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Lutes for Sale

Here are some lutes for sale. I am posting this as a service, and I can not make any recommendations, as I have never seen these instruments nor met the sellers. They are listed with the most recent contributions on the top. Please reply to the sellers directly, and not to me. If you buy or sell one of these lutes, please notify me so I can take it off the list! If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument. If the instrument has been listed for over a year there is a 50 percent chance that it is sold. If you want me to post your instrument please read this

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Warning! the Nigerian Scam has hit the lute world!
Read this if you are selling a lute!

You will be contacted by fradulent would be buyers! You will get lots of spam!
Consider using a different email account for selling your lute.
Don't sell anything to someone in Nigeria! Don't accept a check for more than the value of the instrument plus shipping!
Snopes has an excellent page about scams!

Note - Aug 2008, I just got the first advertisement from a "Nigerian" trying to sell a guitar. In March 2017 some fishy looking ads were submitted to me with pictures apparently taken from eBay.

use Google image search to see if the pictures you are looking at are right. Or look to see if the same instrument is on eBay by another seller.

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  • 12 Course Swan Neck Lute (2016) Brazilian Rosewood Bowl, Spruce Top, Ebony and Pacific Nine Bark. Pyramid Strings.
    $3850 with deluxe custom case. (Oregon)
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    December 18 2018

  • 9 course renaissance lute by Richard Fletcher (2000): Nine course lute strung in nylgut and gut with Kingham case. Pear back with spacers, ebony fingerboard and neck veneer with pear inlay, hornbeam pegs. Minor top seam repair done by Richard with silk which is holding and has not affected sound quality or response.
    $3200.00 in US dollars plus shipping costs (USA addresses only).
    picture picture picture
    December 16 2018

  • Lute Case -
    It is a very well-built, well-worn and still very serviceable plywood case built by Richard Fletcher in 1980 for one of his Hieber 8-course renaissance lutes. It will fit one of those or similar. Latches are getting rusty, I have some new latches and hinges I'll include in the price of $100 + shipping. Buy some velvet and snazz it up yourself.
    picture picture
    December 15 2018

  • 10 course renaissance lute by Takeo Sato Simon.
    Price with case: 2000 €
    String length: 63,5 cm
    Spruce top and beautiful maple ribs
    The Lute is in Bremen, Germany.
    Contact me at:
    Pictures and videos can be sent!
    December 4 2018

  • Stradivari Baroque Guitar by Lars Jönsson, Dalarö 2015.
    Condition: immaculate = as new - looks as if delivered yesterday. Professional instrument built with perfect craftsmanship; great sound and playability - both for solo and accompaniment. Rose by Elena Dal Cortivo, case :form fitted Kingham case. SL 67 cm.
    Was: 5500 € -now for 4500 € .
    You are welcome to come and try (in the middle of Germany) - but a parcel is possible too. Buyer pays shipping.
    For more information or additional pics please contact:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 19 2018

  • Marcos Kaiser Baroque Guitar for Sale (2016)
    69cm string length, flat back in maple, AMS (Brazilian manufacturer) hard case included.
    Price lowered to € 1.500, freight not included. The instrument is located in Brazil, but can be shipped worldwide.
    Contact for more information and purchase:, Glauco Netto
    picture picture picture picture
    January 11 2018, still for sale
    November 17 2018

  • Robert Lundberg Baroque Archlute
    This example has 13 courses and a 27" (68.58cm) scale length. Spruce top, snakewood ribs, spruce neck w/ ebony veneer. In excellent condition, included in this sale is a custom hard case.
    Ryan M. Yarmel
    Bernunzio Uptown Music
    122 East Avenue
    ROCHESTER, NY 14604
    (585) 473-6140
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 10 2018

  • 8-course Renaissance lute after Venere by Juan Carlos Soto
    light and good-sounding instrument with a good action. String length 59 cm; strings: nylgut; price (incl. soft case: 2300€). Pictures on request.
    the lute is in the South of Germany.
    November 6 2018

  • 4 courses lavta or laouto politiko, 68cm
    build in 2012 by Dimitris Rapakousios
    Nice sound and easy to play.
    1200€ with soft case
    The lute is in Geneva, Switzerland
    November 3 2018

  • 14 courses Archlute, made by Lörinczi György. 66/136
    With single strings, powerful instrument , with soft case. 2500€.
    The lute is in Geneva, Switzerland
    contact : aurdubuis(at)
    November 3 2018

  • 11-course baroque lute after H. Frei made by Andrzej Lapa, 69,2 mensur for sale!
    Lute is available in Cracow, Poland.
    The price is €2500 with hard case plus shipping.
    Some nylgut strings and frets (Aquila) added extra.
    For further questions contact me on:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 1 2018

  • 8c Renaissance Lute based on Vendelio Venere 1592 by Juan Carlos Soto.
    Very good condition. Just the action would be fixed. I would provide a new set of strings.
    More info at:
    Asking price: 1800€
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 1 2018

  • 14c Theorbo based on Matteo Sellas 1635 by Julien Stryjak (2014)
    String length 76-1.40. Spruce top with three roses and 31 multi-ribs cypress back. Bright and very clear sound and powerful tone. The theorbo is in mint condition, completely new!! No crashes or spots on the top or back. The instrument is located in Basel ( Switzerland) and comes with a black Kingham Case.
    Asking price: 6000 €
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    November 1 2018

