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Here is a famous lute player. If you click on her picture you will get to the New Lute page!  Girl holding a lute Another famous player  Steve
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A tablature typesetting program for many computers, that I wrote. Various lute tablature typesetting programs
A New book of Mesangeau's works, Music in the Sharp Tuning Other Lute Publications by Lyre Publications
Are you thinking of getting a lute? or perhaps you just got one! Are you writing a paper? Here are some starting points for lute research.
Did you get a "lute" in an Arabian country? Starting points for finding sources of lute music
Indexes of lute manuscripts What does the lute sound like?
What about that old six strung lute from the attic? How do I read lute music?
I have questions about the lute mail list an experimental string calculator my strings
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