Amit Chakrabarti

Department of Computer Science, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755, USA.
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Areas of Interest
Most aspects of Theoretical Computer Science
Especially: complexity theory, data stream algorithms, approximation algorithms
My curriculum vitae as of September 2015
Ph.D., Princeton University, 2002
B.Tech., IIT Bombay, 1997
107 Sudikoff, HB 6211, +1-603-646-1710 (tel), -1672 (fax)
Currently Teaching
Upcoming Courses
Past Courses

Papers, with brief synopses and downloadable copies
Ph.D. thesis, "Limitations of Non-Uniform Computational Models"
Funding & Awards
NSF CAREER Award; these other NSF awards (from the CCF and IIS divisons);
Karen E. Wetterhahn Award; McLane Family Fellowship; Friedman Family Fellowship.
I am grateful for all of this generous support of my work.
Program Committees
Serving on the program committee (PC) of
Served on the PC of ESA 2017, CCC 2017, SODA 2015, RANDOM 2013, STOC 2013, CCC 2008,
  FOCS 2009, COCOON 2010, FSTTCS 2010, TAMC 2011, CATS 2013.
I have served as the Publicity Chair for ACM SIGACT since 2010.
From Spring 2004 to Fall 2007, I organized the Dartmouth Theory Seminars.
Since Fall 2005, I have been organizing the Theory Reading Group.
Graduate: Suman Bera, Prantar Ghosh
Undergraduate: Yining Chen
Graduate: Sagar Kale, Ph.D., 2017; Ranganath Kondapally, Ph.D., 20122
  Chrisil Arackaparambil, Ph.D., 2011; Joshua Brody, Ph.D., 2010;
  Anna Shubina, Ph.D., 2007; Pei Wu, M.S., 2015. Zhenghui Wang, M.S., 2013;
Undergraduate: Matthew Jin '17 (High Honors: thesis), Ajay Kannan '15 (Presidential scholar),
  Matthew Harding '13 (High Honors: thesis), Melissa Queen '13 (Honors: thesis),
  Edward Talmage '12 (Honors: thesis), Karn Seth '10 (High Honors: thesis),
  William Henderson-Frost '08 (High Honors: thesis), Owen Worley '09 (Presidential scholar),
  David Blinn '06 (High Honors: thesis), Marco Adelfio '05 (High Honors: thesis),
  Khanh Do Ba '06 (summer project).
Prospective Students
Are you interested in theoretical topics (either algorithms or complexity)?
Are you a CS Major with solid mathematical foundations, looking for a thesis topic?
Please stop by for a chat.

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