String Calculator

baroque and renaissance lute full set calculator

This calculator tries to calculate the correct dimensions for a complete set of lute strings, gradually increasing the tension in the upper strings, to give a good "feel." Note that only the lowest strings will have the tension that you input. The higher pitched strings will have a higher tension calculated by the program (un;ess you specify a tension increase of 0.

String length in cm

Please specify only one of either the actual string tension, or string tension per meter, in kilograms. If you specify both, the tension per meter will be used.
Recommended starting point is a tension per meter of 4.42 for regular strings and 4.32 for octave strings, but you may prefer something lighter or heavier. The lower strings will be at this tension, and the higher strings will use a higher tension.
Actual string tension
Tension in kg/meter

You can specify a tension increase factor - this changes how much higher tension the higher pitched strings will have than the lower strings. The default is around 0.5. A value of 0 will leave all strings at the tension that you enter.
tension increase

tension calculator

 d=147 f#=185 g=196 g#= 207 a=220 a#=232 b=246   
 d=294 f#=370 g=392 g#=415 a=440 a#=466 b=493 c#=555 d=588
String length in cm
gut string diameter
savarez string diameter
nylon string diameter