Dear XXX (name of potential buyer),

Yes, I am very interested in discussing with you the details of possible purchase of one of my historical instruments. Unfortunately, because of the fraudulent activities currently rampant in national / international sales of upper-level musical instruments and bulk sale of publications, I trust that you'll forgive my request for the following information prior to our continued negotiation:

  1. Your mailing address (please include country).
  2. Your HOME telephone number (no cell phones, please).
  3. The address of any website that documents your activity in the music business (as a professional musician/colleector/distributor, considering an investment at this level, I naturally assume there is one or more website that documents your professional activity).
  4. If you are from the EC, please include the number of your EC Identity Card.
Please note that:
  1. all shipping of items is via the US Post Office, and
  2. payment is only accepted via bank draft or money order (or by another mutually-agreed form) and will be cashed and the instrument held for shipping until confirmation of monetary transfer.
Again, I sincerely apologize for the severe nature of this correspondence although I'm sure you understand my concern given the current rash of fraudulent sales activities via internet musical sales. I am more than happy to provide you with similar information for your security as well.

I greatly look forward to hearing from you and remain,
With Very Highest Regards,
XXX (name / email of seller)

If you are unable or unwilling to provide this information, please contact me (via email) within the next 72 hours! In other cases, please note that you name, email address and email routing information at the bottom of every email will be logged for legal archival information as possibly participating in felonious international activity and will be reported to international authorities (including INTERPOL) as well as to numerous other websites who sell musical items worldwide. (Please note that this email routing information is available through tracking services even if the information has been deleated via the email JAVA code manipulation.)

Anthony Glise May 1 2005