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Thomas Berghan is a lutenist specializing in music of the 17th century. Among the central figures of the American Pacific Northwest early music scene since 1970 , he is one of the original founders of The Early Music Guild of Seattle established in 1977 as a non-profit corporation to foster appreciation for the music of earlier historical periods. He is also the founder and director of Language of the gods, established in 1996, a not-for-profit organization devoted to the study and performance of historical dance and dance music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.


The following recorded music files are in the MP3 audio format. To hear any of the selections, simply click on the icon to the left of the description. To save and play the files at a later time, the following instructions may be helpful.

Note: This is a not-for-profit site. These music files, although offered to the public free of charge, are still fully protected under international copyright laws. Should you wish to use any of them for a commercial purpose, you must obtain written permission from the owner, Thomas Berghan, 4725 NE 203rd Street, Lake Forest Park, WA, 98155, USA.

New recordings will appear frequently at this site. You are invited to visit often and listen.

Inquiries or comments:

MP3 Title: Kapsberger (on the form of a corrente)
Composer: Kapsberger
Instrument: Solo Theorbo
Size: 2816k
MP3 Title: Chaconne
Source: The Saizenay Ms
Instrument: Solo Theorbo
Size: 7568k
MP3 Title: Ciaccona
Composer: Kapsberger
Instrument: Solo Theorbo
Size: 3208k
MP3 Title:Courante Confesse
Composer: Charles de Lespine
Instrument: Lute
Size: 2856k
MP3 Title: Courante de Dubut
Composer: Dubut
Instrument: Lute
Size: 2752k
MP3 Title: I wish I were where Helen lies
Source: The Balcarres Ms
Instrument: Lute
Size: 3200k
MP3 Title: Prelude in d minor
Composer: Weiss
Instrument: Lute
Size: 4272k
MP3 Title: Canaris
Source: M.L. Lutebook, 26r
Instrument: Lute
Size: 4264k
MP3 Title: Menuet
Composer: Gallot, Mouton (medley)
Instrument: Lute
Size: 2230k
MP3 Title: Gigue
Composer: Theobaldo Gatti, from the opera Scylla, 1701
Source: Recueil d'Entrees de Ballet, Louis-Guillaume Pecour 1704
Instrument: Lute
Size: 4000k
MP3 Title: Sarabande
Composer: Jean Mercure
Instrument: Lute
Size: 5110k
MP3 Title: Chiaconna in Partite Variate
Composer: Alessandro Piccinini
Instrument: Solo Theorbo
Size: 3636k
MP3 Title: Chaconne d'Arlequin
Composer: Jean-Baptiste Lully
Arrangement: Thomas Berghan
Instrument: Lute
Size: 2536k

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