BASTION-SGX: Bluetooth and Architectural Support for Trusted I/O on SGX


Travis Peters, Reshma Lal, Srikanth Varadarajan, Pradeep Pappachan, and David Kotz. BASTION-SGX: Bluetooth and Architectural Support for Trusted I/O on SGX. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Hardware and Architectural Support for Security and Privacy (HASP), article 3, 9 pages. ACM, June 2018. doi:10.1145/3214292.3214295. ©Copyright ACM.


This paper presents work towards realizing architectural support for Bluetooth Trusted I/O on SGX-enabled platforms, with the goal of providing I/O data protection that does not rely on system software security. Indeed, we are primarily concerned with protecting I/O from all software adversaries, including privileged software. In this paper we describe the challenges in designing and implementing Trusted I/O at the architectural level for Bluetooth. We propose solutions to these challenges. In addition, we describe our proof-of-concept work that extends existing over-the-air Bluetooth security all the way to an SGX enclave by securing user data between the Bluetooth Controller and an SGX enclave.

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