  • Renaissance Guitar by Lyn Elder. Bird’s eye maple back and sides, spruce soundboard, as new condition.
    I spoke with Mr. Elder some time ago and he told me that he never sold an instrument without a case – This one came to me without a case. There must be a story, but I don’t know what it is. I made a crappy plywood case for it. I have owned this instrument for about 12 years and used it in many performances. Here are to stats: overall length – 31”, scale – 55.3 cm, nut width – 40mm, depth – 68mm, upper bout – 66cm, lower bout – 20 cm.
    $1100.00 but willing to take more.
    Contact: Joseph Mayes. 856 858 8902 or
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    October 28 2018

  • 12 string, 6 course renaisance vihuela. made by paul baker from england.
    modeled on spanish vihuelas of the renaisance. solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides. string with nylagut now. nice tone, easy size to handle and play. sorry no case but I will pack very well.
    located in new brunswick canada.
    asking $ 700.00 usd, plus shipping
    e mail me at for more details and more pictures.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    October 19 2018

  • Spanish type cypress and walnut baroque guitar with 68 cm string length made by Martin de Witte in 2009 with full gut strung by Nicholas Baldock.
    It is a superb instrument in good condition only with a few playing marks are visible on the top. The guitar is in Budapest, Hungary.
    The price is 3.400€ including a fitted Kingham case (shipping and other costs paid by the customer). I am also interested in a 7-course lute of the same quality for exchange.
    first owner
    Photos are available at
    For more information please contact me at
    October 18 2018

  • 13 course bass rider baroque lute for €1800. It has a great sound especially for solo work. Strings are fantastic and brand new. I'm looking now for a swan-necked instrument as I am getting more into continuo work, so I'm upgrading a bit, however this is a fantastic sounding instrument. E-mail me ( or call me (+46 073 740 98 21) if you want to hear or know more about the instrument. I am outside of Gothenburg, Sweden, where it can be played if you're interested.
    picture picture picture
    October 11 2018

  • 13 course Buchenburg (Edinburgh 3249) triple pegbox based on Jauck (Copenhagen CL104) triple rose from the Railich archlute (MIM1569)
    Inspired by the Berner CL105 shown here, except the hideous bridge! This was originally an archlute made 2002 with a new neck, pegbox and soundboard. Stringlength 70.3/85.3/97.5 cm in f (a=415Hz) strung with NNG and the new copper loaded CD bases by Aquilla. 19 ribs and neck in Black Walnut, Bog oak fingerboard, ebonised pearwood, triple pegbox, Indian rosewood pegs. 14 frets for the Bach transcriptions. Pictures seen here
    Located in Derby, UK
    £ 2800
    Contact jamarriage(at)
    October 8 2018

  • 11 crs Swan neck! (2017) based on Johann Zacher c1691 Bresslaw/ M. Harton, Padua (MIR899).
    Lightweight, yew multi ribbed shallow body with veneered neck in ebony with holly lines, ebony fingerboard, pear wood bridge, stained maple swan neck, strung all in gut in f' a=415Hz.
    Pictures seen here
    Located in Derby, UK.
    £ 4260.
    Contact jamarriage(at)
    October 8 2018

  • THEORBO for sale by MARTIN HAYCOCK (2012)
    The instrument is a very exact copy of the Yale Venere (replete with 16 courses, like the original) and can be strung up as a theorbo in A, as a théorbe de pièces in D, as a double luth, or indeed as an Angélique. It has a superb, strong, and warm tone throughout and good projection. The lute features a stunning bowl of very rare and dense old-growth yew that is in effect a hardwood. The spruce top is adorned with an elegant single rose (that of the Yale instrument) and a decorative bone heart. The neck and peg-box are ebony-veneered, and the necks has cutaway fretsawn floral tracery on its extension. Fingerboard, points and edge binding of ebony. The stopped string length is 74.2 cm with 9 tied frets on the neck, and the long string length is 127cm. Good action throughout and a very comfortable instrument to play. It has played hundreds of concerts all over the world, including my Carnegie Hall première. It is a good friend and I want it to go to a good home.
    The sale includes a form-fitted luxury case by Victor Vorko, replete with an extra lightweight blue liner material and an ultra resistant grey PVC exteriors which renders the case far stronger and lighter.
    The instrument is strung entirely in gut with very expensive silver-gimped diapasons from Dan Larson.
    The instrument is in Paris.
    Contact: luthiste AT gmail DOT com
    Asking Price: €8500
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    June 6 2018 still for sale with a lower price
    October 6 2018

  • 5 course baroque guitar by Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris (2010), after Alexandre Voboam (1680).
    String length: 66, 3 cm. Flat back of 5 pieces in cypress, inlaid with triple stripes of ebony/holly/ebony. Walnut sides. Ebony-veneered neck, pegbox and fingerboard. Ebony soundboard half-edgings and ebony pegs. Parchment rosette in 3 tiers.
    Kingham case included (Grey with green velvet).
    A beautiful instrument in perfect condition. Price 4.500 € (plus shipping cost).
    The instrument is located in Greece.
    For more information please contact
    picture picture picture picture picture
    October 4 2018

  • 2 new 8 course lutes after venere, built summer 2018, 60 cm, maple back, spruce top, neck and pegbox ebony veneered.
    Good action, full well-balanced sound.
    Price: €1250 each
    Can be tried in the South of France. Contact:
    picture picture
    September 27 2018

