Subject: Mail list at

Hi -

 This is an automatic reply from the mail list manager daemon.

 The subscription robot got your request to unsubscribe from the
XXX list at  Your request failed.  
There are several possible reasons for this.

 - Some people send several unsubscribe messages in a short period 
of time, perhaps on the theory that one might get lost, or because
they get impatient.  If you already sent an unsubscribe message,
you are no longer on the mil list, and the second and subsequent
attempts to unsubscribe will fail.

 - If you are on several mailing lists you will have to send 
unsubscribe messages to the request address of each list that
you are subscribed to.  The addresses are:
 - In general, you can not reply to a message to correctly 
unsubscribe.  You must address each message to the correct list-request

 - If you change service providers, or your e-mail address 
changes, you can not automatically unsubscribe from your new
address.  The robot looks at your "From:" address or "Reply-To:"
address, so if you put your old e-mail address in a "Reply-to:"
header you can unsubscribe from a list after your e-mail
address has changed.

 - A few addresses have been "banned" because they send spam to
this address.

 - There may be a bug in the robot which prevents it from taking
your name off the list.  If you believe this is the case, contact
the list manager, Wayne Cripps