Secure Information Transfer Between Nearby Wireless Devices


Timothy J. Pierson, Ronald Peterson, and David Kotz. Secure Information Transfer Between Nearby Wireless Devices. Proceedings of the Mobicom S3 workshop, pages 11–13. ACM, October 2017. doi:10.1145/3131348.3131355. ©Copyright ACM.


Securely transferring data between two devices that have never previously met nor shared a secret is a difficult task. Previous solutions to the problem are susceptible to well-known attacks or may require extensive infrastructure that may not be suitable for wireless devices such as Internet of Things sensors that do not have advanced computational capabilities.

We propose a new approach: using jamming to thwart adversaries located more than a few centimeters away, while still allowing devices in close physical proximity to securely share data. To accomplish this secure data transfer we exploit MIMO antennas and the Inverse-Square Law.

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