Exploiting the Hard-Working DWARF

If you want to contact us about DWARF-hacking, the talk, or anything else you can shoot an email to James at electron100 _at_ gmail.com or to Sergey at sergey _at_ cs.dartmouth.edu. We'll be happy to answer any questions, show you how the DWARF bytecode works, or discuss projects of possible mutual interest.

Below you will find the slides and demo from the Shmoocon 2011 and Hackito 2011 talks. The two talks were essentially the same, the Hackito one has some slightly updated information.

Technical Report

You can find a Dartmouth College Technical Report on the topic here.


Shmoocon (January, 2011)

Slides live here. The following errata have been noticed and fixed since the time of presentation:

Hackito Ergo Sum (April 2011)

Slides live here

PH-Neutral (May 2011)

Slides live here

Code Releases!


The code for Katana (the tool James built with the capability to assemble Dwarfscript) lives in git. You can get it with
    git clone git://katana-patcher.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/katana-patcher/katana-patcher
Note that the main page, hosted by the kind folks at Savannah lives at katana.nongnu.org. If you're interested in Dwarf hacking however, that page won't be of much use as it currently only documents Katana's other purpse as a hot-patching tool. James will be updating the documentation up there shortly.


The demo is currently unavailable while it is being reworked and improved. It will be back shortly.