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Dataset Sanity Check

To sanity check the word distribution of the dataset, we plotted its $ n$ -gram frequencies and compared it to Zipf's Law. Standard linguistic texts should follow Zipf's Law for frequency distributions, which says that a few events occur with high frequency and a number of events occur with low frequency [9]. Figure 3 shows that our email text seems to follow Zipf's Law.

Figure 3: Comparing $ n$ -gram frequencies to Zipf's Law. We sanity check our data to see if it follows the pattern we expect: Zipf's Law. The probability mass plot shows that $ n$ -gram frequencies of our dataset follow the Law. We plotted the Zipf line using an exponent of $ -1$ . To facilitate plotting, we filtered the vocaulary size down by two orders of magnitude to $ \approx 600$ elements for each $ n$ -gram set.
Image zipf-sanity

jac 2010-05-11