Ruibo Liu
Research Scientist
About Me

I am working at Google DeepMind as a research scientist.

I helped develope Gemini 1.0, Gemini 1.5, and Gemma.

I am interested broadly in natural language processing, with a particular focus on considering human factors in building NLP systems. During my Ph.D. time, I have led projects on:

Aligning AI with human knowledge [ICLR], values [NeurIPS], and preferences [ICLR].
Leveraging AI to augment [EMNLP] and aid [ACL] human judgements.
Quantifying [AIJ] and mitigating [AAAI, CSCW] societal bias in language models.

The full list of my publications can be found here.

Welcome collaborations! Contact me through my email: ruiboliu AT

I won the best paper award at AAAI 2021 (3 out of 9034 submissions).