  • 14c Theorbo by Michael Schreiner, 1997 (After Venere) 81cm/164cm, Indian Rosewood back.
    The instrument comes with a black Kingham Case. Easy to play, great for solo repertoire and has had extensive performance experience in Baroque Operas. Easily goes between 415 and 440. 5600 USD not including shipping. Pickup preferred.
    You can listen to it here:
    Pictures available at the following dropbox link:
    The instrument is located in Chicago, IL
    September 26 2018

  • Seven course bass lute made by Lars Jonnson in 2015.
    78cm string length currently tuned in D at 440. Condition as new and wonderful sounding instrument. Very comfortable to play as the body, based on a Railich theorbo, is not too deep. Kingham case included.
    Asking price 4500 euros. The instrument is in Normandy, France.
    Contact James Holland,
    picture picture picture
    September 23 2018

  • Romantic guitar after “Panormo Fecit” 1828 model made by the luthier Scot Tremblay in 2014.
    This guitar is a real gem.
    It was made after a peculiar historic fan braced “Panormo Fecit” model, just like the larger “in the Spanish style” model. So it is a very unique combination between the two models. It carries the warmer Spanish sound alongside the bright long distance projection of the French style.
    Including good hard case.
    In excellent condition (both the case and the instrument).
    You can hear and see it here:
    Price (instrument + good hard case): 3300 dollars (not including shipping) Located in Israel. For more information and photos please contact:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 23 2018

  • 14c Theorbo 83/166cm crafted by Jason Petty circa 2010. Modeled after the Venere theorbo.
    With much reluctance I am selling my professional theorbo as I wish to have something in a smaller scale length. This theorbo has a very beautiful sound and I have used it professionally for many years. It has been very well taken care of and I am the original owner. It works exceptionally well for basso continuo playing and, as it is not extremely large, can handle much of the solo repertoire as well.
    Available near New York City, NY
    Price is $6,400 which includes a custom Kingham case
    Contact : Jason Priset, or (631)741-9838
    picture picture picture
    August 30 2018

  • Seven course tenor Lute, copy of Wendelio Venere 1582 made by Ivo Magherini in 2015.
    Model: 7c Venere 66.5cm
    · Pitch: a’ 392
    · Top: Spruce
    · Back: very rare two colour yew (heart and sap wood)
    · Neck: cherry
    · Pegbox: cherry
    · Kingham case
    Price: 4000 euros.
    Instruments can be seen in Madrid.
    Contact Ariel Abramovich: +34625446787
    picture picture
    August 28 2018

  • 6 course vihuela de mano in g, by Francisco Hervás (2014).
    String length: 59.5 cm.
    Mahogany back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox and spruce top.
    An amazing sounding instrument, wonderfully decorated, almost a collector's item.
    Price (including case): 4400 euros.
    Can be seen on the right here:
    Photos on request. instruments can be seen in Madrid.
    Contact Ariel Abramovich: +34625446787
    December 15 2017

  • • Theorbo after Christoph Koch, 1650, string length 82.5/132.0 cm, body bubinga, with kingham case 6500.-EUR, without shipping.
    • Baroque guitare after Jean Voboan, 1687, string length 67,5cm, body indian rosewood, with manzano case 4500.-EUR, without shipping.
    • Romantic guitar after Nikolaus Georg Ries, Vienna about 1840, string length 62.5 cm, body curley maple, with manzano case 5700.-EUR, without shipping.
    More Details:
    Europe, Austria, Vienna
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 20 2018

  • 7 course Renaissance concert lute for sale by Master maker Charles Ford in London in 1978.
    This lute found its way to Adelaide, Australia, which is where we purchased it and where it currently resides. It is a stunningly beautiful instrument with a wonderful resonating sound to it. It has just been serviced with new frets and new strings by Ian Watchorn in Melbourne and other work done internally just email if you'd like the details of the work completed (although the photos attached are before the work was done). It is in full working order now and beautiful and comes with a custom made hard case.
    Price 4000 Australian dollars (approximately 2500 Euros) but buyers will need to pay for postage and packaging from South Australia as well.
    Most reluctant to sell it but life has got in the way again!! The joys of being a musician!!
    Email for more information
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 15 2018

  • 8crs Renaissance Lute by Luke Emmet at Orlando Lutes, 2013, £1800
    An excellent instrument in good condition.
    String length: 60cm
    Can be heard on this solo album:
    Includes home-made lightweight case.
    Glasgow, UK
    Photos available here:
    August 12 2018

  • 8-Course Renaissance Lute by Bernie Lehmann 2015 "Venere" 59cm
    Spruce top with Koawood ribs, tuned in G at 440 HZ. Will ship with a luthier made box case. The instrument is in Virginia, United States
    Price : 3500 dollars plus shipping
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 11 2018

  • Dan Larson baroque guitar.
    Steven Stein
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    July 30 2018

  • NEW (2018) 6 course lute after Maler. 67cm string length, for tuning in F or E.
    Stunning maple back, beech neck and pegbox, boxwood pegs, bridge and fingerboard. Photos and soundfile at
    I can be contacted at: Both instruments are in France, but could also be seen in the UK by arrangement.
    July 25 2018

  • Coming soon (August 2018) 6 course lute after Gerle, 59.7cm string length.
    Figured ash back, cherry neck and pegbox, boxwood pegs, bridge and fingerboard. Photos and soundfile coming soon at
    I can be contacted at: Both instruments are in France, but could also be seen in the UK by arrangement.
    July 25 2018

