The Lute Player by Caravaggio, c 1600

The Family concert by Leandro da Ponte called Bassano

This young lady is playing a theorbo with a "thumb out" right hand position the b+w version shows more detail

St. Cecilia with the Angel, by Carlo Saraceni, c 1610

Nicolaes Vallet from his book of Psalmes, c 1616

A lute playing nobleman from 1625 by A. Bosse.

This picture, Duet, by Hendrick Ter Brugghen, 1628, showns a thumb out right hand position on a ten course lute.

Gerard van Honthorst, cs 1628, München

A late 1630's portrait that might be Jacques Gaultier, by Jean de Reyn. Here is a large jpeg version.

Another picture of St. Cecelia from the early 17th century, by Jacopo Vignali.

Company of Musicians Gabriel Metsu, around 1650, THe Hague, Mauritshuis

Girl playing the Lute by Vermeer, about 1650

Musician Bartholomeus van der Helst, 1662, New Your, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Concert by Gerard Ter Borch, 1657, shows a great right hand position.

lute player by Gerard Ter Borch from

Musical Company by Pieter Codde shows a lute played for dancers at a party

Le Sanguin by Nicholas and Robert Bonnart, 1670

1687 Louis XIV's Musicians, by Francois Puget, 1687.

Charles Mouton, the Lutanist, by Francois de Troy, 1690.

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