Date:         Mon, 29 Mar 1993 19:31:22 -0500
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From:         Hope Ehn Dennis Ehn 
Subject:      Evaluating Early Music Coaches
Phyllis Klein suggested that, since there is a list of "politically
correct" terms for evaluating early music students, there should be a
similar list of "politically correct" terms for evaluating early music
coaches. Many early music workshops give evaluation forms to students at
the end of the workshops, in order to get feedback on the workshop. Here
are some terms to use in filling out these forms.
ALTERNATIVELY PREPARED: The coach hasn't bothered to learn the music, or
even to look at it.
ATTITUDINALLY IMPAIRED: The coach believes him- or herself to be superior
in all respects to the players being coached, and doesn't bother to
conceal his or her contempt for them.
CAFFEINE DEPENDENT: The coach requires constant infusions of coffee in
order to function, and expects the students to fetch the coffee.
DIFFERENTLY STIMULATED: The coach is a heavy user of recreational drugs.
INFORMATIONALLY DEPRIVED: The coach doesn't know what he or she is talking
OUTSPOKEN: The coach is nasty, and doesn't mind embarrassing people with
personal insults delivered in front of the entire group.
POLITICALLY ADVANCED: The coach has favorites among the players being
coached, and shows it. These favorites may not be the best players, but
they are always important in the organization sponsoring the workshop.
SOPORIFICALLY GIFTED: The coach puts everyone to sleep.
TEMPERAMENTALLY IMPAIRED: The coach has frequent temper tantrums.
TONALLY DISADVANTAGED: The coach has no idea how to get a group to play in
VERBALLY GIFTED: The coach talks too much, so that the group gets to do
too little playing.
VERBALLY DISADVANTAGED: The coach is unable to explain anything clearly.
Incidentally, contributions to the lists of "politically correct" evaluation
terms, for either students or coaches, would be welcome.
                                Hope Ehn  

Date:         Sun, 21 Mar 1993 16:44:38 -0500
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From:         Dennis EHN Hope Ehn 
Subject:      Student Evaluations
For all you teachers and coaches, here is a glossary for use in writing
student evaluations.
AMBITIOUSLY EQUIPPED: The person has advanced-quality or
professional-quality instruments, which he or she has no idea how to play.
DYNAMICALLY GIFTED: The person plays much too loudly under all circumstances.
DYNAMICALLY IMPAIRED: The person can barely be heard, even when playing alone.
EXPERIENCED LOW INTERMEDIATE: The person has taken the beginning course at
least twice, but needs to take it again.
MUSICALLY CHALLENGED: The person is not at all musical, being completely
unable to understand the concept of phrasing.
NOTATIONALLY CHALLENGED: The person can't read music.
RELAXED ATTITUDE: The person falls asleep in class regularly; when this
happens, the performance of the class as a whole is inevitably improved.
RHYTHMICALLY IMPAIRED: The person can sort of read music, but can't count
his or her way out of a paper bag.
SELF-MOTIVATED: The person never listens to the other players, or even to
the coach.
TECHNICALLY STABLE: The person hasn't improved for many years.
TONALLY IMPAIRED: The person is tone-deaf.
VERY LOW INTERMEDIATE: The person doesn't even know how to hold the
                                Hope Ehn 

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