Amanuensis: a blockchain-based mHealth data sharing system (2019-date)

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Related keywords: [mhealth], [security]


In the "Amanuensis" project we explore the potential combination of blockchain and trusted-execution-environment (TEE) technology to support strong integrity and confidentiality guarantees in the storage of health-related data... including robust provenance information regarding information derived from original sources.

In our first paper, we surveyed the literature regarding use of blockchain in healthcare information systems [hardin:blockchain-survey].

In our second paper, we describe the design and initial evaluation of Amanuensis, a concept for a secure, integrated healthcare data system that leverages Blockchain and Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies to achieve information provenance for mHealth data [hardin:amanuensis].


Taylor Hardin, David Kotz, Jack McGary.


This project is funded by a generous gift from the Vechain Foundation.

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