I get a lot of Dartmouth students and employees asking me what becomes of the computers that I take out of their office when they get new ones. Here is the answer.

First of all, there are many old computers on the department that are still in use. I won't dispose of a computer that is better than one that is on someone's desk. I will replace the older computer with a newer one, so the computers that I do want to dispose are the oldest, slowest, which as of Nov 2003 means PII 450 mhz 128meg memory.

When computers are too old to use in the CS department they don't get thrown away, nor are they given away. If the computer is not something that I might want to rebuild and give to someone else in the Computers Science department then I turn it over to William A. Hochstin who is Dartmouth's materials management person. He is willing to sell used computers to people for what he considers a reasonable price, which would perhaps be in the $100 to $150 range, depending on the computer. He also makes the used equipment available to other Dartmouth departments who might not have the funds to buy new equipment. Then he sends what is left to a place in windsor named "Wincycle".

You can read about Wincycle at http://www.wincycle.org/ and http://www.vnews.com/12082002/794750.htm

If you are a Dartmouth computer science department student or employee who wishes to buy a specific old computer let Bill and me know and we can coordinate selling you the computer, especially if you tell us before Bill's crew takes it away.

If you are not a Dartmouth student or computer science department employee you should contact Bill Hochstin directly.


May 1 2003