Other Lute Societies

Lute Societies in Japan
Early Music America
11421 1/2 Bellflower Rd., Cleveland OH 44106, (216) 229-1685 Executive Director: Beverley Simmons, bxs6@po.cwru.edu publishes journal, directory of members which includes professional performers and teachers, agents, instrument builders, workshops, college and graduate programs in early music, other early music organizations, etc., etc. 1994 dues: $35 individual, $45 family, $20 student, $50 outside US
Foreningen for Tidig Musik (The Swedish Early Music Society)
Box 23019, S-750 23 Uppsala, Sweden
Early Music Society of Victoria Inc
9 Merribell Avenue East Coburg Victoria 3058 Australia Phone (03) 755 2137
Australian Association of Musical Instrument Makers
PO Box 341 Epping NSW 2121 Australia Phone (02) 772 4415 Fax (02) 868 2893
Early Music Association of New South Wales (Australia)
The EMA of NSW is an active organisation which publishes a newsletter monthly, has monthly meetings which involve speakers, players, both professional and amateur and consort play-ins. The contact address is- Early Music Association of NSW Inc. PO Box 735 Chatswood NSW 2057 Australia Our voice phone number is (02) 550 1301
Foreningen for tidig musik (The Early Music Society)
Schonfeldts grand 1, S-111 27 Stockholm, Sweden, Tel/Fax +4687914682. The Society publishes a quarterly journal, Tidig musik, in Swedish. Sorry, no email.

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