  • Chitarrone with phantastic ornaments by Johs. Georg Houcken
    This strong instrument, experienced in concerts and even in a baroque opera, was build in 2006 by Johannes Georg Houcken (Niederkrüchten / Germany). The huge bowl (cherry wood / plum wood) is in its shape and size a nearly exact copy of the original chitarrone by Magno Dieffopruchar (1614 in Venice, now situated in V&A Museum in London). As I was afraid of the original's enormous string length (94 cm!), I asked Georg Houcken for a shorter fingerboard (82,5 cm). The instrument shows a fine marquetry of altering cherry and ebony rhombi all over both sides of neck and bass extension, partly modeled after the original chitarrone by Matheus Buechenberg (1614 in Rome, today in V&A Museum in London as well). The artificial triple rose is a copy of the mentioned, original Dieffopruchar instrument.
    String length: 82,5 cm / 166,5 cm, strings are mainly Nylgut (fingerboard) and gut (extended bass strings) in 415 Hz. As the fingerboard string length is rather short for a theorbo, it can easily be played in 440 Hz. I regret to sell this beauty, but I do so because I changed to the original, much longer fingerboard string lengths on theorboes meanwhile. This is much more exhausting, but it enables you to avoid the ahistorical, wound bass strings (which can`t be avoided in this instrument in courses 6-7, A and G – though I have not tried out yet the new „loaded“ Nylguts by Mimmo Peruffe which I play successfully on a few of my other instruments).
    Price: 6500 €
    The instrument can be tested in Kiel (Northern Germany), between July 28th and August 12th I also could bring the instrument near Munich.
    Please contact me:
    July 20 2018

  • Romantic Guitar New made by Carlos Gonzalez in 2018, inspired by a Grobert made in 1840.
    A beautiful instrument in excellent condition. Scale 630 mm. with a 49,5 mm nut wide. Alpine spruce top, beautiful Madagascar rosewood back and sides and ebony fingerboard. Abalone rosette and very accurate Rubner tuners 150-240-N-PMoBI. Hard case.
    Available for trying out in Aguadulce, Almeria, Spain. Shipping world wide.
    July 19 2018

  • 13-course Baroque Lute by Le Luth Dore (Weiss model) like new with Aquila Nylgut and the new red CD type strings for the basses.
    Price includes Luth Dore fiberglass hard case.
    I am selling it because unfortunately I do not have enough time to practice on it.
    Price: 1800 euros (incl. TAX) plus shipping.
    The instrument is located in Hungary.
    picture picture picture
    April 5 2018 new price
    July 18 2018

  • I am selling two cittern family instruments, an opharion and a bandurra. Both were made by Edward Rusnak of Montreal, Canada.
    The opharion has a 23 inch scale and not fan fretts. The bandurra has a 27.5 inch scale. Both are maple back and sides with european spruce tops(i think european spruce). Both have walnut stripes on the back. the opharion has a case, the bandurra just a wooden shipping box--which does fit nicely.
    Asking $2500 usd each
    The instruments are located in new brunswick canada and you can phone me at 506 866 6800, or email more pictures on request, and i will consider trades for instruments i really want.
    picture picture picture
    July 10 2018

  • "Early" 7-course lute by Philippe Motet (Anselmus), 2017
    Based on the small Frei (C34), 62cm
    beautiful bird's eye maple ribs, solid cypress neck and aged spruce top
    Very loud instrument with much resonance.
    Price : 3500€ with Kingham case
    The instrument is in Geneva, Switzerland
    picture picture picture picture picture
    July 5 2018

  • 6 course vihuela by Maurice Ottiger (1993)
    String length 62cm, flamed maple back and sides, very powerful instrument.
    Excellent condition, comes with velvet lined Kingham case.
    4000chf, the instrument is in Geneva, Switzerland
    picture picture picture picture picture
    Originally posted Dec 16 2016
    July 5 2018

  • Theorbo in A by Klaus Jacobsen 2010 for sale. 85/160 cm. Single strung. 6+8 , 8+6 or 7+7.
    Hard case from IKA. The instrument is in Hemsedal, Norway.
    I’m only selling it because I no longer need such an instrument.
    Info about the instrument:
    Send me an email:
    Price 8800 €.
    July 5 2018

  • 10 course lute, 61 cm, made by Paulo Carmo.
    Body made in walnut figured maple, neck in ebony, peg box in figured maple and ebony, pegs in indian rose wood.
    The price is $800 plus shipping.
    picture picture picture picture
    June 27 2018

  • Swan neck baroque lute and renaissanse lutes for sale:
    8 course lute 60cm by Wojciech Wozniak 2400 eur
    Swan Neck Baroque lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2700 eur
    8 course lute 67cm by Juri Dubnovitsky 1700 eur
    Please contact for more information:
    Anna Kowalska +48663354744
    June 23 2018

  • 7-course renaissance lute after Hans Frei (Bologna 1530) made by José Ángel Espejo (Madrid) in 2014.
    String length 63 cm, tunes to a’ either at 415 Hz or 440 Hz.
    Maple ribs with double ebony spacers. Fir soundboard. Cedar neck covered with ebony. Maple and ebony pegbox, ebony tuning pegs. Pearwood bridge with ebony decoration. Hard case made to measure by Antonio Miguel Manzano (Plasencia, Spain)
    Strings: Aquila Nylgut and CD loaded bass strings. First string Nylon Pyramid.
    Can be seen and tried in Rome, Italy.
    3000 € with made-to-measure hard carrying case plus packing and shipping costs. Will ship worldwide.
    For more info:
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    June 17 2018

