Data system with information provenance


Taylor Hardin and David Kotz. Data system with information provenance. U.S. Patent application US20210273812A1, based on Provisional Patent application 62/984,045, September 2021. Priority date March 2, 2020. Application March 2, 2021. Publication date September 2, 2021.


A secure, integrated data system and method users both blockchain and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies to achieve information provenance for data, particularly, mobile health device data. Using a blockchain to record and enforce data access policies removes the need to trust a single entity with gatekeeping the health data. Instead, participants form a consortium and collectively partake in verifying and enforcing access policies for data stored in private data silos. Data access and computation takes place inside of TEEs, which preserves data confidentiality and provides a verifiable attestation that can be stored on the blockchain for the purpose of information provenance.

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