Ms 1610.1, erroneously: Dowland lute book or manuscript) c1590
FWVBGB-Cfm Ms.168 The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
GenoaI-Gu M.VIII.24 Manuscript additionsto Besard 1603 c1605
Hainhofer III and IVD-W MSS Guelf.18.7and 18.8.Augdeg.. Philipp Hainhofer's LB vols.III, 1603 and IV, 1604
HandfordGB-Ctc MS.R.16.29 George Handford 17 December 1609
HerbertGB-Cfm Ms.Mus.689 Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury c1630 and 1640
HerdringenD-Kdma Fü 9825 and 9829 c1620
HerholdCH-Gbusch Ms.E 1602
HirschGB-Lbl Ms Hirsch.M.1353H.O. c1620
Holmes booksGB-Cu Mss.Dd.2.11, Dd.3.18, Dd.4.23, Dd.5.20, Dd.5.21, Dd.5.78.3, Dd.9.33, Dd.14.24, Nn.6.36 (broken consortand lutebooks) Matthew Holmes
KrakowPL-Kj Berlin Mus.Ms.40641c1615
KremsmunsterA-KR ms L 81, c1640-50
LeipzigD-Kl II.6.24,c1660
Linzsee Eijsertt
LodgeUS-Ws Ms.V.a.159 (olim Ms 448.16) Giles Lodge 1559-c1575
LvovRU-LV Ms.1400/I Hans Kernstok c1555-60
MagdalenGB-Omc Ms.265 [guard book]ff.61-62v (fragments from later binding) c1605
MansellUS-LAuc M286M4 L992 1650 Bound (olim Finney no.24)
John Mansell(lyra viol, one lute piece) c1615
MarshEIRE-Dm Ms Z3.2.13 c1595
MLGB-Lbl Add.38539 (erroneously:Sturt) Margaret L. c1620 (and onepiece c1630-40)
MontbuyssonD-Kl Ms.4deg..Mus.108.1 Victor de Montbuysson 1611
MullinerGB-Lbl Add.30513 The Mulliner Book (kbd)
MynshallGB-Wsp w.s.m. Mynshall Lute Book Richard Mynshall 1597-1600
NaplesI-Nc Ms.7664, 1608 and 1623[5]
NauclerusD-B Mus.Ms.401411615
NewberryUS-Cn ms case 7.Q.5, c1625
Nn.6.36GB-Cu Ms.Nn.6.36 Matthew Holmes c1610-15
NörmigerD-Tu Mus.40 098.August Nörmiger, keyboard tablature 1598 [lost]
NorthantsGB-Npro F.H.3431.c (loose sheets) c1615
NürnbergD-Ngm Mus.Ms.33748/271,Fascicle 2 1608; Fascicle 3 1608-10; Fascicle 4 1608-12; Fascicle 6 1630-40; Fascicle8 1630-40
Occ254GB-Occ Ms.254 (two pieces)c1610
Och1280GB-Och Mus.1280 (fragments fromlater binding) c1580
OsbornUS-NHb Osborn Collection MusicMs.13 c1560
Panmure5GB-En ms. 9452,Panmure ms.5, c1632
Panmure8GB-En MS.9449,Panmure Ms.8, c
Philidor I & IIF-Pn Rés F494 andF496: Plusieurs vieux Airs ... Recueillis par Philidor l'Aisnéen 1690
PickeringeGB-LblEg.2046 Jane Pickeringe 1616 and c1630-50
RA58GB-Lbl Royal Appendix 58c1530
ReymesF-CNRS Bullen Reymes'sLB, c1632
ReynaudF-AIXm MS Rés.17, c1585-c1620 (It.tabl.) and c1660-75 (Fr. tabl.) Reynaud
RichardPL-Kj Berlin.Mus.Ms.40143D. Richard 1600-1603
RostockD-ROu Ms.Mus.saecXVII-54, c1670
RowallanGB-Eu Ms.La.III.487 c1605-8 and c1615-20
SampsonGB-Wsp w.s.m.. Sampson Lute Book Henry Sampson c1610
ScheleD-Hs ND.VI.No.3238 Ernst Schele 1613-19
SchermarD-Us MSS 1 30a,Anthony Schermar part books
SchmallCS-Pu Ms.XXIII.F.174 Nicolao Schmall 1613
SibleyUS-R Vault.M140.V186 MS bound with Vallet 1615 c1635
SkeneGB-En Adv.Ms.5.2.15,Skene mandora book, c1625
St PetersburgRU-StPanMs.ON.124 1614-c1665
StobaeusGB-Lbl Sloane.1021 Stobaeus of Königsberg c1635
Stockholm253S-Sk Handskriftavdelningen, MS S 253, C1614-20
Stowe389GB-Lbl Stowe.389 Raphe Bowle 1558
StralochGB-En Ms.Adv.5.2.18 1627-9 Straloch/Graham copy 1847
SwarlandGB-Lbl Add.15117 John Swarland c1615
ThistlethwaiteGB-Eu Ms.Dc.5.125 John B. c1575
ThynneGB-Wa music ms.7, c1634 Thynne
ThysiusNL-Lt Ms.1666 c1620
TrinityGB-Ctc Ms.0.16.2 c1630
TrumbullGB-Cu Add.8844 (formerlyGB-Bcro Trumbull Add.Ms.6) William Trumbull c1595
TurinI-Tn Riserva musica IV,23/2 c1620[6]
UppsalaS-Uu Ihre 284,keyboard tablature, 1678
Vienna17706A-Wn Msmus.17706
VilniusL-Vs Ms.285-MF-LXXIX Stobaeus of Königsberg c1600-20
