CS 35/135: Data Stream Algorithms
Spring 2020 | Professor: Amit Chakrabarti

Final Project Suggestions

One of your options for a final project is to present a research paper in data streaming/sketching not already covered in the lectures. If you choose this route, you must do both of the following things.
  1. Write a review of the paper, summarizing its key results and contributions and commenting on its significance. Don't reproduce definitions, theorems, or proofs from the paper; summarize and paraphrase. Be critical, as appropriate. Imagine that a journal editor will use your review to decide whether or not to accept the paper to a prestigious journal. This entire review should be at most two pages long.
  2. Give a 25-minute slide-based talk (over Zoom) on the paper. Your target audience is the rest of the class. If needed, the talk should simplify the paper's ideas down to make it generally understandable to the class. Don't simplify so much that you fail to convey technical depth. A good talk will contain at least one significant proof from the paper (perhaps in outline form). Take turns being the speaker.
Below is an evolving list of papers that I think are suitable for this final project. You are welcome to pick a paper not from my list, but I must approve it. You must write to me (post publicly on Piazza) naming all members of your project team (up to three) and the details of the paper you have chosen. The paper assignment is final only after you receive a confirmation statement from me: first come, first served.