Poster: Memory Protection in Ultra-Low-Power Multi-Application Wearables


Taylor Hardin, Josiah Hester, Patrick Proctor, Jacob Sorber, and David Kotz. Poster: Memory Protection in Ultra-Low-Power Multi-Application Wearables. Proceedings of the ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys), page 170. ACM, June 2017. doi:10.1145/3081333.3089314. ©Copyright ACM.


Ultra-low-power microcontrollers have historically not offered MPUs; only recently have MPUs become more prevalent, but many lack the functionality for sufficient memory management and protection. Thus, those who develop multi-application, multi-tenant platforms isolate applications using compile-time or run-time software sandboxing (e.g., AmuletOS), imposing limits on application developers and adding time/space overhead to running applications. We have developed methods, however, to leverage the limited MPUs and thereby reduce overhead cost by narrowing the use of software-based approaches.

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