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Computer Science
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Computer Science 105
Algorithms (Graduate Level)

Amit Chakrabarti

Winter 2005

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Course Description

In this course we shall advanced topics in the area of computer algorithms. Since Algorithms as a field of research is extremely vast, any choice of topics will necessarily cover only a tiny fraction of the field. The choices made for this course will lean towards relatively recent basic research work in algorithms in order to give computer science graduate students (the intended audience) a feel for what working in algorithms is like.

A strong mathematical background and a love of mathematical reasoning are expected and may be required frequently.


Administrative Basics


Sudikoff 214 | 10 hour | MWF 10:00-11:05, X-hr Th 12:00-12:50

Amit Chakrabarti | Sudikoff 107 | 6-1710 | Office hours: MW 11:30-12:30 and 15:00-16:00; also by appointment

Required: none

"Introduction to Algorithms", by Cormen, Leiserson, Rivest and Stein, MIT Press.
"Randomized Algorithms", by Motwani and Raghavan, Cambridge University Press.


CS 25, CS 39

Scribing and preparing lecture notes for one week.
Class presentation on one of the topics in the list, or a related topic of the student's choosing.
Two homeworks.
One take-home final exam, due around March 15 (date to be confirmed later).


Handouts are accessible only from within Dartmouth, for copyright reasons.

  1. "Storing a Sparse Table with O(1) Worst Case Access Time". Fredman, Komlos, Szemeredi. JACM 31(3), 1984, pp. 538-544.
  2. "Self-Adjusting Binary Search Trees". Sleator, Tarjan. JACM 32(3), 1985, pp. 652-686.
  3. "A Simple Min-Cut Algorithm". Stoer, Wagner. JACM 44(4), 1997, pp. 585-591.
  4. "A Randomized Linear-Time Algorithm to Find Minimum Spannning Trees". Karger, Klein, Tarjan. JACM 42(2), 1995, pp. 321-328.
  5. "Linear-Time Pointer-Machine Algorithms for Least Common Ancestors, MST Verification, and Dominators". Buchsbaum, Kaplan, Rogers, Westbrook. STOC 1998.
  6. Two sets of notes on maximum matching algorithms: Vempala's notes (detailed) and Tarjan's notes (very concise).
  7. Khanh Do Ba's lecture notes for his lecture on the shortest superstring problem.

Scribe Notes

Here are the unedited scribe notes. I will try to edit and collate these some time soon.

Course Journal, Homeworks

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