Compatible with java 1.0 and Netscape 2.0b3 or newer

If you were using a Java-enabled browser, you would see an animated scrolling text sign that looks like this:

About LED Sign V2.7

This is the newest version of LED Sign. This will probably the last release of LED Sign for a while. Version 2.7 is basically a "performanced enhanced" version of 2.5. V2.7 will draw the sign to the screen quicker, thus producing a "quicker" content feed. However, it will only be a blank sign until the font and script have completed downloading. Also in V2.7 is a more complete error/warning notification. If the sign does not load, most likely an error and discription of what is causing the error will be printed to the java console. Also check the java console for any runtime warnings.

Also, by popular demand, LED Sign V2.7 supports frame targets. To specify a frame target just append the target name to the end of the url, separating the url and target by a comma (','). ie:
ScrollLeft URL=,_parent text=Goto Java!

Released: March 21, 1996

* Support Notice *

As of the release of LED Sign V2.7, I will no longer provide technical support for LED Sign due to time contraints and the amount of mail that I receive asking for technical support. So please do not write me asking how to set it up, how to write a script, or about a problem you are having. I feel that I have provided a fairly complete set of documentation, much more than you will find with other java applets. If you do write to me asking for help, you will have only wasted your time and mine, as I will delete the mail. I really wish I could provide support for LED Sign, but I do not have the time with my college graduation soon approaching, among other things. I appreciate your understanding.

If you have questions about how to set up an applet, check the java site at If you have other problems, I would suggest checking the usenet newsgroup

I will continue to improve LED Sign so if you have any bug reports or suggestions, please let me know.



This applet was designed to be "user friendly". Everything you see the sign displaying is run entirely by a script. LED Sign will provide errors and warnings in the Java console of netscape to help make the setup easier and quicker.
More on the Script Feature.
Here is the Demo script that the sign above is running.


The LED applet also has a large amount of flexibility. The size, size of border, color of border, size of the LED's, and even the font that the sign uses are all configurable. The size and border parameters can be easily set in the applet "command line" in the HTML. The font is specified by a data file that contains the shape for each letter. The font data file can have as many or few characters as needed. If a character is used in the message but is not in the font data file, then it will be substituted by a space.

More on fonts .
More on configurability .

Examples of LED Sign

Here are some sites that use LED Sign on their pages.

Download LED Sign V2.7

The UNIX tar/gzip file LEDSignV27.tar.gz

Note: If you are upgrading from LED Sign V2.5 or earlier, you will notice that there is a new parameter, "ht". This is to specify the height of the sign in LED's and must be the same as the height of the font you are using. If the "ht" parameter is not specified or incorrect, you will get an error or warning in the java console. See the configurability page for more info.

If you are running Win95/NT you might need WinZip95 6.0a to unzip and untar the archive. WinZip will retain the long filenames which are needed for the applet to work.

The LED Sign V2.7 distribution comes with all source code, pre-compiled binaries, example scripts, fonts, and all the HTML documentation you see here.


Check the LEDSign FAQ.

Known bugs

The LED Sign Java applet is written and Copyright 1995 by Darrick Brown