WalsinghamGB-BEV MSSDD.HO.20/1-3: flute, treble viol and bass viol broken consort part books. The citternbook is in US-OAm. Also known as Beverley and Mills consort books.1588
WeldeGB-Sfo w.s.m. John Welde c1600
WemyssGB-En Dep.314, No.23 Lady Margaret Wemyss 1643-4
WerlGB-Wsp w.s.m. Werl LuteBook Albrecht Werl c1625-55
WickhambrookUS-NHm Rare Ma21, W632 c1595
WilloughbyGB-NO Ms Mi LM 16 Francis Willoughby c1560-85

D - Sixteenth and Seventeenth Century Printed Sources

Adriansen 1584Emanuel Adriansen: Pratum musicum (Antwerp,1584)
Adriansen 1592Emanuel Adriansen: Novum pratum musicum (Antwerp,1592)
Adriansen 1600Emanuel Adriansen: Pratummusicum (1600)
Arbeau 1588Thoinot Arbeau: Orchésographie (Langres, 1588)
Ascham 1545Roger Ascham: Toxophilus, or the Schoole of Shootinge (1545)
Ascham 1558Roger Ascham: The Scholemaster (1558)
Bakfark 1553Valentin Bakfark: Intabulatura ValentiniBacfarc,transilvani Coronensis. Liber Primus (Lyon, 1553)
Ballard 1611Robert Ballard: Diverses Pièces misessur le luth, Premier Livre (Paris, 1611)
Ballard 1614Robert Ballard: DiversesPièces mises sur le luth..., Deuxiesme Livre (Paris, 1614)
Barley 1596William Barley: A new Booke of Tabliture... [for] the Lute, Orpharion and Bandora (London, 1596 RCNRS, 1977)
Bataille 1608Gabriel Bataille: Airs de différentsautheurs... Premier Livre (Paris 1608, 1611, 1612)
Bataille 1609Gabriel Bataille: Airs de différentsautheurs... Deuxiesme livre (Paris, 1609, 1614)
Bataille 1611Gabriel Bataille: Airs de différentsautheurs... Troisieme livre (Paris, 1611, 1614)
Bataille 1613Gabriel Bataille: Airs de différentsautheurs... Quatrième livre (Paris, 1613)
Bataille 1614Gabriel Bataille: Airs de différentsautheurs... Cinquième livre (Paris 1614)
Bataille 1615Gabriel Bataille: Airs de différentsautheurs... Sixiesme livre (Paris, 1615)
Beauchesne 1570John de Beauchesne: A Booke containingdivers sortes of handes (London, 1570)
Besard 1603Johan Baptiste Besard: Thesaurus harmonicus (Cologne, 1603 RGeneva, 1975)
Besard 1617Johan Baptiste Besard: NovusPartus (Augsburg, 1617)
Brade 1617William Brade: Newe ausserlesene lieblicheBranden,Intraden, Mascharaden, Balletten, All'manden, Couranten, Volten,Aufzüge und frembde Tänze... a 5 (Hamburg and Lübeck, 1617)
Burton 1621Robert Burton: The Anatomy of Melancholy (London, 1621)
Case 1586John Case: The Praise of Musicke (1586)
Danyel 1606John Danyel: Songs for the Lute, Viol and Voice (London, 1606 RMenston,1970)
Denss 1594Adriaen Denss: Florilegium(Cologne, 1594)
Dowland 1597John Dowland: The firste Booke of Songes orAyres... (London, 1597/R 1600, 1603, 1606, 1613 RMenston, 1968)
Dowland 1604John Dowland: Lachrimae or seven Tears...for the lute, viols, or violons in five parts (London, [1604] RLeeds, 1974)
Dowland 1610ARobert Dowland: A musicallBanquet (London, 1610 RMenston, 1969)
Dowland 1610BRobert Dowland: Varietie of Lute-lessons (London, 1610 RLondon, 1958)
Dowland 1612John Dowland: A Pilgrims solace (London, 1612 RMenston, 1970)
Elyot 1531Thomas Elyot: The Book Named the Governor (London, 1531)
Fuhrmann 1615Georg L. Fuhrmann: Testudo Gallo-Germanica (Nürnberg, 1615 RNeuss, 1975)
Galilei 1584Vincenzo Galilei: Fronimo Dialogo diVincentio Galilei ... sopra l'arte del bene intavolare ... (Venice, 1584)
Galilei 1620Michelagnolo Galilei: Primo libro deIntavolaturadi Liuto... (Munich, 1620)
Hoby 1561Thomas Hoby: The Courtyer of Count Baldessar Castilio (1561)
Holborne 1597Anthony Holborne: The Cittharn Schoole (London, 1597: facs. Amsterdam, 1973)
