Little Ponderosa, Harper's Ferry, WV

Visited August 28.

We stayed at an inn in Stanley, VA because we couldn't find a room we liked in Luray, and we wanted to see Luray Caverns. (Well worth visiting, by the way, despite our tour guide whose enthusiasm level was matched only by fans of the Montreal Expos.) The inn wasn't too bad, and we were the only guests there that night. The innkeeper told us about Little Ponderosa in Harper's Ferry, and we figured we'd try it.

Harper's Ferry is quite the historical town. Unfortunately, we have no photos of it, or of Little Ponderosa, because our camera broke in the midst of our Luray Caverns tour. So we have only 4 photos of Luray Caverns.

Anyway, Little Ponderosa is strictly tourist Q. My pulled pork sandwich had a slight smoky taste, but it was a skimpy portion for $4.95. (I could have gotten two excellent sandwiches for that price at any of the Lexington Six-Pack.) The sauce was too thick and sweet, although not as bad as Johnny Ray's or Dobb's BBQ. Nicole got a pit beef sandwich that was so mediocre that she didn't bother to finish it. The meat wasn't dry, but it had no taste.

If we go back to Harper's Ferry, it sure won't be for the BBQ.

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