  • 8-course student lute by Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris (2008)
    The instrument comes with a Kingham case and is located in Lyon, France.
    String length 63 cm
    Price €2300
    If you require any further information, feel free to contact me:
    picture picture
    June 8 2018

  • I'm selling three of my instruments. All of them are played in well and are in good playing condition:
    Photos on request. The instruments are in the south of Germany.
    June 2 2018

  • Mateus 5-course medieval lute. 55cm string length. Good tone and projection quick response.
    Custom fitted Kingham case.
    $2800.00 plus $100.00 shipping beyond the Nine Bay Area Counties.
    415 665 2907
    picture picture picture picture
    May 28 2018

  • 13 courses baroque lute for sale--
    Gy.Lőrinczi 2014 in mint condition Venere C36. Fingerboard not too curved. String length 69 cm. Good action, great sound.
    Price € 2400 including case plus shipping.
    Email : Fb. György Lőrinczi
    picture picture picture picture picture
    May 26 2018

  • 6 course Vihuela da mano by Lourdes Uncilla Vilela (2006) New Price
    extremely light and quick, with good projection and very comfortable to play.
    String length 60 cm.
    Maple back and sides, spruce top and ebony fingerboard
    Wonderful mother of pearl inlays on the front and back
    and comes with a Manzano made to mesure hard case.
    Very little played and is in top condition.
    Price (with case): 3200 EUR
    The instrument is currently in Lyon
    For more info and pictures please contact
    Ulrik Gaston Larsen :
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 17 2016 still for sale January 27 2018
    May 13 2018

  • 14-single string Liuto Forte built in 2015 by Michael Haaser
    (“Bach-Laute model
    Can alternately be strung with 15 single strings.
    Maple back, metal inlaid frets, mechanical pegs. Includes a Kingham case and a flight case by CaseXtreme.
    Excellent condition. $5000 USD
    The instrument is near Baltimore, Maryland, USA
    Contact: Ronn McFarlane ~
    You can hear the instrument here:
    picture picture picture picture picture
    May 11 2018

  • 6-course lute after Gerle by Szymon Gasienica 1997, string-length 60 cm, body of birds-eye maple, comes with hard case, 1300€
    The instruments are located in Paris, France
    Contact : a.henrich[at]posteo. de
    picture picture
    May 10 2018

  • A 10 Course Lute, made in 1969 by Henry Holmes of Sheffield.
    String length 620mm, tuned to f sharp with Kürschner Strings. £900 including case. Though it predates much of the authenticity learned in the 70's, it is still a very serviceable lute. The first owner was Anthony Bailes. More information and photos at .
    May 5 2018

  • A 1974 David Rubio 8 course lute is now available.
    The price of £2500 includes a sturdy fibreglass case and the lute can be shipped worldwide.
    Photographs and full information can be found at:
    Contact Arthur Robb at or phone 01666-822945.
    May 3 2018

  • 13 courses baroque lute built by Carlos González in 2004. The instrument are in perfect condition and has a really spectacular sound that is increasing with the pass of time.
    The lute is constructed on pine wood for the top and maple and rosewood for staves. More information of Carlos Gonzalez:
    Hardcase included.
    The instrument is currently in Málaga, Spain. I can ship worldwide.
    Contact for any question.
    Price: 4500€ (originally it cost 5500€)
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    May 1 2018

  • 15-course theorbo in A (currently with low F as a 15th course), 80/149cm, made by Klaus Jacobsen (London, y. 2000).
    Back in rosewood, light weight neck, excellent condition, grey coloured Kingham MTM case. Professional quality instrument from one of the best lute makers in the world.
    Can be tried in Antwerp, Belgium.
    6500 euro.
    picture picture picture picture picture
    April 26 2018

  • Baroque Guitar by Gabriel Aguilera (2017)
    67 cm string length.
    The instrument is located in Torino, Italy.
    Price: €2500 (case included)
    You can see and hear the guitar on: (homemade recording)
    picture picture picture picture
    April 18 2018

  • Stauffer Early Romantic Guitar - Copy by Michael Nalysynk 2013. £2,400 (current new price is £3,400).
    A beautiful copy in excellent condition. I bought it new from the luthier and it has not been played a lot as I fairly quickly reverted to a modern guitar for most of my playing. Scale is 600mm, with a 50mm nut width. Alpine spruce top, lovely English walnut back and sides, and ebony fingerboard. Rubner tuners. As Michael reminded me the walnut tree was from Kew Gardens in London, and said to be planted by Queen Victoria.
    Comes with a hard case, needs a little extra padding as slightly too big, but works fine. Available for trying out in Edinburgh, Scotland. I would prefer a local sale, but may be able to arrange shipping at cost.
    picture picture
    April 15 2018

  • Original 6-string Romantic Guitar c.1820, a Mirecourt (France). String-length = 620mm.
    The instrument has been masterfully restored to full working order by Chris Egerton, in new hard-shell wood case. A wonderful example from the period, mostly original and very little played during the length of its 200-year life. Its restoration was completed in October 2016 and it has been very stable and reliable ever since. It is comfortable to play with beautiful, well-balanced tone and response. A professional, fully-functional original; no need to purchase a new replica! More details are available upon enquiry (including a recording). I'm only offering it for sale as I have another similar (a Stauffer) and I have no need/desire to possess two simultaneously. The guitar is currently located in London, England. I am more than happy to have the instrument professionally packaged and dispatched by “Mail Boxes Inc.” to anywhere in the world.
    Price: £2095 ONO
    This presents a rare opportunity. For more information or more photographs please contact:
    picture picture picture
    YouTube video at
    April 15 2018

