CS 30: Discrete Mathematics in Computer Science
Winter 2018 | 10A hour (TTh 10:10-12:00, x-hr W 15:30-16:20) | LSC 200

Written Homework

On every Wednesday of this term, and on Tuesday Mar 6, there is written homework due. This works as follows.

Every unit (see the Schedule tab) has a corresponding problem set. Each problem set will be made available on this course's Canvas page (under Files) soon after its corresponding unit has been covered in class. I strongly recommend that you work on the problems in each set in conjunction with doing your reading homework for that unit. Every problem in a problem set will be in one of three categories:

  • Practice problems, which you should solve for yourself and not submit. These will not be graded. The course staff can help you to any extent necessary on these problems.
  • Homework problems, marked as "HW" in the problem set, which you should turn in as part of the homework due the following week. The course staff will not give out full solutions to these problems before the homework deadline.
  • Extra credit problems, marked as "EC" in the problem set, which go beyond the basic syllabus of the course. They are aimed at those students who have already completed the homework problems and relish a higher level of challenge. You need never solve these problems (and it will never hurt you to simply skip them all), but if you do manage to solve a few, turn them in with your homework. You will receive credit for them only if your solution is of a very high quality and you have done well on the regular homework. This "extra credit" is not applied directly to your scores in the course; it could come into play as one of many factors if, e.g., your final score lands on a grade borderline.

Submission Instructions and Policies

You must submit your solutions electronically, via file upload on Canvas.

Please re-read the late submission policy and the section about academic integrity on the main tab.

Homework Schedule

#DeadlineProblem Sets Involved
HW1Jan 10 at 22:00:00PS1
HW2Jan 17 at 22:00:00PS2 and PS3
HW3Jan 24 at 22:00:00PS4 and PS5
HW4Jan 31 at 22:00:00PS6 and PS7
HW5Feb 7 at 22:00:00PS8 and PS9
HW6Feb 14 at 22:00:00PS10 and PS11
HW7Feb 21 at 22:00:00PS12 and PS13
HW8Feb 28 at 22:00:00PS14 and PS15
HW9Mar 6 at 22:00:00PS16 and PS17

Homework Solutions

Sample solutions will (usually) be posted on Thursdays in the files section of this course's Canvas page. Where appropriate, we will summarize "common mistakes" found in students' submissions. Our solutions may be quite different from yours and may point out useful insights. For these reasons, please treat all sample solutions as required reading, even if you solved all the homework problems correctly.