Attributed to an associate of Leonado da Vinci (c1500) National Gallery. London.

Feast of the Rose Garlands Dürer, 1506

Three people in a boat This woman is playing with a plectrum. The picture is from around 1515, from the Da Costa Hours.

Lute Player by Andrea Solario, C 1523, Rome, National Gallery

early thumb out player, 1538

The Prodigal Son in the Tavern, by someone in the circle of Jan Cornelis, c 1540.

The Virgin Enthroned Marco Palmezzano

The Lute Playing Venus, by Parrasio Micheli, after 1550

David Rizzio, 1564, Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Death and the Maiden 1570, Hall's Croft, Stratford upon Avon. A closeup

Vanity by Luigi Miradori (called The Genovese)

Musica by Martin De Vos, 1594

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