  • 10-course student lute (after Frei) by Carlos Gonzales/Didier Jarny.
    The instrument is in very good condition.
    64,8 cm string length.
    The instrument is located in France.
    Photos at :
    With its rigid case: 1250 €.
    Contact :
    April 13 2018

  • French theorbo by Lars Jönsonn.  The ideal instrument for both solo playing and continuo.
    Regular neck length : 79cm
    Bass courses: 158 cm
    Custom-made Kingham case.
    7500 euros
    The instrument is in France
    Contact Patrig Kernoa <>
    picture picture picture
    March 24 2018

  • 12-course lute (Flemish model) by Philippe Motet-Rio.
    Renaissance tuning but the instrument can be tuned to D minor or new French tunings, The instrument is described on the lute-maker's site :
    The double peg-box and the neck of the model presented here are in solid figured pear-wood, They are neither stained nor veneered, This is what Mary Burwell recommands in her Lute Tutor, c. 1660: 'The flatt part of the Necks of the Lute and the bridge are to be made of ebony, but to Cover the head, the back of the necke with it as some do is improper because it makes the Lute too heavy upon the left hand the neck cold and slippery for the Thumbe and the frettes are never fast, a neck made of a light wood with a fine varnish as neare as may be to the colour of the Lute but you must keepe it cleane,'
    On the model presented here the edge of the soundboard is strengthened by goatskin parchment stained ivory black, the 9-rib body after Magno Tieffenbrücker is oil varnished and the soundboard is of old lower Alps spruce,
    The instrument is in perfect condition, The bass courses are of weighed gut.
    Luxury case by Victor Vorko (5500 euros)
    5500 euros
    The instrument is in France
    Contact Patrig Kernoa <>

    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    March 24 2018

  • Baroque Mandolin copy from Vinaccia
    by Carlo Angelo Cecconi, Tarquinia (Roma) 2006
    Perfect conditions with soft case
    € 2800 + shipping
    For contact:
    Andrea Benucci - Florence (Italy)
    Phone: 3920821812
    picture picture picture picture picture
    March 20 2018

  • Archlute in Rosewood by Hendrik Hasenfuss 2012
    The lute is like new; only some sign of time
    1+6x2+7x1 strung in nylgut; Extrabass Savarez KF
    65 / 140 cm. For other photos or details please ask
    5900€ + Shipping (incl. Kingham case)
    The lute is in Florence (Italy)
    For contact: Andrea Benucci
    Phone: 3920821812
    picture picture picture picture
    March 20 2018

  • 8C Renaissance lute, without case. I'm the maker.
    Italian alpine Spruce, well seasoned (more than 10 years). Ribs of Indian Rosewood, ebony diapason.
    The string length is 63 cm.
    The lute is in Madrid, Spain.
    You can see the instrument here:
    Send me a Email:
    Price is 1200€.
    picture picture
    March 17 2018

  • 10-course lute, Magno Dieffopruchar, made by Karl Kirchmeyr, 2012
    Up for sale is a beautiful, great sounding 10-course lute by Karl Kirchmeyr from Vienna.
    Specifications: Magno Dieffopruchar, 1612
    String courses: 1x1/9x2, currently strung with Nylgut + Savarez
    String length: 65.0 cm
    Tuning: g’, d’d’, aa, ff, c’c gG, fF, eE, dD, cC
    Body: 15 curly maple ribs and walnut purfling
    Neck and pegbox: curly maple venner und purfling
    Fretboard: ebony
    Pegs: black boxwood pegs
    Surface: french polish
    Further information: website
    Location: Germany (Lower Saxony)
    Price: 2.600,- EURO incl. case + shipment
    Great condition, no playwear except superficially at fingerrest on the top (see pictures). Case included, Shipment wordwide. For further information, please contact me on
    picture picture picture picture picture
    March 16 2018

  • 14-course theorbo from W. Emmerich, 2014
    after „Sellas 1647“, string length 83/150cm, body wood is palisander, fretboard wood is ebony. This instrument is made by Wolfgang Emmerich in 2014.
    Price: 3900 € (Incl. Götz-case und several new strings)
    This thoerbo is now in Berlin. It has beautiful sounds and good volume for solo and chamber music. The outside looks also good as a new one.
    For pictures and sound tracks please click here:
    To visit and try this instrument you can write me Email to or whatsapp +4917641396032.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    March 16 2018

  • 8 course lute by Dan Larson. 2017 "Fantasia" model, 61cm string length.
    Cherry ribs, spruce top. Mint 'like new' condition. Newly strung with nylgut and Savarez copper basses.
    $2,500 USD - includes fitted Kingham case and free shipping in the US.
    The lute is in Oregon.
    picture picture picture picture
    March 8 2018

  • Archlute by Michael Lowe 1984, rebuilt in 2009
    formerly belonged to Nigel North
    1+5x2+8x1 strung in nylgut and gut
    66 / 138,5 cm
    6200 € incl. case
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    February 25 2018

  • I have to sell some of my instruments as I unfortunately do not have time to play them all. The following are looking for a new owner:
    * 6ch Vihuela in G, made by Julio Castanos in 2009, string length 60cm, instrument as new, asking 3600 €. picture
    * 8ch Renaissance lute in G, made by Renzo Salvador in 2008, string length 59cm, asking 4300 €. picture
    * 10ch Renaissance lute in G, made by Jacob van de Geest in 1976, string length 62.5cm, student lute, asking 1800 €. picture
    The instruments are located in Germany. All come in a hard made-to-measure case. All are in a perfect playing condition but need new strings.
    For more information as well as for pictures please feel free to contact me:
    February20 2018

