I'm a grant-funded Senior Programmer with the
Dartmouth Computer Science Department.

List of Patents

Projects and people I'm involved with:

Auracle - wearable technology for the study of eating behavior

Amulet - Computational Jewelry

THaW - Trustworthy Health and Wellness

Institute For Security, Technology, & Society

My Resume

Previous Projects and Groups

TISH - Trustworth Information Systems for Healthcare

SHARPS - Strategic Healthcare IT Advanced Research Projects on Security

PC3 - Pervasive Communications and Computing Collaboration

DIST - Dartmouth Internet Security Testbed



The Sensor Networks Group

The Center for Mobile Computing


MetroSense People


David Kotz

Andrew Campbell

Tristan Henderson

Denise Anthony

First Responder Sensing and Communication

Rus Robotics Laboratory

Daniela Rus

Keith Kotay

Peter Corke

GRASP Laboratory of Robotics Research and Education

Vijay Kumar

Artemis CANDER

Susan McGrath

Chris Carella

CSIRO Autonomous Helicopter Project

Peter Corke

Daniela Rus

AVATAR Autonomous Flying Vehicle Project

Daniela Rus

Gaurav Sukhatme

Peter Corke

Srikanth Saripalli

Stefan Hrabar


David Kotz

Javad Aslam

Daniela Rus

Sergey Bratus

Virtual Fences for herding cows

Daniela Rus

Peter Corke

Zack Butler

Dean Anderson, Research Animal Scientist


David Kotz

George Cybenko

Bob Gray

Daniela Rus


Peterson Enterprises

Miscellaneous Research Related Pictures

In previous lives:

I've spent some time working on the electronic countermeasures system for the F-22 Raptor

most of which involved doing missile simulations and computer graphics

I spent a summer working on a Tokamak nuclear fusion reactor

My job was to build electronics circuits and keep the amplifiers for

the optical fibers used for data collection calibrated.

I spent another summer doing laser spectroscopy with the fellow on the left in this picture:

The first computer I ever programmed in high school, an IBM 1620, programmed via punchcards