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CS169, Usable Authentication and Authorization in the Real World, Winter 2014

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Real-world information systems (such as in enterprises and on the Web) need to determine if human users are who they say they are, in order to determine if they should be doing what they are trying to do. Passwords are widely regarded as a notoriously bad way of doing this, and yet are nearly universally used anyway.

Why is this, and what can we do about it?

In this course, we will survey this history of research into this problem and maybe come up with some new ideas that could prove more effective. Our exploration will be informed by requirements and problems from partners in real-world application domains, including medical informatics.

Pre-Requisites: COSC 50 or equivalent.

This course is distinct from other COSC 69/169 instances.

(Cory Cornelius's recent PhD thesis in our department explored some advanced techniques for usable authentication in a specialized setting; this course will explore the more general setting.)

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