  • Vihuela by Dan Larson (2003)
    ♥ 59.5cm string length / spruce top
    ♥ tiger maple sides and back
    ♥ maple/ebony veneered neck and headstock
    ♥ ebony fingerboard
    ♥ Kingham case included
    $2,800 or best offer. Open to trades.
    movie picture picture picture picture

    Febrary 16 2018

  • Baroque Guitar based on Antonio Stradivari, made by Luciano Lovadina in Treviso (Italy) in 1987,
    new fingerboard, new bridge and restoration by Antonio Dattis in 2017.
    String length is 67 cm.
    Spruce top, rosewood pegs and ebony fingerboard, flamed maple back and neck.
    The guitar is used but in excellent condition, fully functional and perfectly in tune.
    It comes with a semi-hard case (see photo), very light and built to measure. Great for flight travels.
    You can see it and hear its sound on:
    The instrument is in Lecce (south-east Italy).
    Price asked is 1900 euros plus shipping.
    contact: Luca Tarantino +39.348.4857659
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    December 6 2017 still for sale
    January 16 2018

  • A Louis Panormo guitar has been restored in my workshop and is now for sale.
    It is an 1826 Panormo Fecit with ivory frets. The cost is £4500. Photographs and information are at:
    Contact Arthur Robb at or on 01666-822945.
    If you are interested, I would always allow you time to try out the guitar here in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.
    January 11 2018

  • Fully restored, mid 19th-century guitar made by Pierre Marcard.
    New fingerboard. In very good condition. Beautiful soundboard.
    The label reads: "Questa Gitara ... Comprata a parigi 1859 ..."
    (This guitar ... was bought in Paris in 1859...).
    Modern standard case included. € 3000.
    Fabio Refrigeri, Rome, Italy -
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    January 1 2018

  • 10-course lute by Lawrence D. Brown, 2013.
    Bowl is 30-year-old maple. Soundboard German spruce. 25 inch string length. Wide body is comfortable and gives a sonorous, oud-like sound in the bass and midrange. Currently strung at 415 in nylgut, copper, and KF. Cambered fingerboard allows for thick frets along the neck. Built-in K&K contact mic.
    $4500 includes hard Kingham case and K&K Pure Preamp.
    The instrument is located in Indiana, USA.
    Contact Taylor di Clemente at
    picture picture picture picture picture
    November 29 2014
    May 3 2016
    February 27 2017
    December 19 2017

  • 7c Renaissance lute by German luthier Wolfgang Emmerich
    Nice condition and projection, incl. almost new Meinel case. Just selling it because I want to buy a baroque lute.
    Located in Cologne area, Germany
    price is 2350 €
    picture picture picture picture
    November 26 017

  • 10-c lute by Nigel Solomon, perfect action and condition. 1250€ alone and 1380€ with a padded bag from Le Point d'Accroche.
    Located in France, Aix-en-Provence.
    November 26 2017

  • Vihuela for sale. built in 2013 by Michael P.Nalysnyk, England.
    Spruce Top with nice Pearwood/Ebony decoration, Back and Sides Maple. String length 60 cm. Works both in g and a tuning.
    Comes with a standard TKL Case.
    Price 1700 €.
    The Instrument is located in the south of Germany and can be seen in Salzburg/Austria or Munich.
    picture picture picture picture
    November 19 2017

  • Vihuela by Dan Larson (2003)
    • 59.5cm string length / spruce top
    • birds-eye maple sides and back
    • ebony pegs
    • ebony front binding
    • maple/ebony veneered neck and headstock
    • maple/ebony inlayed fingerboard
    • 5 small soundboard inlays
    • Kingham case included
    • strung in nylgut (will include new Aquila CD red basses)
    $3,600 plus shipping/insurance
    Instrument is located in Los Angeles, CA
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    October 1 2017

  • 8-course tenor lute (in f) by Stephen Gottlieb, built in 1979,
    the exact era of (if it wasn't THE lute, hard to tell really, but looks like it)
    String length 67 cm with a very comfortable action. Multi ribbed back in yew. Mint condition! With fitted original Paxman case, also like new. This rare instrument is perfect for song accompaniment with counter tenors and is surprisingly easy to play thanks to the perfectly low action hence the string length of 67.
    Location Berlin, Germany.
    Price and photos on request.
    Please call +49 157 74943449 or email me:
    October 25 2017

  • 8-course Renaissance lute, Andres Sender, Sacramento, CA; 1998.
    64cm mensur. Loud and clear tone. Currently strung in original nylgut and silverwound strings at A=440; probably needs new strings and it would sound better in A=415, or even in F at A=440. Comes in a whimsically decorated hard case.
    The instrument can be seen in Portland, OR.
    Asking $1500 plus shipping.s
    Email mollyclasen(at)
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    September 12 2017

  • For sale 13c Baroque Lute by Bernd Holzgruber (1982)
    String length 72 / 104,5, swan-neck, 2500 Eur with hard case plus shipping.
    The instrument can be seen in Konstanz or Bologna.
    Pictures on request:
    September 12 2017

  • Stephen Barber and Sandi Harris 8-course student lute
    63cm string length
    asking $USA 1300 (or reasonable offer)
    Currently sells for about $2300 new, this one is from the early 90s
    Comes in the original shipping box
    picture picture picture picture picture
    September 8 2017