Holborne 1599Anthony Holborne: Pavans, Galliards, Almains (London, 1599: facs. )
Hove 1601Joachim van den Hove: Florida(Utrecht,1601)
Hove 1612Joachim van den Hove: Delitiaemusicae (Utrecht, 1612)
Le Roy 1568Adrian Le Roy: A Briefe and easyeinstru[c]tion to learne the tableture... (London, 1568)
Le Roy 1574Adrian Le Roy: A briefe andplaine Instruction, to set all Musicke of eight divers tunes in Tableture... (London, 1574)
Lechner 1590Leonhard Lechner: Neue teutsche Lieder (1590)
Lodge 1580Thomas Lodge: A Defence of Poetry, Musick,and Stage Plays (1579-80)
Mace 1676Thomas Mace: Musick's Monument(London,1676 RCNRS, 1977)
Mathew 1652Richard Mathew: The Lute's Apology for her Excellency (London, 1652)
Maynard 1611John Maynard: The XII Wondersof the world (London, 1611 RMenston, 1970)
Mercator 1540Gerardus Mercator: Literarum Latinarum, quas Italicas cursoriasque vocant, scribendarumratio (Louvain, 1540)
Mertel 1615Elias Mertel: Hortus musicalis. Novus ... (Strasbourg, 1615 RGeneva,1985)
Morley 1597Thomas Morley: A Plain and Easy Introductionto Practical Music (London, 1597)
Morley 1599Thomas Morley: The First Booke of Consort Lessons (London, 1599, 1611)
Moy 1631Louys de Moy: Le petit Boucquet de frise orientale (1631)
Mulcaster 1581Richard Mulcaster: Positions... (London, 1581)
Mylius 1622Johann Daniel Mylius: Thesaurus Gratiarum (Frankfurt, 1622)
Newsidler 1566Melchior Newsidler: Il PrimoLibro.Intabolatura di Liuto... (Venice, 1566)
Newsidler 1574Melchior Newsidler: Teütsch Lautenbüch... (Strasbourg, 1574)
Peacham 1622Henry Peacham the Younger: The Compleat Gentleman (1622)
Phalèse 1546Pierre Phalèse: DesChansons reduictz en Tabulature (Louvain, 1546)
Phalèse 1547Pierre Phalèse: DesChansons ... reduictz en Tabulature (Louvain, 1547)
Phalèse 1552Pierre Phalèse: Hortus Musarum (Louvain, 1552)
Phalèse 1568Pierre Phalèse: Theatrum Musicum (Louvain, 1568)
Phalèse 1571Pierre Phalèse and Jean Bellère (publishers): Theatrum Musicum, longeamplissimum... (Louvain, 1571)
Piccinini 1623Alessandro Piccinini: Intavolatura diLiuto et di Chitarrone, Libro primo (Bologna, 1623)
Piccinini 1639Alessandro Piccinini: Intavolatura diLiuto ... Gagliarde (Bologna, 1639)
Pilkington 1605Francis Pilkington: The first Booke ofSongs or Ayres (London, 1605 RMenston, 1969)
Pilkington 1624Francis Pilkington: Thesecond Setof Madrigals (London, 1624)
Playford 1651John Playford: The EnglishDancing Master: or, Plaine and easie Rules for the Dancing of Country Dances, withthe Tune to each Dance (London, 1651)
Praetorius 1612Michael Praetorius: Terpsichore (1612)
Reymann 1598Matthew Reymann: Noctes Musicae... (Heidelberg, 1598)
Robinson 1603Thomas Robinson: The schooleof Musicke (London, 1603, RLondon, 1971)
Rosseter 1609Philip Rosseter: Lessons for Consort... (1609)
Ruden 1600 IJohannes Rudenius: Flores musicae ...Libri primi (Heidelberg, 1600)
Ruden 1600 IIJohannes Rudenius: Florum musicae ...liber secundus (Heidelberg, 1600)
Tottel 1557Richard Tottel: Songes andSonettes. [frequently known as 'Tottel's Miscellany'](London, 1557, facs. Menston, Yorkshire 1966 R Rollins, 1965).
Valerius 1626Adriaen Valerius: Neder-Landtsche Gedenck-Clanck (Haarlem, 1626)
Vallet 1615Nicolas Vallet: Secretum Musarum Vol.I (Amsterdam, 1615)
Vallet 1616Nicolas Vallet: Secretum Musarum Vol.II (Amsterdam, 1616)
Vallet 1620Nicolas Vallet: Regia Pietas (Amsterdam, 1620)
Waissel 1591Matthäus Waissel: Tabulatura Allerlei künstlicher Preambulen, auserlesener Deudtscher und Polnischer Tentze ... (Frankfurt, 1591)

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