  • 10-course bass lute in D
    made by Jason Petty in 2016
    75 cm string-length tuned in D (415)
    11 ribs of figured maple with ebony veneered neck and pegbox, pear tuning pegs
    Nylgut trebles and copper overwound basses.
    $6500 USD includes Kingham case.
    email: instrumentorium(at)
    picture picture picture picture picture
    August 28 2017

  • Baroque Guitar made by Dan Larson.
    Figured maple back and sides; Spruce top; Mahogany neck and head. String length is 64 cm. This is a beautiful sounding guitar, currently strung with Pyramid nylon. No dings, repairs or scratches. Excellent condition.
    Price with Kingham case: US$2900.
    Located in Frederick, MD, USA.
    Contact David Rastall at or 301-378-2278.
    Picture Picture Picture
    August 15 2017

  • New Vihuela 2017 66 cm by Paulo de Carmo , 6 course, beautiful tone and great action
    located in New Hampshire, please email for more info or to
    1900.00 USD plus shipping or local pick up
    picture picture picture picture picture
    August 7 2017

  • • 8 Course Renaissance Lute
    • Location: Hamburg, Germany
    • Contact: BARBARA FERLONI
    • String length: 59.5 cm in G tuning
    • Maker: Barbara Ferloni.
    • soundboard :alpine spruce, edging in ebony
    • body: cherry with ebony lines
    • neck: ebony veneer with maple lines
    • fingerboard: ebony
    • pegbox: cherry with ebony veneer
    • pegs: cherry with pips in box
    • strings NY aquila
    • price: 4,000€
    • padded case
    picture picture
    May 17 2017 still for sale
    January 14 2018

  • 8-course Renaissance lute by Stephen Barber, 2002.
    After Hans Frei, 63 cm. In perfect condition, beautiful instrument. Comes with Kingham case.
    Price: 3300 Euro
    Lute is located in Malmoe, Sweden.
    April 28 2017 still for sale
    January 11 2018

  • An Arthur Robb eight course lute begun in 2013 is now available.
    The string length is 600mm and it is tuned to g. The 13 rib body is figured English sycamore and the soundboard is Swiss pine. The price of £3000 includes a Kingham (MTM) case and it can be shipped worldwide. A full set of photos is at . Contact Arthur Robb at or on 01666-822945.
    April 5 2017 still for sale
    January 11 2018

  • 2013 Chad Neal archlute; 67/140, 6+8/7+7; rosewood ribs, after C36. kingham case. $4,750 obo.
    Lute is in NY/NJ
    Contact: Kevin [dot] dixonpayne [at] gmail [dot] com
    picture picture picture picture
    December 23 2016 still for sale
    January 11 2018

  • John Rollins 8 course lute for sale 2000 € - 1991 - with Kingham case
    Yew back, had a crack (see picts) but is now professionnaly repaired and the back is newly varnished.
    60 cm string length
    Very fine instrument and nicely sounding.
    Link to Video
    Link to Photos
    Lute is now in France (Poitiers-Niort)
    Contact : Valéry Sauvage
    October 25 2016 still for sale
    January 11 2018

  • 8 course lute by Peter Roberts (Australian-made) built in 2000 with custom built Kingham case.
    Spruce top walnut back and sides.
    Will consider trades for plucked instruments.
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    August 28 2016 Still available
    January 11 2018

  • Early Renaissance Lute in G made by me.
    Top Swiss Pine, ribs and neck Mahogany (not S. American)
    you can see this lute being played on youtube - but I'm a novice player so I've twanged a bit 'coz I'm used to guitars.
    Mick Heayes, Verwood, Dorset, England
    £350, contact me on or 07975 533603
    July 25 2016 still for sale
    January 12 2018

  • New 6 course Renaissance lute based on Hieber,
    string length 59.7cm strung in NNG and a Gut 6crs, width at nut 3.8cm, width at bridge 7.7cm, cherry wood ribs, maple neck and pegbox with pear and box wood heart shaped pegs, fine golden rose, pearwood bridge with stars carved on top, bog oak fingerboard.
    Case by somerset cases, semi hard case fabric covering.
    Located in Derby UK
    Price: £ 1593 inc case.
    Contact jamarriage (at)
    picture picture picture picture picture picture
    June 26 2016 still for sale
    January 12 2018

  • 14-course 2008 Baroque Lute - German Theorbe by violin/lute luthier Zoran Fainovic
    Custom made Baroque Lute, crafted specifically for me when I was playing the lute regularly.
    Top: Hand selected Bosnian Spruce
    Back and rest: Fine maple
    Details, pins and ornaments: Plum tree wood
    Natural authentic glue
    The lute is in perfect condition. It's unique and the only one of it's kind by look and construction, thanks to careful combinations and architecture calculations and examinations, along with x-ray scans of constructions, of a wide range of instruments(lutes, baroque guitars, violins, viola da gambas...) Crafted with a combination of the finest quality Bosnian spruce, maple and plum wood which, along side with ornaments and engravings gives the instrument it's beauty,uniqueness and warmness in sound. Handmade, with the authentic methods used in the baroque era. Suitable for both a wide range of baroque theorbe/arch lute repertoire.
    Comes with a soft custom case made for it's dimensions.
    Location: Novi Sad 21000; Serbia
    Price: 5500 €
    picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture
    April 4 2016 still for sale
    January 11 2018

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